Great board except for a mysterious glitch4/10/2016 11:52:36 AM

Pros: I have this thing running completely passive. It replaced an aging i7 920 that i never gamed on any more. Im loving the power savings so far.

Cons: Mysterious Glitch: After having it for a few months a glitch appeared where mousing over something caused a scrolling effect just like the mouse wheel was being scrolled. This was very annoying because mousing over youtube videos would turn the volume all the way down and mousing over VLC would turn it all the way up. Installing programs was near impossible because language selection boxes and other parameters would auto scroll all the way down when the window was highlighted. I tried everything that I could possibly think of to stop it: reinstalling drivers, replacing both mouse and keyboard, changing Win10 registry settings for scrolling, changing bios settings, reinstalling windows, trying different USB ports, and many more. In the end I tried one last thing: I unplugged the external USB 2.0 ports from both USB2_3 and USB4_5 and the glitch finally disappeared.

Overall Review: I still recommend this board despite the potentially faulty USB headers. Im not astute enough in IC troubleshooting to know why it occurred, it may have been a bad component or a bad ground. Ill never know, but for now I'm satisfied just using the back panel USB ports.

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get cam.. but11/24/2011 12:16:35 PM

Pros: very clear video, having auto-focus alone is worth it for me as that was always a pain in the past. people can hear me speak without changing any microphone settings, and sitting away from the screen about 2-3 feet.

Cons: just want to re-iterate what other people are saying, it is not true 1080p it is 1080p15. meaning it only does 15 frames per second at that resolution. if you are not sure what 15 frames per second looks like, trust me you will notice it.

Overall Review: if you were looking for 1080p30 you are better off just ordering a 720p camera that is cheaper, unless you want auto focus. you just have to ask yourself if the auto focus is worth the price difference.

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i dig it11/24/2011 12:05:50 PM

Pros: next-gen bios is neat. everything works fine for me except:

Cons: the remote. i can not get it to work on win7x64 no matter what i do. it installs drivers fine but remote does nothing. same results on another win7x64 computer. have not tried on a x32 version or xp yet.

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slight update11/24/2011 11:57:01 AM

Pros: -

Cons: -

Overall Review: slight update to what i wrote below, i have since been told that it was not necessary to cut off the "feet" of the stock A4 cpu fan in order for it to fit in this case. It looks like it wont fit but apparently closes fine.

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great for htpc - plays anything11/22/2011 1:04:59 AM

Pros: Put into Asus ITX mobo and undervolted slightly with k10stat produces idle temp of 2*C at 19 watts. Prime95 produces load temp of 30*C at 57 watts. This is total system power including a 2.5" HDD and 8GB of DDR3. No optical drive.

Cons: nothing yet.

Overall Review: The room im in right now is 68*F and ive seen idle cpu temp as low as 0*C, im really not sure how thats possible but thats what ive read these chips can do and thats what CPUID is saying.

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satisfied9/21/2010 9:35:19 AM

Pros: my stock i7-920 (1366) was running at 54* idle temperature on stock cooling until i had it suddenly pop out of place during a long trip. So i got this one because it has a back bracket which is attached via screws, thus impossible to pop out during traveling (on which i frequently take with me). I was pleased as my idle temperature dropped to between 41-43* (difference of 11 to 13 degrees) and now it can never accidentally pop off.

Cons: Installation, as other people have said may be a problem, and its somewhat difficult to know just exactly how it will fit in your system until you take a look. Also i was forced to take my motherboard out entirely in order to attach the back bracket, as i had no other access. But one good thing is that you can rotate it any direction to best suit your layout. Mine has the heat-pipes side pointing toward the north bridge and doesnt block access to anything.

Overall Review: I am pleased overall. Also note that the way this heatsink is designed, its possible to easily remove the fan it comes with and install one with a much higher CFM rating for increased cooling performance.

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Great Value7/31/2009 1:51:59 PM

Pros: No problems whatsoever. This is my second ASRock mobo and i am growing ever more attached to the name through solid performing experiences and great prices. ASRock does quality stuff. Get it if you can.

Cons: This thing has been sold out constantly on newegg since i first read about it, but i managed to snag one by refreshing the page 3 times a day. I have nothing else better to do.

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hec 600W X-Power7/31/2009 1:44:58 PM

Pros: Works. I have no power shortages running an i7 920 6gb 2x HD 4870s 3 HDD and 1 ODD.

Cons: The blue light keeps me up at night. Haunting!

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SAP HD 4870 512MB7/31/2009 1:41:37 PM

Pros: Very fast card, despite being relatively old. I grabbed this thing for 130$ with free shipping and consider it a great value.

Cons: Runs pretty hot. I sit at about 63*C at idle and 75*C under full load. Consider good ventilation at time of purchase.

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A-DATA 4GB Micro SDHC7/31/2009 1:38:15 PM

Pros: Works. Price. Faster transfer speeds than what is listed.

Cons: None.

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