Absolute rubbish support4/9/2020 2:49:02 PM

Cons: Support is worthless. Last Gigabyte board for me!

Overall Review: The fan controller died within a week of receiving. Sent it into support and they did absolutely nothing but send it back to me in the box I sent it to them. Same problem, still dead. Gigabyte, never, ever, again.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact us at support-newegg@gigabyteusa.com with the case number 174747 in the e-mail subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
Nice Monitor Overall11/30/2010 3:28:14 PM

Pros: Very nice picture, it's very bright and I have not noticed any ghosting. Back lighting seems fairly consistent. It is also cool to the touch even after hours of use.

Cons: The speakers are tinny, but usable in a pinch. The casing attracts dust like a magnet.

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You'll regret purchasing this board if you have any problems.11/30/2010 2:10:51 PM

Pros: Once it warms up it runs like a champ. Sadly your choices are to never turn it off once it's finally booted and stops crashing, or simply replace it with a board that actually works and tech support that actually cares to respond in less than 3 days per worthless email.

Cons: Darn thing repeatedly crashes at boot time if let sit overnight pointing to a failing/marginal capacitor or a solder joint that only makes proper contact once it warms up. Reporting issues to their tech support is like pulling teeth without anesthesia. It takes days for them to respond to emails were they tell you to do the same things you've already stated you've tried.

Overall Review: My first motherboard was a gigabyte and it was great, this board and it's corresponding support experience has convinced me to never purchased another product from them under any circumstances. It wouldn't have been so bad if they would take their time to respond to issues (an RMA would have been nice) but they want to play email games, worst support I believe I have ever encountered, even worse than dealing with Oracle.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your comments. Honest and constructive opinions are always welcome. We apologize for your difficulty with your Gigabyte product. Please contact us at newegg-support@gigabyte-usa.com with the case number 2010113004 in the subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue as soon as possible. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you ASAP. Gigabyte VIP Support Team
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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Worth the money, but still a few rough edges10/24/2009 5:38:24 AM

Pros: Really makes the games pop out, truly amazing.

Cons: Sometimes flickers and flashes even in a dark room which can become a distraction and is the reason I give it only 4 eggs. Glasses also become uncomfortable after an hour or so as they arms push against my head to tightly.

Overall Review: Make sure you download and install the latest Nvidia drivers after installing the drivers that come with the glasses. I had an issue where it would blue-screen my Windows 7 box every time you pushed the 3D button but the latest drivers fixed the issue. There is also an issue with WoW, if you get kicked back to the windows desktop for any reason such as pop-ups for patching, or just tabbing out to check an IM or thottbot causes the 3D to freak out and lose sync and the only way to fix it is to log out and log back in.

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Amazing Monitor10/24/2009 5:28:24 AM

Pros: Very sharp screen, good color contrast, no dead pixels and works amazingly well with the 3D glasses.

Cons: Stand is wobbly

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9/20/2009 5:55:50 AM

Pros: Excellent board. Easily runs other OS such as Solaris, OpenSolaris and Linux. Very fast and reasonable stable.

Cons: Seems to have some issues with XP service pack 3. The board gets very hot when running Windows especially if you play a game. When the CPU hits 120F the system sometimes bluescreens, but this seems to be relegated to just 32bit XP.

Overall Review: Avoid the "DO" implementation of this board if you plan on using any OS other than MS Windows. The two are not the same board.

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9/20/2009 5:38:27 AM

Pros: Excellent card, very fast. Much better than the integrated NICs. Drivers are integrated into just about every alternative OS including Solaris, OpenSolaris, and Linux.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Intel really should provide a model that has 2 or more ports on a 1.X PCIE slot. Their current 2 port model is $160 and requires a 4x port.

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9/13/2009 1:44:27 PM

Pros: None - IMHO this board should be avoided. Take a look at the non-"DO" version instead.

Cons: It locks up when trying to load Solaris or OpenSolaris. Fedora 11 (Linux) loads on it but then the video doesn't work. The Linux nvidia driver cannot initialize either an 8600 or 8800 when in this board. if you want to run any OS other than Vista or later you want to consider avoiding. XP refused to load. The board also has strange issues with resets. If you hit the reset button it may or may not actually reset. When it does it takes about 20 seconds to register then turns itself off and back on again. Once it has reset it may or may not actually finish POST. Often it would simply sit there with a blank screen. Finally to top it all off every successful reset told me I had a CPU fan failure even though the fan was working fine. The response from ASUS : "Unfortunately,we are not support for the linux system"

Overall Review: Asus poorly chose to give this board a similar name to the P5Q-EM. The only two things these boards share in common are the Asus brand and the name. The P5Q-EM is a far better product.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please contact our Technical Support Department at http://vip.asus.com/eservice/techserv.aspx and reference case number "NE498153" so that we may get more details about your system configuration and assist you in resolving these issues you are experiencing. Best Regards, ASUS Support Team
7/20/2009 5:43:43 AM

Pros: It holds the computer together, albeit barely. Nice pretty green front, LCD temperature display is a nice touch.

Cons: The sheet metal that comprises this case is barely stronger than tissue paper. It bends, it flexes, it was built as cheaply as possible. It is a bargain basement $20 case being sold for more than 6 times that. The case handle broke the first time I used it to carry the system to the car a mere 50 feet away and now sticks out of the case at a weird angle. The airflow within the case is screwy, turning the fans around to reverse airflow I was able to reduce component temperatures by more than 20 degrees F. The fans that shipped with the case are extremely loud and have molex connectors instead of the standard 3 pin motherboard connectors so they always run full blast.

Overall Review: I seriously wonder if the other reviews where from the manufacturer as this is hands down one of the flimsiest and cheapest cases I have ever had the misfortune of using and I have built thousands of systems over the years.

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