Great Company: I'll Be Back2/13/2016 3:03:58 PM

Pros: Originally I was going to leave 3 or 4 eggs because the unit was not perfect and very inexpensive. I contacted the company with my "Critique" and let them know of a few changes they could make and a small problem with my unit. I had the unit installed and was just going to leave it there. Well they sent me a new unit, because they said mine was defective. Well the new unit does everything faster and no more shutdowns. The picture is great. It plays more Video formats than my very expensive OPPO Bluray and I can feed it through HDMI or A/V composite. They were as nice as can be and I will be looking to see if they have other products I like.

Cons: All cons were corrected by customer service

Overall Review: I am just pleasantly surprised by the personal service received. I hope this company grows and keeps up the good work. Thank you very much Incredisonic Team

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Best Deal Ever2/5/2016 10:06:35 PM

Pros: Works fine and fast. I got 2 for a friends build and came back to get 2 more for myself. Been waiting for price to drop so I could change 2 of my 500 gig WD HDD for 2 of these in a raid zero. Wont need the raid zero for speed now but just using a duplicator to swap the drives. Cant wait to see how that goes.

Cons: 0

Overall Review: I always get the lowest priced SSDs for my builds and they are all FAST.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support.
Back for 2nds1/20/2016 12:39:40 PM

Pros: Works perfect in my Gigabyte MOBO will have 16 megs now

Cons: none

Overall Review: Be patient for shipping

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triple monitor10/26/2015 4:56:30 PM

Pros: Would have gave it 1 egg and returned it if I didn't finally get the 3 displays working at one time. I like everything else. You would think that a key selling point for 3 displays would tell you how to hook it up in the directions. The box it comes in says Triple monitor on front and back. I must say all in all I like it but what a long day.

Cons: The only hint of triple monitor in the user manual is in the contents, after that not a single clue how to do it, the proper apu, I have A6. I am using window7 64bit. 16 gig of ram. Just now set the onboard memory to use 2 gigs for graphics and it is working fine

Overall Review: In Bios I selected Load UEFI Defaults. that made the onboard graphics go to AUTO. Hooked up 3 different monitors with 3 different cable types. DB15, HDMI and DVI. To get here I first uninstalled the VGA driver and then updated it again from the device manager with the MOBO disc in DVD drive then updated from AMD website.

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Thank Goodness for feedback3/28/2015 6:35:28 PM

Pros: Won't be getting a Muskin. 1 good review on the whole page. Thanks everyone for saving me a headache.

Cons: All the other reviews. I will stick with ADATA and Kensington

Overall Review: Love Newegg

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Kyle, We are working diligently on remedying this issue, and we hope you reconsider using Mushkin Enhanced SSDs and Memory in the future! - Mushkin Customer Support Team
3 that work great10/11/2014 8:46:50 PM

Pros: Buying my fourth unit. Someone got 3 that they say are bad. Are you sure you know what your doing. Do you turn off auto defrag. Sorry, just had to ask. I am buying my fourth Adata and have yet to have a problem. My first unit is almost a year old and it turned an old computer into the fastest thing ever.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Comes with a 3.5 bracket. Awesome.

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This is all I need9/2/2014 2:29:06 PM

Pros: Will get a 3 rd one for next build. This budget build is great.

Cons: None for the price, maybe more cache would be nice.

Overall Review: The reason I write this review is what I think is a bit of helpful info. I got an Asus mobo 50 bucks, and a Kingston 120 gb SSD 50 bucks. The same scenario on 2 builds about the ddr3 ram. When I use 4gigs, I get a windows index reading of 4.5 and when I replace that for some 8 gigs of dual channel I got 6.6 (for the graphics and gaming). I know I could add a discrete graphics card for the 7s or higher, but I have saved that money for other toys now. I believe it is the combination of parts, mainly the SSD, but everything I do is almost instant.

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OKI is Awesome4/25/2014 8:17:58 PM

Pros: This thing is so easy to set up. I got this color because I have a B&W Oki that is amazing so I thought I would have good luck. Well I made the right choice. I printed some hummingbirds that look great on regular paper. It has an awesome power saver mode so you never need to turn it off. Directions say to use 2 people to handle it because of 50 pound weight. Put the disc in each computer, it finds it on the network and installs the software. I did not click the local driver selection, I used the network selection because like my last OKI ( which is fine, I just wanted color) I use it on 8 computers throughout the house. Some have XP, some Vista, some 7 and one Mac. The Mac worked automatically without installing software on the last OKI. I have not installed it yet for that one or checked to see it noticed it yet. Too busy writing this review.

Cons: It came from NJ

Overall Review: If everyone new about the quality, price, and cost saving features of these LED Oki's there would be no competition. Definitely blows away any bubblejet. My wife loves it too. It stays in a sleep mode till you print, then it warms up about 8 seconds and prints pages out very fast. They just come out smoothly, about 1 page every 2 seconds. One of my best purchases I ever made. Thank you OKI.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Best Printer I ever Bought4/13/2014 3:39:56 PM

Pros: This thing is awesome. I have it hooked to my router and 8 computers access it wired and wirelessly through the router. I loaded the driver software disc into each computer, some with XP, XP Pro, Vista 64 bit, 7 and a Mac Mini with OSX before Maverick came out. The most interesting thing about the setup was the Mac just recognized it on the network and no disc was necessary for that 1 computer. I have saved a ton of money on regular inkjet ink. It is the fastest I have ever had, but it is also the only Laser (LED).

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Just came back to get another one for a friend that has been having all kinds of trouble with inkjet.

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I'm so Eggcited!3/31/2014 6:06:10 PM

Pros: I just made an old Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H my fastest computer in the house. I have 8 computers of different windows,7,XP,Vista, Maverick. All of them built pretty good lots of ram. I had to make my wifes Window7 from XP so she would feel safe. She only does small things so I got this small SSD very low price. This computer with 4 gigs of ram blows away all my systems now. I will be doing most of them SSD soon as the price goes further down. With 256 units

Cons: Only had it a day and love it. Please see other thoughts to alleviate a few possible cons.

Overall Review: Did a little homework before purchase and install. #1. Turn off Automatic Disk Defragment. Apparently this will wear out a unit quickly. Youtube shows you. #2 Set the SSD to AHCI per many post and in the instructions for this unit. This is where I had to go into the Bios 14 times. Getting the Windows disc to boot and load 7. After 10 times I tried setting all to sata. That worked, but was slow and not correct. Started over and finally realized I had to Plug my Optical drive into sata ports 4 or 5. it was in number 1. That port gets changed to AHCI while 4 and 5 do not. So I hope this helps and it felt real good to figure it out . The System and I both feel awesome now. LOL. To make this clearer. My Motherboard has 5 SATA ports. Apparently a part of the bios says to set numbers 4 and 5 to SATA. These stay as SATA NOT AHCI when SATA, RAID or AHCI option is set to AHCI. I used 5 for the DVD/CD writer and I think I could have used 4 also. I used 1 for the SSD but I think 2 or 3 would have been fine also. WOW this things is fast. I will get another soon. Saw one on sale for 104 and it was 240 gigs ADATA.

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Not a Retail Kit6/20/2013 5:50:43 AM

Pros: I love Seagate and only buy their drives. Fast and quiet never a problem.

Cons: I know you can download software but I specifically got this for the disc. The box was empty.

Overall Review: I've never seen Seagate comment on any reviews good or bad. I think they should take an interest what people say like some of the other companies.

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Bad Experience at Marketplace6/20/2013 5:40:39 AM

Pros: It arrived or maybe that should be a con.

Cons: Far right port does not work. Emailed the company about the problem and got an email back that said, (we show the unit was delivered). 5 minutes later an email said we will send you a new unit. It has been over 2 weeks since that email and still no replacement. Told Newegg about it and they say I have to continue to contact the manufacturer. Not a typical Newegg scenario but I will be checking other places to buy my parts. Really a big con that I want to shop somewhere else after this experience. I have a list but they won't allow any other store names in my post. I've been a Newegg customer for 10 years or so and the form letter they sent regarding this matter shows they may be getting to big now.

Overall Review: I don't want to waste my time or money to send back a product but I won't shop on the World Market anymore. They never responded to any more emails and I think all the positive eggs are from family members.

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Does anyone get the fast transfer rate6/9/2013 6:20:26 AM

Pros: I believe this card tries to do a good job. It is built well, good manual and drivers. Read below and be advised I am not bashing this card just the whole platform for now. I got 2 of these cards and they installed fine. I will continuously check back to see if anyone says I am wrong or has a solution.

Cons: I have Googled the heck out of this and is not just this card. If anyone gets more than 70 to 100 Mbps I have not seen it. This USB3.0 is not ready for prime time. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. this is just a sample of a what you will find when you search google with , (why can't I get full bandwidth USB3.0) or something similar. Nobody is getting anywhere near the advertised speeds

Overall Review: Until something is done I have stopped upgrading my systems to USB3.0. Just a waist of time and money unless you think going from 35 - 70 Mbps is OK which some people are OK with. Esata or just stick with 2.0. Even internal transfer rates don't get USB 3.0 speeds. What? How many years till this starts working properly? OK enough from me but I thought it should be known. I only say what his speeds were, not even close to the socalled fast rates, yet everyone is giving 4 or 5 stars. Everyone should put their speeds and not just say the card works fine.

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Read the Directions5/16/2013 4:03:11 PM

Pros: Works very good. Did what I needed. Step 8 in directions says to turn it on. I too was having trouble getting it recognized until I turned it on. LOL

Cons: none

Overall Review: I clicked the buy button and went to my front door and it was not here yet. Usually I joke how fast Newegg does their deliveries. It was her the next day. Sometimes it takes longer depending where it is shipped from.

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Caution!5/14/2013 11:10:55 AM

Pros: Newegg has been great helping with this problem so I can't take off an egg for them or the manufacturer. Got it but have not turned it on yet. I have ordered an 8 pin molex adaptor for the power to the CPU. I have ordered a PCI-E USB3.0 front panel card because the unit does NOT have one as it says in the overview. I have let the manufacturer know and Newegg and they are working on getting the overview fixed.

Cons: I think you need to buy the GD80 to have the USB3.0 front panel plug on the MOBO. As of this writing the description is still wrong in the OVERVIEW,but not in the DETAILS

Overall Review: With a simple phone call to Newegg explaing the mistake, they quickly remedied the situation to my satisfaction. MSI was not at fault but graciously recommended the PCI card solutiion that I ended up using. I was a little stressed at what to do because I had the unit mostly built when I noticed there was no place to plug the 3.0 cable. A 5 minute call took care of my issue. If I would of read all the reviews, I would have seen another poster complaining about the board not having USB3.0. I only read 5 reviews and I liked the price. Thank you Newegg and MSI.

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Great choice9/30/2012 2:54:30 AM

Pros: Needed a MOBO with AM2 capabilities. This turned out to be a way better bargain than I planned. Not only did it replace my old mobo perfectly, it added extra cpu support. OK I replaced a bad MOBO in an HP Media Center PC M8200n. I did not have to reload windows. I did have to use the activation phone service, but that was a smal price to pay instead of buying new windows. It seems to be perfect for several operating systems including Vista 64 bit. If you have an HP Media center m8200n with the bloated caps, this is what you need.

Cons: NA

Overall Review: done enough

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Totally New Concept8/15/2012 6:29:16 AM

Pros: I got this for 1 reason: To turn on an Integra Home Stereo amplifier automatically and it does it perfectly. It has 4 plugs to turn on auto but I only use one. Things are labelled by clearly intelligent words and color coded. Great price for what it does.

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: I needed to get my stereo to power up with getting off the couch. I plug the AV preamp into the Blue control and the amplifier into 1 of the 4 automatically switched outlets. Turn on my preamp by remote and the Smart Strip senses this and turns on the amplifier. There is a sensitivity adjuster on the side that I had to turn. The first use I adjusted it to work it took about 3 tries. About a week later I had to slightly turn it again because it did not notice I turned the unit off. This has saved me from having to by new stereo eqyipment. I got it elsewhere but just found it on Newegg and am getting another one at a better price today.

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No Support7/23/2012 11:19:06 AM

Pros: Befor you buy any Roxio. Try to get a response from the company.

Cons: No Support. All they want to do is sell you stuff and anything you buy they want you to upgrade. All of this is automated in their software. Try Nero! What could you lose?

Overall Review: I have 2 Roxio Software products and when not getting help on the first one I bought another. That was a waist of money. I have learned a good lesson and now I will email a company and ask a question befor I buy anything from them.

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Amazing!!!!8/15/2011 10:24:13 AM

Pros: This is the best purchase I ever made. I waited years to buy a DLP rear projector with LED's and I finally got to buy the front DLP with LED's so no changing bulbs. I thought I would have to pay $5000 to get my first front projector. I am amazed and thrilled at this little thing. The price, the quality, the features. There are so many features and adjustments I can't beleive it. You could make a rear projector with one setting. I just tested it for a few hours. I sat it on a end table 16 feet from the wall, I made a 4 foot high by about 8 foot wide picture. It liooked great and that was befor I made any adjustments like focus, color, contrast, what color surface you are using like white, yellow and some other choices. My display says I am at 1080I, I did not try 1080P yet but I don't care if it doesn't because it looks fine. I have been reading Home Theater reviews of the front projectors for years and was going towards the JVC D-ila units for 3-7 grand and more. I'm sure they are bett

Cons: No Cons, but I would like to use this area to tell you more if you don't mind. O.K. then thank you. I am sure the JVC is better but maybe I will use the money I saved to buy a jet pack or a swimming pool or even a car. I don't know if I ever made a purchase that I was so happy about. The versitility, the size, (fits in the hand easily), the simple directions for quick setup. Plug in, remove lens cap, turn on source first, point at anything, press power once. To urn off press power twice and DO Not unplug power until the fan is done cooling the unit,(very slight fan noise like a laptop cpu cooler), replace lens cap. I only messed with this for 2 hours so I know there are way more fun things. I can this unit and my Patriot Box Office anywhere and be at the Theater and it would all fir easily into a shoebox with room to spare. No bulb to replace. A friend got a unit for 5 x's this price and the 2nd time he had to replace the bulb(which cost more than this) he quit using it.

Overall Review: I feel like I've saved thousands of dollars, like a kid in a candy store. Seriously, I think I have pretty good taste. I have Integra amps and controller with B&W speakers, pretty good stuff and this thing is totally satisfying. Granted you may need the room to have the shades drawn and the darker the better, but I am at the movies with this baby. I bought this for the picture not the sound. The sounds is like and old transistor radio or a laptop. This is definetly not a problem for me as the unit can handle the picture input several ways, IE: composite(did not try this), VGA, (did not try it), I used HDMI which looped through from an Integra Surround Processor and WOWWWWW! I swear now that I got this on sale and free shipping I may get another efven when not on sale. I wonder if I should let my work know about it and how much they could save on bulb replacements if the got rid of all their other big and hot projectors 5 x's this ones size. Darn I am almost at 3000 words for all 3spots

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Easy to Overcluck4/1/2011 8:21:26 PM

Pros: I only had enough money for 3 eggs but they were very easy to overcluck to a 5 egg omelet.

Cons: Shipping was not all it was cracked up to be. I was hoping for over easy but ended up with scrambled so I had to do the omelet.

Overall Review: I highly recommend these eggs but I would pay for superior shipping next time. If you don't you will have to fry on delivery.

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Works Great!3/28/2011 8:09:56 AM

Pros: I get an excellent signal on my network. 5 bars from the farthest room away in the house (about 60ft). Used on a laptop computer with Windows 7 - 64 bit. I can also get a signal from both my next door neighbors. It only sticks out from the computer about a quarter inch! Price.

Cons: Only the other reviews that made me almost not buy it. I only did cause of the price.

Overall Review: I was very careful with the install because of some bad reviews. I only installed software from Windows 7 device manager and let it install drivers from the web. Yes I had to have an ethernet hooked in to do this but it was necessary so I would not get unwanted extras. In my opinion it is always better to let windows handle the wireless connections. Other manufacturers software cause too much confusion. Do not load the manufactures disc! If you have to then only load the DRIVER for the unit. Hope this review helps some people.

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Eggsellent1/16/2011 6:32:15 AM

Pros: I got this for my wife for Christmas. She was not real excited until we started using it. The 3 pots are individually heated. We can make a complete meal like dogs, beans and heat some buns. They are big enough for what we need and the storage is easy. We take the 3 dishes and lids out to put in pantry and then the unit is so light you can stand it on end anywhere. Just a great product. So simple even a man can use it.

Cons: Only con was the Christmas surprise was on me when it arrived in the box it comes in, not in a brown box like you might expect how Newegg usually wraps everything. We got a good Laugh out of that. I let her wrap it. LOL

Overall Review: One review says there are units that have a notch for a utensil to stay in the pot while it cooks or for serving. I like this unit because it does not have this feature because as the most useful review on another .com store says, (This allows heat to escape and the food does not cook evenly). Be careful when just one or 2 pots are turned on the nearby aluminum does get hot also.

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Good luck12/1/2010 6:55:11 PM

Pros: Nice picture

Cons: Make sure you keep the receipts and the registration card If you don't you will get the Samsung runaround for warranty service. They won't fix mine and when I took it to a repair shop, Samsung would not let them fix it because it is under warranty????????

Overall Review: They act like LED is new technology. It is only the back light instead of a bulb. This is still an LCD, nothing new about that. I am not happy with Samsung and will buy from other monitor manufacturers now.

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WOW!9/12/2010 2:59:13 PM

Pros: The somewhat high may be an overstatement on knowledge but this thing let me overclock my DDR2 1066 to the 1066 it was sold as. My other MOBO would BOD every time I tried. The Heka Phenon X 3 black edition 2.9 I got up to 3.6 without a hitch. I think I will get another one of these boards later. I like Gigabyt and my las 4 MOBO's were all the ma78gm. They are nice but was the same price and far better features. The Win 7 Windows experience got 4.5 graphics and 5.4 gaming on this things built in video. I will probably get a highend card later but this is far better than the 3.2 on the older ma78gm.

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: Nice that people put there comments here to help me overclock. This mother board is beautiful too. There are bigger and better but I doubt I will ever use the full potential of this one. Thanx Newegg as usual. I click buy and then I check my front door for package, unless it's shipped DHL, Fedex or US post. Yes, that's right, Brown gets it here the fastest. Not a big deal never mind waiting for a new toy but how does UPS do it?

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Give your GFI 1 egg8/3/2010 6:34:37 AM

Pros: The GFI guy should try replacing his GFI!!

Cons: NO

Overall Review: I will be getting this today on sale but I had to review because I can't believe someone gave it a bad review without even considering they have a faulty or weak GFI. At least they tried it in a regular plu.

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