Awesome RAM! Easy XPM and overclock!12/27/2020 12:05:17 PM

Pros: - Easy XMP at 3600 MHz for my MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk motherboard. Have Ryzen 5 5600X. - Samsung b-die. - Tight timings. - Easy overclock. Running at 3800 MHz (16-16-16-32 at 1.42v). - Runs relatively cool. - Very stable. Even when overclocked. - Great value for the price.

Cons: - Not always in stock.

Overall Review: Very happy with this ram. I originally bought two 8 gb sticks to see how it ran. It ran awesome. I went to buy two more sticks and it was out of stock. I almost bought the inferior F4-3600C16D-16GVKC but noticed the different timings. Apparently this other version does not have the Samsung b-die memory. So glad I waited for these to come back in stock.

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Awesome motherboard! MSI has definately returned to honor!7/4/2020 8:34:18 AM

Pros: - Amazing motherboard for the price point. - Very good layout. - Effective and easy to use bios. - Fantastic VRM. - Great thermal performance. - Easy CPU and memory overclocking. - IO panel has a great selection of connections. - A very good selection of internal connectors. - USB 3.2 Gen 2 performance on IO ports and internal connectors is fantastic. - Fan on chipset is very quiet. - Debug LEDs. - Flash BIOS button on IO panel with flash USB. - No issues with layout with very large air cooler. - Very good manual. - Expected performance from PCIe Gen 3.0 SSD.

Cons: - Had to wait too long to get one. Very hard to find in stock. Newegg rocks!

Overall Review: This is my first MSI motherboard and I have to say I'm very impressed. Everything went well building the computer. I put this in a Fractal Design Define 7 case and it went smoothly. I paired the motherboard with a RYZEN 5 3600. I did not want to spend a bunch on a CPU knowing that I'm going to replace it as soon as Ryzen 4000 is out. I do not have a PCIe Gen 4.0 SSD and I was concerned that my Gen 3.0 SSD would not perform as expected. No reason to be concerned. My Samsung 970 EVO Plus is as fast as it was on my gen 3.0 board. I'm very impressed with USB speeds with the 3.2 Gen 2 IO ports and internal connectors. They are crazy fast. Huge upgrade from my previous computer. I'm getting fantastic speeds with my Corsair Flash Voyager GTX flash drive, Samsung T5 SSD, and ProGrade memory card reader. I very much appreciate that MSI put a USB 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps Type-C Port internal connector on this motherboard. My case has a front panel Type-C port and it works fantastic with this connector. This motherboard is extremely easy to overclock. In particular I see significant gains with memory overclock. There were no issues with the layout of the board and getting my rather large Noctua NH-U14S cooler installed. Everything with this motherboard works great and I'm very pleased on how fast the computer is. I have seen a significant increase in performance with gaming as well. I came from a Core i5-7600K and I have a RTX 2060 Super.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Phillip, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI motherboard! If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Fantastic case!7/3/2020 6:05:52 AM

Pros: - Tons of room. - Takes an optical drive. - Very customizable. - Well built. - Great cable management. - Versatile cooling options. - Abundant front panel ports. - Very quite. - Great airflow. Inside of case stays very cool. - Easy to take off panels. - Type-C with fast charge support on front panel.

Cons: - Heavy - No HDD LED header. - No mesh door option.

Overall Review: Fantastic case! I'm coming from a Define R5 and there are some significant upgrades. I will never buy a case other than Fractal Design. They understand how to design cases. I put a MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk Wifi motherboard in it and everything went great. I appreciate that there is an option to put an optical drive in it. I watch blu-rays, burn blu-rays, and also burns CDs. Optical Drives are not an option on so many other cases these days. Airflow is decent with stock fans though adding a fan to top pulling out really improved it significantly. I'm using a Noctua NH-U14S cooler. I wish there was mesh door option. This would really improve airflow. I open the door while gaming. I was considering a Meshify S2 but optical drive is not an option and front panel has 2 less USB ports.

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Fantastic 1440p card!3/29/2020 9:32:12 AM

Pros: Great performance on newer games at 1440p Runs very cool while at load (max temps at 54° F and 69° F with max overclock) Very quite Zero Coil Whine Fantastic Ray Tracing performance Great performance, rendering, and image quality with DLSS 2.0 Overclocked out of the box Decent additional overclock on GPU and memory (+115 MHz on GPU, +250 MHz on memory) Amazing speeds when encoding HEVC video.

Cons: Relatively expensive.

Overall Review: Huge upgrade over my GTX 1060. I was not able to run newer games at 1440p at higher settings with the GTX 1060. Now I'm able to play newer games maxed out and they are butter smooth. I was concerned about having an older CPU (i5 7600k) but there is no issue. Ray Tracing looks fantastic. EVGA's Precision X1 software works great. I'm currently playing Doom Eternal, Modern Warfare, and Control. Control has put the most strain on this card. I'm able to play at 1440p at the highest settings with ray tracing. Without DLSS 2.0 the game is not playable maxed out at 1440p (about 35 fps). With card overclocked it is playable (about 50 fps). I actually prefer the graphics with DLSS 2.0 though which runs fine maxed out at stock clock. Can't wait until Doom Eternal gets the ray tracing upgrade!

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Fantastic large monitor that is built like a tank.7/21/2017 11:18:38 AM

Pros: - Great build quality. It is obvious that a lot of thought went into making this monitor solid. - Very versatile. Height adjustable, can tilt, and pivot. Can also rotate to portrait orientation. - Fantastic picture that compares favorably to IPS monitor I had previously. - Great blacks and accurate colors out of the box. - Huge. - Works very well with games. - Blu-ray playback is awesome. Scaling from 1080p works very well. - Zero white bleed. - Excellent Connectivity. - OSD controls easy to access and work well. - Viewing angles are great.

Cons: - Heavy (but for good reasons). - No VGA connection. Not sure who would ever want to run this via VGA though...

Overall Review: I was very concerned about the flickering that people have discussed here and other places but I have no issues. I have tried 4 different games and they all look great with zero flickering. I'm running games at 1440p on GTX 970 and a DVI cable. Running at 60 Hhz and not in gaming mode.

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Amazing value!5/10/2014 12:32:22 PM

Pros: - PLS panel - High res (1440p) - Bright - Fantastic colors - Great white and black. - No dead pixels - No back light bleed - Overclockable - Price!

Cons: - Only a DVI-D port

Overall Review: I'm so glad I read the reviews of this monitor and decided to buy it. This monitor is an amazing value. Every time I boot up my computer I get a huge grin on my face. I'm very happy with it. I'm so glad I did not go 1080p. This picture is so crisp with great looking text. I must have got a good one because I have no dead or stuck pixels and there is zero back light bleed. I have played several games on it and they look amazing. I was a bit concerned that Blu-rays would not look good on it because of the higher resolution but I was wrong. Blu-rays look great with great colors and amazing blacks. Props to MNW GLOBAL! this was shipped overnight from Korea and it was well packed. Great service!

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Awesome card in small form factor.4/18/2013 6:00:23 AM

Pros: Great card. Runs all my games well at ultra settings. Big step up from the GTX460 that I had. I bought Bioshock Infinite and the GTX460 could not handle the game at max settings. Popped this in and now it runs very smooth. This card is very compact (length) which really improves the airflow and space in case. It is about 2 inches shorter than my GTX460.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I wanted a great video card at around $200 that was smaller than a lot of the cards out there. This one fit the bill. I believe this card is about 2 inches shorter than most the other GTX660 cards out there.

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Amazing HDTV!11/5/2011 8:32:50 PM

Pros: Fantastic HDTV. I'm glad I did my homework on this one. I was going to go with a LED LCD and I'm very glad that I did not. I went to stores to compare them with other HDTVs (mainly LED LCDs) and there was no comparison. The LED HDTVs were brighter and had better whites but the ST30 had much better color and much better blacks. Who cares about whites? HDTV programming looks fantastic, Blu-rays look awesome, and games looks great. 3D Blu-rays and 3D games also look amazing. There are good reasons people over at highdef junkies and AVS are raving about this HDTV. For the money there is nothing that performs remotely close to this TV. To top it off this HDTV can be fully calibrated by user-accessible menus without going into the service menus. Google "2011 Panasonic Settings/Issues Thread ".

Cons: I wish there was a bit better file support. Many of my HD mkv and mp4 files have DTS or AAC audio and this HDTV does not like them. HD mkv files with AC3 audio work well though!

Overall Review: This HDTV does everything well. With the correct prep and settings that are out there this TV rocks even more! I'm very happy with this purchase. Newegg also handled the shipment well. The company that delivered the TV was top notch. Not bad for free shipping!

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Amazing sub at any price. At this price it is a steal.3/4/2011 7:30:18 AM

Pros: I have nothing but good things to say about this sub. It sounds fantastic with music and with movies. It fills up our room with bass no problem (15'x18'). I'm blown away that you can get a sub like this at this price. I have heard many more expensive subs and this one can hold its own with them. While it can not get super low it gets low enough for me. We compared this sub to my buddy's HSU VTF-2 MK 3 and were amazed at how well it compared. The VTF-2 did get lower but to my ears the PSW505 sounded better (particularly with music). If you have a low budget this is the sub to get. I do not believe there is a better sub out there for under $500.

Cons: Not available in anything but black.

Overall Review: I'm amazed this sub is getting any poor reviews. In my mind if there are people that are not happy with the sub there is something wrong with their setup or they got a defective sub.

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Fantastic monitor and amazing price12/10/2009 10:31:17 AM

Pros: Price. For $160 including shipping shipping I could not pass this up. Very nice colors and good contrast. No dead pixels. Very little light bleed through. I have had LCD monitors that cost twice as much that have more bleed through. Very good scaling via HDMI, DVDs (at 480p) even look great. DVDs with my last monitor with lower resolution looked terrible. Blu-ray playback is amazing. Very nice blacks.

Cons: Too bright but can be adjusted. Control buttons not visible, adjustments are done by feel.

Overall Review: It took a while to sort out the overscan issue within Windows on HDMI with my 4850 video card. Once I adjust the overscan to zero it looks great. I still can not run Bioshock at full resolution without black bars. If I run game at non native resolution (like 1680x1050) there are no black lines. I'm hopeful that I can sort this out. I have run only this game so far.

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Great ram!6/30/2008 10:32:46 AM

Pros: Fantastic ram. It runs at 500(1000) without any issues. I put in ram, overclocked my Q6600, and booted up at correct speed. Nearly the same price as the PC2 6400 version.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I have not tried to overclock ram but I suspect that I will get good results. I love G-Skill ram... I have never had issues with their ram.

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Fantastic card for the money!2/7/2008 7:56:34 PM

Pros: Great performance at the price point. Runs great in our kids computer. Runs every game our kids are playing very well.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Our kids (5 and 7) have their own computer (Dell Dimension B110) and it has integrated graphics (Intel Extreme 2). The integrated graphics were struggling with some of their games. This card runs everything great. The computer does not have an AGP or PCI Express slot so I had to get this PCI card. It is beyond me why anyone would settle for a FX5500 or Radeon 9250 when this card is only $50.

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Very fast high capacity card!2/7/2008 7:41:19 PM

Pros: Very fast card that performs great. Transfer speeds from computer to card via adapter are very fast (faster than 2 gb micro sd card I have). Adapter works well. Great price.

Cons: So tiny that it is easy to lose :) Price dropped $3.50 since I bought it 4 days ago.

Overall Review: This card works great in my RAZR2 V9m phone. The specs for this phone said 2gb was the max but this card works great in phone. I have nearly 3gb of mps3, about 1gb of h.264 320x240 movies, and some photos of kids.

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Very good drive not powered by USB11/25/2007 9:33:06 AM

Pros: Very good performance on reading and writing both CDs and DVDs. Very durable and sturdy aluminum enclosure.

Cons: Not powered by USB. Only powered by outlet. This is a big con in my opinion. Who wants to worry about a plugging it all the time? Also you can not use it on the go when not near an outlet. Though the aluminum enclosure is nice it does add significant amount of weight.

Overall Review: I bought this drive kind of epecting it to be USB powered. I tried researching it and could not figure it out. I truly think they need to have category on specs for slim DVD burners about USB powered (yes or no).

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Great monitor for the money!10/29/2007 9:34:55 PM

Pros: After calibration great colors and contrast. No ghosting while gaming. Lots of features for monitor at this price point. 22" is a nice size.

Cons: Too bright out of the box (most of them are these days). Colors and contrast are not the best before calibration and having current monitor drivers.

Overall Review: I have never had a Benq product before and I'm impressed. I was expecting a generic monitor and got one with a lot of features.

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Great video card for the money!10/29/2007 9:34:55 PM

Pros: Very good perfomance for the money (half of what a 8800 GT or 8800 GTS costs - as of 10/29/07). I'm able to run modern games at my native res (1680x1050) with no problems: COD4 demo (4XAA), Crysis demo (medium settings), and UT3 beta. Runs older game like HL2. COH, and Quake 4 at 1680x1050 butter smooth at highest settings. Overclocks very well.

Cons: Not able to run modern games at highest settings. Does not have a all-solid capacitor design.

Overall Review: For $130 (after rebate) this card really can not be beat. It truly is amazing the performance you can get for $130. I wanted to wait for a 8800 GT but it looks like the prices will be high on them for a while.

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great memory5/2/2007 7:56:00 PM

Pros: Inexpensive. Lots of memory for mp3s, videos, and pictures on my cell phone. Micro SD card pulls out easy from SD adapter.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Runs great on both my card readers and my cell phone (RAZR V3m).

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Fantastic! - follow-up4/8/2007 7:06:22 PM

Pros: Amazing performance. Not a huge as some of the other high performers. Very quiet.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I have now had this for about 3 weeks and I keep getting more and more impressed. I have a E4300 and a Gigabyte DS3. Over the last few weeks I have figured out how to overclock the board/cpu better (and AC5 is more broke-in). I'm now running at 3.0 GHz (9x333) and my idle temp is 24C and peaks at only 42C while running Orthos.

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Sweet heatsink/fan!3/25/2007 3:12:32 PM

Pros: This thing is amazing. After installing with AC5 I'm running my E4300 at 2.4 GHz and with this cooler I never go over 46C when running Orthos. At idle the CPU is at 24C and the fan isn't even running. These temps will obviously get better as well.

Cons: Need to remove motherboard to install...but it is worth it.

Overall Review: Zalman makes quality stuff. This heatsink/fan is clearly the best I have ever owned.

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Fantastic chipset cooler for the DS3!3/25/2007 2:59:54 PM

Pros: Cools the Northbridge great on my Gigabyte DS3. Very quite.

Cons: Have to remove motherboard to install on DS3.

Overall Review: The Northbridge is very close to CPU on the DS3 so it was a very tight fit. It is literally touching my CPU cooler (Zalman CNPS9500). Expensive but worth it!

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Best video card for under $703/1/2007 11:13:48 AM

Pros: Very good performance for a budget video card. 12 pixel pipelines. DDR3 memory. Core at 600MHz and memory at 1200 MHz.

Cons: 128 mb ram (at only 128-bit). DVI max res. of 1600x1200.

Overall Review: Outperforms many of the cards at similar price. Better performer than the 7100GS, 7300LE, 7300GT, 6600GT, and even the 7600GS. Nvidia does not surpass this card until the 7600GT (starting at $110).

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fantastic value for high performance power supply.2/27/2007 7:52:50 PM

Pros: Great power supply. Active PFC. Modular cables (making for a more tidy case). Railfusion. High quality cables. Very small fluctuations along all power rails. Very efficient. plenty of choices on cables.

Cons: Cords are a little stiff.

Overall Review: In my mind this is the best value for a high end power supply with modular cables. To get this kind of quality at this price point is fantastic.

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amazing burner!2/13/2007 10:19:26 AM

Pros: Best burner that I have ever owned. Burns lots of different media at 18X. Burns DL media at 10X. Very good burns as well.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Can not go wrong with LG burners. This is my second one and I'm very impressed. Some of the other companies have dropped off in quality.

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Great CPU!1/17/2007 7:52:37 PM

Pros: I upgraded my Asus S96j notebook from a Core Duo T2400 (1.83 GHz) to the T7200. Great upgrade. I notice the biggest difference in media encoding. When compared with the T2400 battery time and temp remains about the same. I'm not sure why people say it runs hot. I'm running about 51C when idle and it creeps up to high 50s when under load. Highest I have seen was 61C when running Prime 95.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Great CPU for notebook. Fantastic for multitasking.

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cheap and fast but unreliable11/7/2006 8:13:38 AM

Pros: Cheap and fast.

Cons: Card failed after about 500 pictures. I'm using Nikon D70. I lost 85 vacation photos that I did not want to lose (only 1 picture from vacation survived).

Overall Review: I was able to format card and will give another go. I'm very hesitent though...I hate losing pictures (my wife was so bummed). Even though I read reviews here before buying I wish I would have spend a bit more...even for a slower card. I wonder how many of these positive reviews happened before their card failed...Newegg had great service as always.

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