Brilliant2/8/2016 10:53:30 PM

Pros: Don't think there's much to say that most people don't already know about EVGA's Supernova line of PSU...simply the highest quality units on the market, and priced well below what you may expect something of this quality to cost. Very quiet as well. It is powering a 5820k overclocked to 4.6GHz, two GTX 970 in SLI, a total of six SSD and mechanical drives, as well as two USB drives, a custom water cooling loop and various peripherals and accessories, and this thing doesn't even break a sweat...when the fan does come on, it's inaudible.

Cons: Not really a con, just a heads up in case you are putting this in a mid tower case...this thing is longer than I anticipated, nearly as long as one of my GPUs. Just something to keep in mind.

Overall Review: A few years ago, this would have sold for 400+. It's a great value at $180. If you're on the fence, don't be. It's all you'll ever need. And it's backed by a 10 year (not a misprint, a TEN year) warranty.

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Superb1/30/2016 7:19:12 PM

Pros: It's spec sheet says it all. 3200MHz RAM that runs with tighter timings than the 2400MHzCorsair RAM that it's replacing. At only $85 for 16GB of this stuff...what a great deal

Cons: My mobo only supports 64 GB of this RAM

Overall Review: I purchased a second set, in black, to match the color scheme of the ASUS Rampage V Extreme. RAM looks great, very nice looking without being obnoxiously designed. You're not going to find better RAM for the money. If you're not already aware, you're not going to see any real performance gain in anything other than a handful of scenarios. But getting the 3200MHz version made my epeener 2" longer. Get the 2400MHz version for $20 less if money is tight, just get this. Great stuff

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Don't bother if you need this on Linux1/28/2016 11:05:58 PM

Pros: Install was pretty straightforward on Windows and OS X. Very good speeds, decent range, doesn't drop signal as often as a lot of others

Cons: Completely outdated Linux drivers. With a lot of compiling and manual configuration, you may or may not get it installed. Got it running as of Ubuntu 14.04, but not sure if it still works on the newer versions. Hasn't worked on Fedora since Fedora 21.

Overall Review: I would have given this 4 eggs, but the main reason I bought it was for it's alleged compatibility with OS X and Linux...and it falls flat on it's face on Linux. Even when it was running on Linux, it was noticeably slower than on not buy if this is for a Linux machine. Otherwise, pretty solid for it's price

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8/13/2013 8:12:45 PM

Pros: Good price per GB; pretty fast

Cons: <Insert stupid joke about it not making me coffee here>

Overall Review: Owned this for about six months now; been typical WD hard drive -- very reliable, solid value and good performance. I was originally skeptical about USB 3.0 making much difference, but as it turns out, there is actually a pretty nice boost in performance. I use this for archiving my movie collection, and transfer speed with my old WD My Book was consistently 28 - 32 MB/s when copying movies. With this drive, it will vary anywhere from 35 - 48 MB/s, with pretty awesome boost speeds....the first 1 GB usually transfers at 90 MB/s+ before dropping down to the 30's or 40's. Would definitely buy again. Next time it will be the 4 TB model

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Stunning1/29/2013 9:57:38 PM

Pros: Outstanding attention to detail. Everything from how the motherboard just snaps into place and it's built in standoffs, to a top notch cable management system, to it's great paint just screams quality. Working with this case, you truly feel like this was designed by a system builder/hobbyist for other builders. My favorite features of the case are the side panels that latch on/off, and the removable front panel that has plenty of space for a pair of 120 or 140mm fans.

Cons: Can't give it six eggs. I really have to stretch here to find some kind of fault, but I'll try... The holes in the side panel window aren't very popular and detracts from the overall appearance, but then again, they provide extra flexibility when it comes to adjusting airflow, so I'm not really sure if that is a con. The only real complaint that I have is that I wish that the side panel behind the motherboard were a bit more concave on the inside to give more room for cables.

Overall Review: Despite being roughly the same external size as my previous Apevia case, this has a ton more room inside of it. Plenty of room up top for a 240mm radiator. Looks even better in person than in the stock photos. Absolutely love this case; I was considering a $200+ Thermaltake Level 10, but I think I made the right choice, especially considering the price difference. Way to go, Corsair!

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Killer RAM1/18/2013 10:00:50 PM

Pros: 1.35v 8 GB for $50 reputable company

Cons: nada

Overall Review: These things overclock like a champ. Runs at the rated specs of 1600 MHz and 8-8-8-24 @ 1.35v just fine. Currently have them running at 2133 MHz and 10-9-10-24 @ 1.50v. These can probably easily hit 2400 MHz or higher, if your mobo supports it, but I don't want to increase the volts to 1.65v since I'm running a 3570k (can cause dangerous voltage spikes -- not worth it for minimal real world gains). Look great too; and matches the asrock extreme4 mobo's color scheme almost perfectly. Awesome RAM, don't hesitate for a second to buy these, you won't regret it.

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Wow1/16/2013 6:53:22 PM

Pros: I knew that upgrading from a Q6600 would be a solid upgrade, but this is far beyond what I expected. We all know about it's performance, so I wont rehash that. But what is even more mind-boggling is the temps. It is currently running at 4.4 GHz, with my TRUE 120 heatsink from my old Q6600, and the highest core temp running at 90%+ for 20 mins was 59c. At low loads (less than 30%), the temps stay in the 20s - 30's That is just ridiculous! When I leave it at 4.0 GHz, of course the temps are even lower. Low loads the temps might hit 34c, if I have been using the computer for a while. At 100%, it never even hit 50c. I can probably hit 4.8 GHz on a friggin' air cooler, but I really don't see the point in that when this thing runs so well at 4.4 GHz. Just amazing.

Cons: I didn't jump on this sooner.

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Awesome!1/16/2013 6:40:52 PM

Pros: Insane amount of features and great software for a board in this price range. Decent overclocker. Paid for 3 Day shipping -- got my order THE NEXT DAY, so I basically paid $8 for overnight. Way to go Newegg!! This is the service that keeps bringing me back.

Cons: I bought a set of Crucial Ballistix Tactical to go with this board. I kept getting BSOD due to memory errors. After several days of trouble shooting, thinking that either the memory was bad or an issue with the motherboard, I figured out that the culprit was the XFast USB software. So I uninstalled it, and now the RAM is running at it's rated speed and timings with no more BSOD. So if you have memory issues with this board, the very first thing I would try is disabling XFast USB if you have it installed. Not gonna take an egg off for that, though, really just a minor issue that doesn't bother me in the least.

Overall Review: I chose this board because it seemed like an amazing value, and I only have modest OC goals (just want to run my 3570k at 4.2 - 4.4GHz). The BIOS is easy to use, and is a good entry level BIOS for people new to overclocking. Experienced OC's will definitely want the flexibility that higher end boards provide. All I can say is, if you are looking for a board in the $100 - $150 price range, this is the board you want. ASRock has come a loooong way over the years.

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Great Value1/14/2013 8:09:58 AM

Pros: For $65 at the time I bought this, you get: - 550w - 80+ certified - modular - very quiet, even under full load - more than enough power to run any single GPU setup imagineable, and if you have an SLI setup that isn't too power hungry (for example, maybe a pair of GTX 550ti), it can run that easily as well - solidly built unit from a quality manufacturer; this PSU should have no trouble lasting for years (and there are plenty reviews right here showing people who have owned this for 4+ years and have had no problems) - Overall, outstanding feature set for such a low price

Cons: Only one fan. And that fan doesn't seem to push out a ton of air. Because of that, I'd get a bottom mounted case if you are also looking to upgrade your case any time soon...but be careful, the cables aren't that long. Cable lengths are fine for my mid-tower, but I can definitely see some larger cases with a bottom mount PSU have issues

Overall Review: If you are trying to determine whether this PSU can handle your GPU, it puts out 444w on the 12v rail, which equates to 37 amps. So, it will handle anything if you are not running SLI. Love the three rail setup -- one for your cpu, one for your gpu and one for the mobo. Overall, extremely happy with this purchase...the best $65 I ever spent on a computer part!

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Disappointed with Newegg1/8/2013 8:35:35 AM

Pros: This card is amazing; Gigabyte's Windforce cooling is every bit as bad** as it looks. At idle and low loads, the card runs at about 28 degrees celsius. Under full load, I have not seen it go beyond 51 degrees yet (so far, only played Skyrim and FC3) And despite having two fans, this thing is nearly inaudible. Even when the fan is running at 100%, it is still very quiet. As for performance, I'm very satisfied with the GTX 660; it truly is one of the best bang for your buck cards out there. This card replaced a 9800GT, and obviously the difference is night and day. In reality, there isn't going to be any tangible difference in performance between the different brands out there, but I will highly recommend this Gigabyte over other brands due to the cooling setup, which is better than most aftermarket ones.

Cons: Pretty peeved at newegg. I could have gotten this card for $10 less at another site, but I went with newegg because their service and shipping is usually first class. Well, I ordered this card on December 30, and did not get it until January 7, despite paying for the 3 day shipping. Why? Because after many phone calls, I finally found out that the package was being delivered to the wrong address, not the shipping address that appeared on my invoice. Unreal.

Overall Review: Just something to consider regarding the GTX 660 in general -- Requiring only one PCIE connector is both a blessing and curse, if you have any aspirations of overclocking this card. It's TDP is 140 watts, which is right at the 150 watt maximum that you can run through a single PCIE setup. Basically that means that there isn't a lot of headroom left to overclock these cards. To me, that's not a huge issue, because this card performs so well right out of the box. But just something to keep in mind; you will probably only be able to OC these cards another 3-5% before hitting the proverbial wall. In closing.... BUY THIS CARD

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Unreal!12/9/2012 7:56:35 PM

Pros: At the time I bought this (July, 2008), it was a pretty good value for $50. It is now 4 1/2 years later, and it is STILL running flawlessly. My computer is on 6 - 10 hours a day, running a Q6600 overclocked to 3.2 GHz and a 9800GT, and three hard drives, an SSD, and a lot of accesories. Just blows my mind that not only has it never given me any problems, but it has lasted this long, when most PSU's in enthusiasts systems last 2-3 years before dying. Plenty of power, reliable, quiet, what more do you need from a PSU? Easily the best $50 I ever spent on the computer.

Cons: Considering the value at the time, it's not surprising that a few corners were cut.... I wish it had a couple more SATA power connectors, and has only one PCIe connection (a 6 pin). Today, you can buy an equivalent for about $25 - 30

Overall Review: Topower won me over. When this thing finally kicks the bucket, I'll be looking to Topower for my next PSU.

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My first SSD -- heres what I think6/4/2011 2:12:15 PM

Pros: $120 was a good price to pay for an SSD with these specs. Windows Experience rating went from 5.9 (with the WD Caviar Black 750GB) to 7.7 with this drive. Benchmarks indicate that the drive is as fast as advertised: My scores were: 283 MB/s read 268 MB/s write 253 MB/s sustained write

Cons: Not quite as fast on Linux (Fedora 15) as on Windows 7.

Overall Review: Basically want to share my thoughts with others who are trying to decide whether or not the SSD upgrade is worth the money... Everything you've heard about boot times and apps loading is true. When I was installing Windows, the part where it says: Copying ... (x% complete) never got past 0% before it went to next step of installation! Photoshop, with dozens of plugins, opens completely in 3-4 seconds. On my WD Caviar Black, it would take 2 seconds before the flash screen even appeared. Firefox opens as quick as you can click it's icon. Copying files (to other parts of the drive, not another disk) is insane fast. Now, the benchmarks are awesome, so is a 7.7 WEI. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting a little more performance, considering all the hype over SSD .... the best way to describe it is that it is awesome in some things, and never any worse than the fastest HDD's out there. Just temper your expectations slightly. Was it worth it? Hell yes. I'm getting another

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Terrible6/4/2011 12:02:10 AM

Pros: Paid $16.

Cons: Paid $16 more than it is worth.

Overall Review: Well, first I ended up having to bend the metal in order to get it to fit in my case. As a result, I could not screw it into the slot in the case, and every time I try to adjust the antenna, it dislodges the card from the PCI slot and causes my computer to freeze. I could deal with that, if this thing would actually find a network to connect to. Which it doesn't. My wireless printer, which is literally 5 feet away, fades in and out and can't keep a consistent connection. And my five year old laptop detects 8 or 9 different networks around the neighborhood at all times; this thing does not detect a SINGLE ONE. Stay away.

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Amazing2/20/2009 10:42:23 AM

Pros: See other

Cons: none

Overall Review: Well, first, I'm not a big gamer, but I bought and played Crysis after getting this card. Runs everything on highest settings without any slowdowns. Have it overclocked to 721 MHz and RAM @ 2012 MHz using nTune; there's still some headroom left but really no need to overclock this card in the first place. Runs VERY cool compared to my last card (GeForce 8500GT) idle/low loads the GPU temp hovers in the mid-30's. Hits high 50's low 60's from what I've seen so far while playing Crysis. Nice large heatsink; pretty quiet fan, I don't even hear it running. A little on the longer side, it goes from the back of the case to within an inch of the other end of the mobo (ATX), but you shouldn't have any problems fitting this in your case unless it's very small. Basically, this card is a beast. Perfection at this price. There's really no need to spend $300-$500 on a card when you can have this bad boy. Very pleased with this purchase, highly recommended

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Great value2/6/2009 7:19:12 PM

Pros: See other

Cons: 1 TB drive is never in stock

Overall Review: First, it is a very quiet drive. Runs pretty cool also. The main reason I chose this one over other 7200 rpm drives is speed. How does it perform? Pretty good. Installing Windows and Linux was noticeably faster (probably 5-7 minutes faster than my old SATA drive). Where it is really performing well is when using Windows, running disk defrag, registry cleaners and other such stuff is very, very quick. However, copying files was a little disappointing (and this is a biggie for me). It was no faster then my old drive copying movies and music. Other then that, have no complaints at all. Another great product from WD. As usual, NewEgg shipped it fast (couple hours after ordering), then UPS took it's time getting it here.

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7/19/2008 1:47:54 AM

Pros: Great price and performance. Very nice, understated looks.

Cons: Didn't have enough $ for another set.

Overall Review: Awesome memory. Currently have it running at 1065 MHz @ 2.065v! Can probably get this well over 1100 MHz if you want to; these things love to be OC'd. For reference, my current setup- BIOSTAR TP45HP mobo, Q6600 Quad Core, OCZ Platinum Ed. PC2 8000, Nvidia GeForce 8500GT Newegg is great! Best shipping in the business.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
7/16/2008 3:56:09 PM

Pros: A ton of nice features for the price.

Cons: See below.

Overall Review: Board is very unstable. Overclocking features are decent, but disappointed that it doesn't give much flexibility, despite newegg touting it as having "record breaking OC performance". Even the V12 automated overclock only takes my q6600 to 2.66 GHz. Manually, I've gotten the q6600 up to 3.35 GHz so far, and think there's still room for more once I get all the settings right. No RAID support. Overall, it's a very good board for the money. But if you're looking to overclock, I would recommend something else. An Asus P5K perhaps? Woulda given it 5 eggs, but the limited OC options and stability problems bump it down a notch.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
7/15/2008 11:47:31 AM

Pros: Attractive, plenty of connectors, long wires, fan switch.

Cons: None at all so far. Ask me again in six months...

Overall Review: This is my first PSU upgrade (just replaced my stock 300w unit), so I'm not sure if it's supposed to put off so much heat given that it is a more powerful unit, or if there's something wrong? Anyway, also comes with a 24 pin-to-20 pin adapter, thought that was a nice touch, but wish they would have mentioned that in the ad, because I thought that I was only limited to 24 pin motherboards (bought a mobo as well as this PSU)

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
7/15/2008 11:39:51 AM

Pros: Insane price/performance.

Cons: Guilty conscience only paying 10 bucks for this thing.

Overall Review: Wow. Not much to comment on about a case fan. All I can say is that I have a 4" electric fan that plugs in the wall that I use to help circulate air around the case, and that thing gets embarrassed by a case fan! I promise, if you get this fan you'll be king of the world and get hot chicks.

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Pretty good, for what it is...7/11/2008 11:52:03 PM

Pros: Can play Halo on highest settings... Overclocks very well.

Cons: None so far...

Overall Review: Read a lot of reviews online about the 256MB version and this one. Got a lot of poor reviews, but I'm not sure why. For under $60, this is a very nice upgrade from the integrated graphics I had previously. Downloaded nTune, got the GPU running at 789MHz (huge improvement from stock 459MHz) and memory at 505MHz. Running memory higher than that causes PC to crash, but still, an extra 105MHz for free is a good deal. Runs cool, haven't seen 50c yet. Fan is pretty quiet too. Great purchase, as long as you keep in mind this is meant to be an entry level card.

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6/24/2008 11:26:25 AM

Pros: Quad core. Price/Perfomance ratio makes it hands down the best bang for your buck.

Cons: Can't put two of these on my motherboard.

Overall Review: Everyone knows what Intel's Quad Core line of processors has to the only question for most people is if it is worth dropping over $200 on it. My stock CPU was the 1.87GHz E6300 Core 2 Duo. For mundane duties such as email, websurfing, etc. there's little difference between this processor and my stock E6300. But this processor wasn't made for websurfing....Performance increase when using Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3, Illustrator CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3 is significant. And I can run Dreamweaver and Photoshop at the same time while having a movie playing and a couple browser windows open and not think twice about it...there is absolutely no drop in performance, nor does the system hang when switching between applications. This is a multitasking monster! For reference, my current setup: Q6600 Intel Quad Core 4 GB PC-4200 DDR2 memory NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT video card I originally intended to OC the Quad Core...after using it with the above setup, there's really no need to

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
6/24/2008 11:10:30 AM

Pros: Gorgeous design, decent amount of interior space, has a case temperature gauge on front panel.

Cons: Fans look nice, but don't move much air.

Overall Review: My first order from, and I cannot believe how quick this got to me. I ordered the case to be delivered via 3-day UPS Ground on 6/18, and I got the case the very next day, so I basically got free overnight shipping!! Five eggs for service alone. The ONLY things I don't like about the case is that the fans aren't that great, and the mounting cages are made with very thin aluminum. Get this case, you won't be disappointed!

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