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Superb4/16/2012 8:33:28 AM

Pros: No messy cables to deal with, simply plug in and connect ethernet cable. Your Macbook will detect yet, apply your password and you are ready to go! Small and extremely portable. I would have paid more for it!

Cons: What Cons?

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Worth the money3/28/2012 3:23:18 AM

Pros: Received in record breaking time to Afghanistan (Camp Leather....). Shipped 15 Mar, received 23 March. Looks brand spanking new. Connected XBOX 360 with HDMI cable and the colors are crisp while playing Street fighter X Tekken. Movies playing @ 1080p are great. No dead pixels and overall very satisfied!

Cons: Shipping was a little pricey and that's expected for overseas.

Overall Review: I'd get 3 of these for a mancave if I was back home.

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Good board6/23/2003 5:33:41 AM

Comments: Just purchased this board and it fired up right away. Used AMD XP 2000 with housebrand 256mb of DDR 333 but as the board states, it only maxes out @ 266fsb. Using Maxtor 20gb HHD, MSI DVD and CDRW. 400wt power supply. Very fast for a budget PC. Outstanding for office applications, surfing the net and playing DVD's. Thats 90% of all PC users out there! The 32mb onboard Video is pretty descent. This is a very good PC for Granny and Pa! Note: "you must enable (do not leave on AUTO) the onboard audio from the bios if you want sound. Running Win XP pro.

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Want proof ?5/9/2003 5:44:07 AM

Comments: Any Questions?

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Impressive5/7/2003 4:02:05 AM

Comments: Just received this item from Newegg. It took 7 days to receive from California to Europe. This monitor is huge and it is also dual voltage in which I need here in Europe because the outlets are 220 volts. The colors are crisp and you have many resolutions in which you can choose from. I received this monitor with one dead pixel no bigger that a pinhole. You cant even see it unless your screen is completely black like the MS DOS screen. All it is, basically a red pinhole. Other than that, when you are running Windows, you cant even see this pixel. Overall I am a very satisfied costumer. Will buy more of these in the future. Mad props to Newegg, FED-EX and USPS!

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Unreal5/7/2003 2:43:11 AM

Comments: Got this processor $82.00 in from Cali within 7 days from newegg, considering that I am Belgium (Europe). I also got an Asus A7N8X (Deluxe)$135.00, Speeze Big Rock II for $7.00, allied 400watt P/S $32.99, Chieftec case black $80.00, Sony black CDR 48x16x48 $52.00, Sony black DVD drive $ 47.00, MSI 128mb DDR TV out 8X AGP refurbished $69.00, Alps black floppy drive $13.00, Batesias 17in flatscreen monitor black $344.00, had a 45 gig hhd which I popped in, keyboard and mouse. This Baby booted on my first try. Went in the bios and changed only the FSB to 166mhz, and the multiplier was @13, everything else was on auto. Got a stick of locally Housebrand memory 256mb DDR 333 for $39.00. Well I got XP2700 when I rebooted @ 2.16Ghz and all I did was changed the fsb from 100 to 166. Believe it or not, CPU temp stays idle between 39c and 40c after 2 hours of ghost recon. I think I'm in love! Not to shabby for a $7.00 heatsink! Very quiet too!

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Very Cool5/1/2003 12:14:42 AM

Comments: Installed this fan on my Asus A7V333 w/raid (refurb) from Newegg of course, along with XP1900 AGOGA Stepping CPU, Chieftec mid-tower case (grey). Overclocked to 1.74, thats 2100+ and the temp was right around 39c. Could have went higher, but I want my PC to last me awhile. Just bought another of these fans for my new Asus A7N8X Deluxe w/T-bred 2100 rev B, and ThermalTake Kaiser III case(blue). Let the overclocking beging folks. I will come back with the verdict soon! For 28 quarters, (thats $7) you need to go and break your piggy bank NOW! As always, MAD PROPS to NEWEGG and FED-EX. :O

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Drivers1/9/2003 2:16:59 PM

Comments: Excellent mobo. Got the refurbished A7V333 w/raid. Working flawlessly. The only thing is that the OEM version doesn't come with drivers/manual/back plate. I am using a sound card since I cannot get the onboard sound working without drivers. I disabled the raid simply because I have yet to know how it works. But I will find out eventually. Somehow I put this mobo on a chieftec dragon entry level case but it was a tight squeeze since the audio case holes do not align with the mobo audio holes. The holes on the mobo are vertical and the holes on case are horizontal. Any suggestions for the mobo drivers? Asus website is of no help since their download page for this board is never available. I cant even download it in other languages. Overall a very stable board. Components: AMD Xp 1900 AGOGA STEPPING processor, 256mb kingston PC 2700, 2 seagate 20gb HHD 7200rpm, liteon 48x24x48 cdrw, Chieftec dragon entry level case w/420 max power supply and sideview windows, natural keyboard, wireless mouse, and windows 2000 pro. No floppy, who needs it anyway. DVD soon to come from newegg of course. All components from newegg. Keep representin' Newegg, cause your prices are just off the meat rack! No doubt!

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9/26/2002 11:35:32 PM

Comments: I received this board in one week, and that is excellent time considering that I am currently stationed in BELGIUM. I assembled this board with an XP 1600 AGOIA 0213Y Stepping, 256mb Kingston PC2700 DDR, 40x12x48 Lite On CDRW and fan, all purchased from Newegg. With this board, you can push the FSB in 1 mhz increments from the BIOS. Well I started with 145mhz with the multiplier set on auto. Instantly upon rebooting, I was getting 1800+ @ 1.53ghz. Then I went up to 152mhz and got 2100+ @ 1.63ghz but it was unstable. So I set it to 147mhz and got 1900+ and called it a day. All this without unlocking the processor. Imagine the possibilities. Get this board, you cant go wrong and anyone who can read, can put this board together. The manual tells you how to overclock this monster. You also get Norton AV 2002 with this board and thermal paste. For $82.00 what more can you ask for. I give MAD PROPS to Newegg cause they sell the best products with the cheapest APO shipping prices. Customer service is outstanding. YOU HAVENT PLACED YOUR ORDER YET!!!!!

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Delivery3/8/2002 3:45:37 AM

Comments: I am a US service member working with NATO in Europe. I recently purchased a refurbished Asus A7M-266 motherboard from Newegg and neddless to say that it arrived here in 5 working days. Kudos for Newegg. Upon receiving my motherboard, I assembled it with an XP 2000, 512mb RAM, 64 meg video card and it blew me away. I didn't get the drivers for the mobo, but as I loaded Win XP Professional, I noticed that Win XP had all the drivers for the mobo. Outstanding service from Newegg. Thanks

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