still the best value5/28/2008 6:18:15 PM

Pros: Best class6 microSDHC you can get for under $25. HDTach shows 20mb/sec in a SanDisk SDDR-113 SDHC card reader. Works great in M3DS-Real... menus load much faster than with my 2GB JPN Kingston. Been perfect for months now.

Cons: no SDHC reader for those who don't have one. :-) I paid more than $18 when I bought it. :-(

Overall Review: Buy a SDHC card reader. Don't listen to idiots who say it's... slow/cr*p/cheap/etc. Buy a SDHC card reader. SanDisk & Kingston 4GB microSDHCs near this price are class2, or if you're lucky class4. Buy a SDHC card reader. There is no faster card for this class/size @ any price. Buy a SDHC card reader. :-)

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A-Data #1 Budget label2/15/2008 1:43:09 PM

Pros: Class6 for under thirty bucks! reads at 20MB/sec on HD Tach. works great in my DSReal. No slowdowns in any game. A-Data has always been a good "cheap" brand. My oldest 1GB microSD card is an A-Data, and it stills reads at 10MB/sec after years of DS/cellphone/GBA useage.

Cons: No SDHC reader included, but for $26 it's not really a con. It would be nice tho, and would help reduce DOA claims. :-)

Overall Review: Common issue... it works in my phone and/or phone, but locks up my computer. For people that have trouble with these cards "not working"... get a SDHC card reader. Most built-in card readers aren't able to read SDHC... unless they are have the SDHC logo, or can be upgraded through firmware. Oh, and of course the "micro to full size" adapter is fine. BTW, it doesn't effect your reader's ability to read (or not read) the SDHC spec - it is a pass-through device with no other use than to resize the form factor.

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