Awesome flawless ram 16-16-16-36, 2x8GB Trident Royal3/14/2021 12:11:43 PM

Pros: This RAM is beautiful and works perfectly with great timings for my 3700X on a ROG Strix-E Gaming motherboard. 16-16-16-36. What can I say, it works great and looks awesome. I guess I could save some money if I didn't mind worse timings. But I wanted this build to be super solid, so I highly recommend.

Cons: A little pricey, but finer timings than many others.

Overall Review: Highly recommend, I have had zero problems and love the look. My main system is great, but I can probably go cheaper upgrading my 2nd system and get similar functionality. Maybe consider some cheaper trident royal or neo ram 3600 and a ryzen 3600x cpu. Maybe with cheaper 16 timings or even 18 since it doesn't really seem to make any noticeable difference gaming.

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Windows 10 Home Full version4/1/2020 8:43:04 PM

Pros: Worked great. Worth the 20 more bucks than OEM versions. I set up a boot USB drive with microsoft web site. Bought this and got an email right away, good to go. Booted up the new system with the drive and used the activation key I received and that's it. If I ever need this on another system I can reuse it. The code stays on Newegg so you can always look it up if you need to as well.

Cons: none. its good. wish it cost less, but whatever. Needed it.

Overall Review: I'd recommend. I'd do it again, no regrets. Would not change anything. Went very smoothly for me. If I did not have a computer to set up the USB drive, maybe I would have bought a copy that mailed me one, idk. But for me this was perfectly good and I am happy with the result.

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