Quietly Powerful is Right!!!6/29/2006 2:42:17 PM

Pros: Extremely quiet, enough power for anything in your system, huge fan allows for more air flow while operating at a low RPM, tons of cables for just about anything...

Cons: ...Yet having all those cords can be a bad thing. If you are an average user with a Mid-tower pc, there are way too many cables. Over half of the cables I didn't have a use for so I had to tie them into knots and together then stuffed them next to the power supply. This can cause a huge mess if you have a window case and constrict airflow.

Overall Review: Bought this supply for the XFX Geforce 6800XT which requires a 500 watt power fupply minimum, as you can see, this 480 watt keeps me operating just fine.

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Great Card6/29/2006 2:36:15 PM

Pros: Fast, sleek design, quiet fan, low running temperature. This card can run F.E.A.R. on the highest settings at around 30 FPS. I also played the Prey demo on all the highest settings with little to no hiccups.

Cons: The card is huge! I have a pretty large case yet this took up most of the room. The "HD" acceleration features are misleading, you need a powerful CPU (Dual Core 64-bit) to get fliud frame rates in HS videos. The box says a 500 watt power supply is required at the minimum instead of the "300 watt" newegg has on here. I bought an Antec 480 watt power supply along with this and it is working just fine.

Overall Review: Thanks Newegg for the great price and getting it here a day early!!! I'm never going to a retail shop again.

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Great for what it claims6/24/2006 4:18:54 PM

Pros: Small compact design, simple set up, no need for power setup... powers itself through USB which makes it easier to move, high quality picture, excellent software bundle

Cons: Although VideoStudio 9 is a great piece of software to come with it, it is the most basic (SE Version) but gets the job done very well. Looking forward to the upgrade discount to version 10. It can get very hot even when not in use, so disconnect when you aren't using it. CapWiz (The software in which you record the video) is good for basic needs, but I recommend something else. Slight delay from video output to preview.

Overall Review: I bought this to record video from my consoles to produce video reviews. But because of the slight delay, it made this impossible to play the games properly. This can be bypassed by viewing it on a TV then outputing it to this device. Overall great product, highly recommended.

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