Great budget board!8/9/2019 11:06:43 PM

Pros: -affordable -excellent high quality power delivery (more than sufficient for 8 core systems) -2 m.2 NVME slots -great aesthetic -dual channel memory

Cons: -BIOS usability -limited IO -limited amount and awkwardly placed fan headers

Overall Review: Would definitely recommend this for anyone doing a Ryzen build on a budget! At first I was skeptical of the board being so cheap, especially after seeing how bad the BIOS GUI was compared to my 8 year old Asus board. Everything you need is in there but it just takes some digging through the settings. However, after seeing a breakdown of this board's components on Youtube I feel much better knowing that Gigabyte cheaped out on "non-essential" components of the board such as fan pin headers and IO ports instead of essential systems such as power delivery and proper cooling for the chipsets. If you plan on using this board for a build, I highly recommend buying some sort of fan hub to go along with it, because there are only two CPU fan headers and two chassis fan headers. I ended up using a splitter to power a total of five fans in my case. I would also be aware of the limited amount of inputs for USB and other IO. I wish they could have cheaped out more on audio and included more USB ports because you can always add a cheap USB sound card. In summary, given that this motherboard is budget oriented, excellent product! Egg deducted for lack of fan headers and poor BIOS GUI.

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