Good Memory2/2/2014 8:09:50 AM

Pros: New MB booted up and recognized them with no problems. They were quite reasonably priced when I got them last December, now much more. Nice color!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I checked the ASROCK site for compatibility with my new MB (ASROCK Z87 Extreme4) and they were not listed. Ordered them anyway based on reviews and they work fine.

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Excellent Value9/7/2009 1:37:57 PM

Pros: I have two of these boards. The first has been in operation for over a year as my ham radio computer. Its main use is for a Flex 5000 software defined radio (SDR) where it does quite intensive calculations with the installed Athlon dual core CPU. I also simultaneously run a program for digital mode radio, RTTY, PSK, etc. as well as logging software with an Internet connection. There has never been any problems with initial installation nor since. The second board was installed last week with a Sempron CPU as an upgrade to my wife's computer - again no problems with on-board video, memory nor anything else.

Cons: Only one IDE socket - but that's getting obsolete anyway - and only two memory slots.

Overall Review: There are certainy better AMD MBs but for $3X including shipping this is an outstanding value.

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Good Cheap Board9/4/2009 6:08:11 PM

Pros: I have 2 of these boards, the first has been working for more than a year as my computer for amateur radio. It runs a Software Defined Radio (SDR) which requires intensive mathematical calculations along with controlling a fast firewire interface. It also runs another simultaneous program that allows communication in so-called digimodes: RTTY, PSK, etc. - also computationally intensive. With an Athlon 64 dual core, it handles both with ease and uses only 20-25% of CPU time with about 40 C CPU temperature with stock cooler. Everything worked the first boot and never any problems. The second board was installed recently as an upgrade to my wife's computer with an older Sempron 3000 CPU and using the on-board video. Booted right up with no problems with video nor memory (Kingston Value). What more could you want for $30 after rebate and free shipping?

Cons: Only one IDE slot - but that's soon a legacy- and just 2 memory slots. It's a bit flimsy compared with some other makes, but it works fine.

Overall Review: There are certainly better boards than this, but deserves 5 eggs for outstanding value.

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Excellent value7/23/2007 6:58:08 AM

Pros: I use a utility computer for ham radio digital transmissions. Most software works fine on Win98 and 10 year old computers. But recent software require faster machines. For fun I tried to see how cheap I could upgrade the old 900 Mhz Athlon. The ECS with Sempron 3000 along with the cheapest 512 MB memory and a 2 -Lincoln PS did the trick. Installed with no problems and loaded WIN98SE. But driver CD will only work with XP or higher. Had to buy XP. Speedily runs all my ham radio software without problems. CPU runs cool and fan is quiet.

Cons: Needs XP for drivers, but should have planned to do that anyway. Only one IDE connector.

Overall Review: Excellent choice for a "how cheap can I upgrade a utility computer" project.

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