Good little box, but cooling isn't good enough on the 4700U model4/21/2021 10:35:10 PM

Pros: Good connectivity Nice size

Cons: Hit temperatures of >90c when just gaming.

Overall Review: This was suppose to be a media center PC, but with the current shortage of desktop parts It has become my desktop PC until the market for desktop parts gets a little better. Overall it works well as a desktop if you are just browsing the internet or doing offices tasks. The connectivity options are pretty good. I didn't have to attach a USB hub to give myself enough USB ports. The biggest problem with this device is ASUS did no provide a good enough cooling solution for the 4700 and I would assume the 4800 as well. Just playing Minecraft alone mine will hit temp >90 C. I have had it crash from overheating when I am gaming and doing a background task. My solution was to buy the Akasa A50. After installing it in the Akasa case the maximum temp I have seen is 70C. I wouldn't recommend doing this for everyone. it is a pain in the but to get the PN50 motherboard out. Install in the Akasa was pretty straight foward. In the end if they had a better thermal solution this would be a five star review, but what good is it if you buy the higher end unit when the thermal solution can handle it. If you are going to buy a PN50 don't buy the 4700U or 4800U.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Matt, We do understand your concern about thermal issue. It is normal for the MiniPC to generate more heat than normal while it's under heavy load like gaming, especially it was not designed for this purpose. When system resource utilization is high, this will generate more heat than normal. It does decreases or normalizes once utilization goes down. Should you need further assistance with the product, please email me at and I will be more than happy to help. Or, call Product Support Hotline at: 1(888) 678-3688. Also, you can chat with an ASUS live support agent at Thank you for choosing an ASUS product. Regards, Rodel ASUS Customer Loyalty
Good enough to stream5/12/2015 8:09:07 PM

Pros: I get really bad wireless reception in my office. These adapters did improve the speed and the latency of my connection. I am getting 90 Mbps speed between the two adapters and about 4 ms latency. I was hoping for better, but it is a good improvement over the wireless bridge I was running. My office is on a different circuit from where the router is located. At least now I can stream high definition from the NAS in my office. I haven't tested another other Powerline networking devices to compare them to see if the D-Link Powerline AV2 2000 adapter really preforms better than any other AV2 devices.

Cons: The biggest con is the size of this device. It is a little large. If you have anything other than a straight plug in the other outlet it will probably interfere with it. I rearrange items in both outlets these were plugged into and put the other item in the outlet on a small extension so it could fit with the powerline adapter.

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