Does it's job1/11/2021 9:13:43 AM

Pros: 10 cores Handles everything I throw at it Plenty of overhead for HyperV.

Cons: Packaging seemed overly complicated and a waste of material.

Overall Review: This was an upgrade from a i7-4930k. The only reason I upgraded was due to my mobo finally dying. The 4930 probably still had another 5 years of life left. Hopefully the 10900 will last just as long. If I can squeak out another 7 years with this cpu, I will be happy.

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So far so good - will update12/22/2020 3:01:53 PM

Pros: Extremely simple setup Fantastic cable management Nice to look at

Cons: The magnetic infinity mirror piece feels a little cheap. But I like the idea.

Overall Review: I am upgrading from an older NZXT Kraken X series. The cable management alone makes me wish Phanteks released this years ago. The magnetic mirror plate seems to be completely optional. So if you don't like it, simply don't install it. The included cable organizers are a nice bonus. The fans can also be daisy chained to avoid cable clutter. I am still waiting for RAM, so no ability to load test my new system yet, but I am already impressed by the thought thilat has gone into the design. Side note - googly moogly, newegg! I ordered this on the afternoon of the 21st and it arrived the afternoon of the 22nd. I had forgotten how fast newegg is.

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Its Been Great2/6/2020 4:39:30 PM

Overall Review: After 5+ years I am still in love with this CPU. Painful to think about leaving it behind for a mobo upgrade.

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Just buy it.5/15/2015 7:36:57 PM

Pros: Buy it. Just do it. This case is the best full tower I have had in the last 17 years. No regrets.

Cons: It weighs a bit more than an obese capybara. don't let it fall on your face, it will break.....your face. inferior pc desks will sag under its beautiful, face breaking corpulence.

Overall Review: Buy it.

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Fantastic11/7/2014 12:35:39 PM

Pros: If you are looking for a PSU to power your next high-end build, look no further. This will set you up for the next 5+ years.

Cons: The 'metal' box it comes in. It is almost like they expect you to carry this around with you. Its nice to store all the extra cables in, but kind of bulky. It reminds me of the old Morpheus geforce 3's that would ship in wooden boxes.

Overall Review: Rosewill does not seem to advertise this unit much. I had to do a lot of researching on different power supplies before I stumbled across the Hercules.

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It's Sooo Kuhl!6/2/2014 4:02:16 PM

Pros: Very Cool. Keep my Intel 4930 at 28C most of the day. It has peaked at 40C, but that was on a warm afternoon playing Crysis 3 for several hours. It cooled down very quick.

Cons: The fan and cpu block wiring could have been a little better thought out; it can leave a new build feeling a bit messy.

Overall Review: The installation of this cooler is nowhere near as hard as some to the reviews make it out to be. Just use a screw driver, not your fingers. The interface/fan control is Antec-quated. - Har har.

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Fantastic10/18/2012 4:10:54 PM

Pros: If you are on the fence about a card and can afford this one. Buy it. Buy it now before its out of stock again. Everything about this card is full of win.

Cons: I don't like the color red. So the red pin-striping on the side ruins the look for me. But that's okay. I cant see it in my case.

Overall Review: If you have the funds, don't buy two. Don't buy a 690. Buy one of these cards and a 120hz monitor. Trust me. You will want it. You're going to be getting 60+fps in almost every game; screen tearing is a buzz kill and vsync...well, nobody wants that. This 680 + a good 120hz monitor still puts you under the cost of a 690.

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Meh5/1/2012 9:20:57 AM

Pros: Good price if on sale. Good looking. Good feel for people with fat hands. Acceptable button placement. Good length for the cord.

Cons: Too light. Feels weightless when you first start using it. Plastic feels cheap. Left click is not always responsive. You have to click fairly hard.

Overall Review: Would not have bought it if it was not on sale.

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Big, Roomy, Solid.5/1/2012 9:13:38 AM

Pros: This case is awesome. Reminds me of the Death Star somehow. This case allows for great cable management, which is a must in any computer build. Mobo studs come pre-installed. A time saver. Allows for quick PSU removal. Great fan locations, this case provides excellent air flow and cooling. Plenty of hardware included. Love it.

Cons: The feet. The feet make it look like a space heater. But they are necessary for cooling if you're going to use the bottom case fans. -1 Egg for the ugly space heater feet.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a mid-range full tower, this is the one. Not a con, but it would be nice of the fans that were pre-mounted in the case did not have molex connectors. 3 or 4 pin would have been more acceptable. It would have prevented running a mostly unneeded modular molex cable. These fans will be replaced. Still a great case.

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Cool.5/1/2012 8:57:57 AM

Pros: Keeps an overclocked AMD 1055t around 28°C, 35° under load. Read a lot of reviews that said the pump is a bit noisy. I have yet to notice it. If there is a hum or buzz, case fans drown it out. It is a perfect no-mess water cooling solution.

Cons: Directions are lacking.

Overall Review: The radiator will not mount to just any case with 2x120mm fans on top. Make sure you have at least 50mm of room between the top of the case and the Mobo. I didn't think about this and had to replaced the 120mm fans with Scythe 120mm that are only 12mm thick. These fans are not only quieter but cool just as well or better. Also make sure that the top 120mm fan mounting locations are directly next to each other. Not spaced. I installed this in a Zalman GS1000 case, and had this issue. Mounting the radiator was still possible, just not as direct. Part: Scythe SY1212SL12H

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Love it!5/1/2012 8:42:45 AM

Pros: Thin! Quiet! Moves a ton of air. I am using these fans on a Corsair H100. mounting was a bit tight in my case for the stock fans. They cool better and are quieter than the fans included. Unladen temps around 28°C.

Cons: It would be nice if the 3-pin connector was a bit longer.

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Fast and Spacious5/1/2012 8:38:15 AM

Pros: Almost twice as fast as my old Barracuda. Very noticeable decrease in load times for games. Low power consumption.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Not as fast as a SSD. But price, capacity and speed over the usual HDD make up for that.

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Quiet Airflow1/12/2012 8:38:47 AM

Pros: Quiet. Moves air gently. All hardware needed is included.

Cons: Airflow direction is not marked.

Overall Review: Even though airflow is not marked, its not too hard to plug it in and find out before mounting.

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Great Price!12/21/2011 7:58:41 AM

Pros: Got it in a Combo Deal. Final price was somewhere around 45$.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I don't like the color.

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12/21/2011 7:53:06 AM

Pros: Cheap. 6ft. HDMI.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Its got a fat head.

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Hooray for 1000w12/21/2011 7:47:29 AM

Pros: I love that it has the option to turn off the LED's. The universal modular connectors are a nice touch. Runs very quiet and cool. Plenty of different cable options.

Cons: I wish that the manufacturer would include some modular cables with just 1-2 SATA/Molex connectors instead of 4. Having unused connectors does not help with cable management. Example: I only needed on molex connector to power a fan. I had to bundle up the cable in order to had the other 3 connectors. Sloppy. For a PSU that includes 8 modular cables, at least one or two should have a single SATA/Molex connector.

Overall Review: The main connector could be a little longer to accommodate cases with bottom PSU mounts. This is one of the more "modular" Modular Power Supplies I have owned.

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Works12/21/2011 7:31:26 AM

Pros: It works. Comes with hardware. Metal. I like the way the mounts a offset. This makes it easy to mount another one directly above with out cables getting in the was of each other.

Cons: None.

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Plain and Simple.8/8/2011 9:25:55 AM

Pros: Quiet. 80 PLUS. Modular. Works great in Antec TWO HUNDRED S.

Cons: Not worth an egg, but its not that modular. I wish it had just single or double SATA connector cables. Not three or four per cable. Makes things a little messy.

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Perfect.8/5/2011 2:50:21 PM

Pros: AMD. Hex core. Affordable. Stable overclocked. AMD

Cons: None

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FAST!8/3/2011 4:12:55 PM

Pros: Fast! Installed Win7 to a usable desktop in less than 15min. Boot from power on to desktop is under 30 seconds!

Cons: Its not bigger.

Overall Review: Although this does not change the overall rating, I miss the solid feel of a HDD. When you spent $100+ on good 700gb+ HDD, it had a heavy, valuable, solid feel to it. I was very surprised at how light, empty and fragile the SSD felt. Oh well.

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Affordable8/3/2011 3:57:27 PM

Pros: Good mobo. Easy setup. Good layout for using a bottom mounted PS. A very good option for a mid-range board. six SATA 6Gb/s!

Cons: I wish it came with more SATA cables.

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Awesome8/3/2011 10:28:54 AM

Pros: Very nice card. Idles at 32C and never breaks 45C when under load. Big step up from my old 9600. Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, UT3, Section 8 all maxed at 1080. Nothing so far has slowed this thing down. Well worth the price. Great mid-range card.

Cons: It went down in price about 15$ after I ordered it.

Overall Review: A lot of reviews read the card overheats or idles hot. If your case has proper air flow and cables are neat and organized not to obstruct or crowd spaces around components that produce greater amounts of heat, you should be fine (run on sentence). Keep your case clean and manage your cable placement!

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Hmmmm...8/2/2011 12:42:50 PM

Pros: Bright. Big. Fast response time. Good price.

Cons: Packing. The monitor was shipped in a box twice its size with nothing but styrofoam around the edges. The cables and base plate were loose in the box. In no way was the merchandise packed for a trip half way across the country. Come on Newegg, you guys are better than that.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Good Case7/21/2011 3:05:19 PM

Pros: Solid. Roomy. Two 120mm fans. Two great places to mount a SSD.

Cons: Even though the case feels solid overall, front cover of the case feels rather cheap. The top 120mm fan makes a tight squeeze for some mobos.

Overall Review: I wish the inside of the case was painted black. It would provide the case with a more complete feel.

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