Works Very Well1/30/2021 8:11:29 AM

Pros: Popular item for working at home. Worked very well during COVID-19 pandemic as a second line working remotely from home. Didn't have to burn personal cell minutes and expose cell number caller-ID to work contacts. Did not have to put wear and tear on my expensive smart phone. Can use a hard-wired analog desk phone or a cordless phone. Very easy setup with Google Voice account. Can be used with a FAX, too. Free, unlimited nationwide calling. I would buy this again.

Cons: No 911 service standard with basic Google Voice. You must subscribe to another 911 carrier for a monthly fee if you need 911 service. Installation connecting unit to OBi server over internet was tricky but bearable. Polycom is overloaded with all the new units connecting. Had to try connecting numerous times but it eventually worked. You do need fast and reliable internet service--at least 100 MB service.

Overall Review: Yes--I would buy this again. It took a while to initially connect the unit to the Polycom servers over the internet. I was reading that Polycom is being inundated with new purchases and installations because of the pandemic. It was a perfect second line in the house I used to call work contacts while working at home. I did not have to expose my personal cell phone number to contacts. I did not have to put wear and tear on my expensive smart phone making numerous calls. It has unlimited nationwide calling. It doesn't have 911 service unless you subscribe to a 911 provider for a monthly fee. That was not an issue since I have a cell with 911 service.

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Refurbished Wifi Router7/21/2019 12:31:02 PM

Pros: WiFi has 2.4 GHz Wireless n/g/b and 5 GHz Wireless ac/n/a. Has excellent WiFi range.

Cons: Only has slow 10/100 WAN & LAN ports. Today's technology has Gigabit ports.

Overall Review: Way too slow with only 10/100 MB LAN & WAN ports to use as a primary router. Used it as a WiFi repeater. At a special price, it's more functional than the cost of a new WiFi repeater. Has excellent WiFi range to pick up the dead spots in the house.

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