Great peformance/price Ratio.1/20/2018 7:20:04 AM

Pros: -The power is almost on par with a GTX1080, but for 100-150$ less. I can play my games in 1440p no problem. Destiny 2 averages 100fps on high settings and BF1 is around 80-90fps, depending on the map, on Ultra. - Power consumption is nice. Works well with my 550W Power Supply. - I love how Nvidia makes it painless to update to the latest drivers.

Cons: - It could be quieter. - Still expensive, not for every wallet. If you plan to stick with 1080p gaming, this card might be overkill and you could easily stick with a GTX1060 6gb. - The two metal pins on the tip of the card are pretty thick and I had a lot of trouble making them fit between my motherboard and my case.

Overall Review: - I think the card hits the sweet spot for 1440p/144hz gaming. - The price, for that kind of performance is great.

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