Very Good Buy7/23/2016 1:43:05 PM

Pros: -Above 970gtx in performance, Close to 980gtx, Mild overclock = 980gtx -Small, Idle's at 40-41 degrees C, even when my room is blazing hot -Low Energy Consumption -Built Well -Have a RX-480, beats it in every way except for Doom. -Basically a major upgrade for anything under the 900 series. -Good temps even at full load with 1 fan. (though not as good as the evga 1060gtx SC, 4-5 degree C diff) -Basically a major upgrade for anything under the 900 series. -Basically overkill for non AAA games

Cons: -Fan is kind of loud at max fan speed (if you care), (I don't; so not really a con, and I only turned it on max when trying to push the clock to ridiculous levels to see how far I can overclock) -evga 1060gtx SC 1 fan with copper pipe heatsink is slightly better at the same price with Mail in Rebate.

Overall Review: I have an RX-480, evga 1060gtx sc, and this. I do prefer the evga version because of the higher base clock (oc out of box) with copper pipe cooling (better obviously), but I like it better than the rx-480 (stupid power consumption). Also got it cheap with paypal -$25 promo code. Which puts it in the range of the cheapest 480 (200-230 dollars). Would buy another if I needed one. Have not tested on VR.

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Excellent Monitor at price. (180+Tax)3/11/2016 8:26:29 PM

Pros: -Very easy to put together -Basically the same Monitor as the Asus vg248qe (without the speakers / Display port) because of the same panel used inside. -No Dead Pixels yet or on delivery -Easy to go into settings (nvidia control panel or what not) and change it to whatever Hertz you want to set it to up to 144 -Honestly at price I consider the best monitor I have ever bought, though it isn't as nice as a my BenQ Gsync 144hz (but that one cost twice the amount and it is only better by how the color looks), and completely blows out any of the 60hz monitors I have (including laptop).

Cons: -Mild Ghosting with slight motion blur at first while game testing on it, until I turned on ToastyX Lightstrobe (#3) custom and ran it at 120hz, which dimmed the lighting and washed the colors, but with a little color profile changing you can get it all back with no motion blur and no ghosting at all. Basically this is only a Con because it took some trial and error on color management to do this, but $180+tax, definitely not a complaint.

Overall Review: -Definitely recommend this monitor to anyone moving from a 60hz, cause it is really noticible (especially when I have to do work on my laptop) and on a budget. -Not sure why people are having trouble, but I have had none at all. (including the OnTrac Shipping, they came to my door took my signature and gave it to me 2 days from when I ordered it.) -Make sure to use the the Dual DVI-D they give you to get up to 100+hz -Getting Lightstrobe to work is probably easier with an Nvidia card, it seems some people have trouble getting it to work with an AMD Gpu.

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Easy2/28/2016 11:34:08 AM

Pros: It's fast and overclockable.

Cons: No Cons really, I've used these for years now (abused them also by OCing) and they have not died.

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External Harddrive12/6/2013 12:07:20 PM

Pros: Price. Got it on Black Friday sale for cheap (bought 2), which was great for a 1TB External Usb 3.0 HD. Works as intended. Compact / USB powered, I can literally fit in my pocket. A little larger than the size of a phone. Also very light, considering I bought 2 and before opening the box I thought they only sent me one.

Cons: Made in China, which honestly doesn't mean anything anymore, considering most of this kind of stuff is made in China and are held to the Brand name standard.

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