AAA Rechargeable Batteries8/23/2014 5:31:39 PM

Pros: I like the 8 pack deal. When you think about the price per battery it's a good price compare to putting a regular one in the trash after a one time use.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is my first time using this brand. I'm looking forward to getting many more charges out of these.

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USB Data Fax Modem7/4/2013 11:45:43 AM

Pros: I did not have to do anything. It is preprogram and ready to use.

Cons: I have none.

Overall Review: I still have dial up and with the new computers you have to go buy your own modem. This is the best price and the best working modem I have found. I will get another one if and when this one goes. I have even gave one to a friend about Nov. 2011 and its still working too.

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