Not worth the money I spent on it5/16/2019 12:00:44 PM

Pros: Inexpensive.

Cons: VERY slow write speed. Approx 12-15 Mb/s.

Overall Review: I bought an "ADATA Superior Series 32GB S102 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Titanium Gray) Model AS102-32G-RGY" eight years ago and it served me well all this time, with write speeds of about 36 Mb/s. I recently broke it (my own fault) and bought this one as a replacement thinking it was just a modern version of my trusty drive. I was severely disappointed when I tried it. The slow speed just makes it unusable in my opinion.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your feedback. We truly apologize if the product is not working as expected. If your order is still within 30 days of purchase, please return it for a refund. For any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at Thank you, ADATA Support Team
New mounting specs4/17/2017 4:22:35 PM

Pros: Large capacity. Low price.

Cons: Apparently the specs for the spacing for the mounting screws has changed in the last few years. The mounting screw holes on this drive do not match the holes in my case. The mounting screw holes on the bottom of this drive are 3 inches apart, the holes on my case are 1.75 inches apart. I should have read the specs in the on-line manual more closely. :(

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Correcting a Grievous Error7/14/2015 2:59:12 AM

Pros: I would like to correct a grievous error. When I wrote my previous review of this video card I was angry and frustrated after spending so much money on it. I've since come to the realization that the problem was not with the video card but with my motherboard. I've had two motherboards' PCI Express 3.0 x16 video card Expansion Slots fail in less than a year. Now that I have this card installed on a quality motherboard it runs like a champ. I'm playing games with all the settings at max and the dual fans on this card just barely speed up. I'm so happy with it.

Cons: absolutely none

Overall Review: Learn form my mistake and get a good quality gaming motherboard to mount this in. You will save yourself a lot of grief.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review! We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support
A Great MB7/14/2015 2:32:41 AM

Pros: This is a great gaming motherboard with everything that you could want. MSI makes great quality products that last. I bought my first MSI motherboard in 2006 and it still works.

Cons: The audio jacks are NOT color coded (they're all black except for one red) and are NOT in the standard configuration. (It took me quite some time to plug my headphones in properly. The plugs on my headphones are not labeled and the writing on the BLACK back plate was difficult to see) With the release of the new LGA2011 and LGA2011-v3 sockets the LGA1150 will soon be obsolete.

Overall Review: The powered audio requires a 4-pin molex line from the power supply (FYI). If you are not a big gamer or just do not need all the bells and whistles you might want to consider a less expensive board.

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Very Good, but...6/16/2011 3:19:08 AM

Pros: Faster READ and WRITE speeds than the 8GB version I bought a few months ago. Best price for its capacity that I have found. (Shell Shocker deal for $46.99)

Cons: Just some minor things. It is too wide to have two things plugged into the two USB 3 ports on the back of my motherboard at the same time. I wish it had the size printed on the outside, I can't tell the difference between the 32GB and the 8GB by their physical appearance. (I have wrapped a rubber band around the 8GB in order to tell them apart.)

Overall Review: Actual capacity is 31,425,134,592 bytes which equals 29.2GB.

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