Most outstanding RGB Solution on the Market8/19/2018 2:16:53 AM

Pros: This product is durable, The cables are sleeved well, and with use of the Controller hub it's easy to link multiple LED strips or HALOS Lux' together to have sound cable management. The Addressable Lights are bright and will work with almost any fan. Aura compatibility makes this King when you can inline with others as aforementioned. I'm currently using these with 5 Vardar RGB fans as clear blades will take the light better, and one IDCooling Slim fan with tinted blades.

Cons: One negative aspect about this product would have to be the limit on how many you can put into one controller hub. 9 Units is good for my build but others use way more fans than that, and while linking LED strips you must account for those too, another issue is the looseness of the Female RGB Aura adapter. It does not lock into my asus header tight like the asus one. The only other Con is that they do not react will with all color fan blades, especially tinted ones.

Overall Review: This is hands down the best way to RGB sync your rig While keeping a professional profile.

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