Buffalo Quality9/1/2015 8:08:11 PM

Pros: I have used this router now for just over 2 years and I have 0 complaints about it. It works flawlessly. This is the second Buffalo Router I have owned and have not been disappointed. It was a breeze to setup with the installed DDWRT Firmware despite not being very familiar with it. The interface is pleasant to deal with. Never had any issues with setup of any of my devices either. I have a PS4, 2 Desktops, an nVidia Shield table a Kindle HDX 8.9 and 2 LG G4's connected to the router typically and everything is always super fast with no hiccups. If you truly want a reliable router with a great warranty and a Support team that will stand behind the product, look no further than a Buffalo.

Cons: I wish I could find one.

Overall Review: I think my only regret would be not going with a Dual-Band, but at the time I was needing something on a budget and Dual-Band's were only starting to get popular and it was well more than twice the price. If I do ever decide to upgrade, it will once again be to another Buffalo Router. Buffalo routers tend to have this strange price increase over time. I got mine here from the Egg back in June of 2013 and it was 45 bucks. Now it's 160 bucks. Lol, Never understood this outside of it being perhaps a highly sought out product cause of Buffalo's DDWRT Support and the fact that they will in fact help you install it if you call or email their support. Honestly though, a company that will help you install aftermarket firmware on your device goes above and beyond.

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iHAS B model confirmed5/22/2012 12:09:59 PM

Pros: iHAS B model still being shipped. My Manufacture date is March 2012. Don't know if they are being made past that. If not get a 324 or higher if they go out of stock. Most if not all the iHas models will accept iXtreme Burner Max firmware.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great for XGD3 burns. Will even let you use up all that space on your DL discs. As always burn with the best discs. Verbatim's all the way. You may get a bad burn in 1 of 100 if you're even that lucky.

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Result's not typical.9/2/2011 9:42:56 PM

Pros: Not really sure where to start, but it I knew full well I was getting a 6950 that may or may not unlock. Suffice to say my card has a Dual BIOS switch. It was in the No.2 position when I got it. Loaded up GPU Z 1408 Shaders, Shut down switched to position No.1 1536 Shaders. Using Sapphire Trixx I have the card running at 6970 Speeds, and under load does not go about 60c with the fan at 40%. Compared to my 512MB 4870 this is no contest. I could barely play Deus Ex: Human Revolution with no AA on, and now I can play with AA, SSAO, and DoF all @ 1080p at 60+ on Phenom 2 X3 720 @ 3.z on air.

Cons: Absolutely cannot complain.

Overall Review: Thank you Sapphire for sticking to your guns and making quality product based off AMD designs and not being cheap. This is why you guys have been making card's since the old days.

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Best Size and Performance for the $$$10/2/2010 10:24:14 PM

Pros: Well where can I begin. 117MB/s avg in HDtune 11.1ms (12.0ms rated) Max rate was 149 MB/s, and min. was 83MB/s I have 2 640 WD Blacks and in RAID 0 they get 145MB/s Avg. and Max 190-210MB/s. Min is odd likely due to the RAID controller.

Cons: None as of yet.

Overall Review: Will see about longevity in a year or so. Hopefully won't have to worry about this as I have had my 2 640's going strong for a little over 18 months now. WD really turned around after a dry spell for a few years when Seagate took the top dog slot. So glad to see WD kicking tail and taking names again.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Awesome Board!3/15/2009 7:48:26 AM

Pros: Well for starters I really like the layout but the only nitpic would be the Clear CMOS button on the board. My 4870 almost touches it. Thankfully though the way it fit in my case puts it a few mm's away from it, and kind of elevated so there's no accidental chance. The board has a great and many options in the BIOS for OC'ing as well. It's got My Phenom II 720 BE oc'ed to 2.5 with a .025V bump. Not bad at all. See My 720 review to see what Fan I was using. Oh yeah the colors are, well, pretty I guess. I really wanted this board for the 10 SATA 3Gbs. I'll prolly never use em all but it there for that "If". I'm likely never to use more than 2 Vid Cards so the 2 PCIE 2.0 are more than enough for me, and they don't block the only PCI I use for my old X-Fi Xtrememusic. Once again great board great layout. Good Future Proofing, of course that's until SATA III comes out this summer and USB 3.0 next year.

Cons: My only qualm was the way a few things are set in the BIOS, of course this was due to me not thoroughly reading the manual. I couldn't get my RAM at the correct timings till I read the manual about the 10th time and saw the DDR3 Voltage. Now it works properly. Not really a con but wish it would show differently in the BIOS.

Overall Review: Gigabyte's Tech Support is awesome. Same day Response. Had to wait a few day though cause I emailed them late Friday, but I got a response early Monday.

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AMD on their way up again.3/15/2009 7:32:23 AM

Pros: Where do I begin? This has far exceeded my expectations. Well I'm using this on a Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P. My Heatsink is a XP-120 (Not Xtreme) with an Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000 (Loud fan but I never hear it, the board throttles the speed very efficiently) and it never goes above 34C. This is with the processor at 3.5GHZ, 17.5X Multi, and a .025V Bump. Not bad for a 700MHZ OC. It usually idles between 23-27C depending on the weather outside. Haven't messed with the FSB yet. I'll prolly try an take to 3.8 maybe 4.0 Over the next month or so.

Cons: I would say only cause it has 3 cores and not 4, but 3's better than 2. Should've came with a better heatsink. The Heatsink from the Old FX-60 would have been better,

Overall Review: This replaced a FX-60 S939 OC'ed to 2.86GHZ with the same heatsink, but with a Scythe S-Flex 1600. I was using a DFI board CFX3200 DR/G and G.Skill RAM. I was not expecting a massive leap in performance. My expectation was a modest 20-30% jump. And boy did it meet it and then some. Overclocking this bad boy makes the FX-60 seem like a single core now. I ran 3dMark 06 at stock with a Single 4870 and chalked up almost 15k. Heck I even tried it at teh default of my 37" Monitor of 1920x1080 (1080P) and I chugged along to a score of almost 14k. Not bad at all if you ask me. Only a 1000 Point difference at almost 2x's the Resolution. I have not tried it since I've had it a 3.5Ghz, since the HDD's I bought failed. If you have the money buy one. Mine was $144.99 If you wanna stay cheap get an AM2+ board and flash the BIOS. DDR3 is still a little too high for some.

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Would've been nice if they worked.3/15/2009 7:09:00 AM

Pros: Installed Vista real Fast. Windows is Loading Files was there for about 10 secs. NewEgg is great as usual.

Cons: Well for starters, 1 drive looked like someone took a knife to it and carved out a piece of the bezel, or it was dropped. I could only use 1 drive at a time, as soon as I'd get to Windows 1 drive would lose power and neither would show in Windows. I even tried switichng SATA Power Plugs and even SATA Channels on my Board. No Go. The one with Damage was the only one of the 2 that would read my Vista OEM disc. Well I went to burn a DVD for some files I was backing up and low and behold it won't recognize any of my discs. I tried Ver***** and S*** and it would not see either saying I needed to put in a disc. I called NewEgg about the damaged one and they kindly issued me a refund to purchase another drive.

Overall Review: I bought 2 Sam**** drives instead and they both work beautifully. they're very quite compared to these. I can even use both at the same time in the same channels I tried these drives in.

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Will stay away from Seagate for a while.3/15/2009 6:59:02 AM

Pros: Well they got here fast, and I'm still eligible for a refund. Oh and NewEgg Rocks.

Cons: Well, I bought 2 put them in a RAID 0. This is in an entirely built from the ground up system. Within a week I started noticing abnormal activity from my system. So I downloaded HDTune and ran a test and it came back showing a huge chunk of damage sectors. I then ran a chkdsk and it locked my machine. Next time I rebooted, No Bootable Device Detected, Please Insert System Disk and Press Enter. Not very happy with these. I have owned several Seagate drives, internal and external and never once had to use my warranty. Well these bit it in just over a week. think I'm gonna go back to the ole W*'s.

Overall Review: I'll stay away from Seagate for now. This seems to always be a scheduled failure. Not meaning the drive in any way. 5 years ago W*'s sucked adn were having issues left and right, guess it's the other guys now.

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Are These ON?!!!9/3/2006 8:38:20 PM

Pros: Quiet. Too Quiet. I had to put em next to my hear to hear them. And I don't mean to hear the fan but to hear the air rushing through the things. I bought 2 for my Antec P180(Great Case with too much cooling ability) And these thing lowered my temps by about 2-4C. Buy em, you won't be dissappointed.

Cons: Uh Absolutely none.

Overall Review: It would be nice to have a fan speed regulator but since you can't hear there's no point.

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Awesome Drive!!!!9/3/2006 8:32:53 PM

Pros: Without a doubt the best DVD burner I've owned. Had it for a while now and no coasters DL or SL as I burn alot of my anime to DL's. This thing is fast. I've bought 2 of these 1 for home and 1 for a pc I'm building.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Only thing I have to say is I bought A PXXXXXR drive from Bxxx Bxx and returned, got same drive, and had nothing but problems. You'd think with a name like PxxxxxR you'd get quality but I'v had nothing but trouble. Save your money and get one of these.

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Runs Cold6/7/2006 2:23:22 PM

Pros: Excellent cooling, 5 120mm fans, moves alotta air. Plenty Overclocking potential.

Cons: Only con's are that; it's heavy a(lmost 30lbs. with nothing in it), No removable mobo tray, but easier to install with PSU out of the way.

Overall Review: It's a little cramped, and kinda haard to hide wires without a modular psu.

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Very Huge3/29/2006 3:35:23 PM

Pros: Didn't get this off NewEgg but still, I never see above 40C under load with this thing, on a O/C'ed 3200+@2.2ghz. Can't hear it. Only thing I hear is my Purepower butterfly P.Supply.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: But be very careful, if you consider buying it, make sure you have room in your case. I have a Antec P160WF, and theres about 2in. left between the fa and the window. It's about 6in. tall, and almost 4.5in square. Fit great on my K8N Neo2 Plat. Wasn't concerned about it bending the board as there is a mounting hole for the mb next to the CPU socket.

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Awesome3/29/2006 3:28:04 PM

Pros: Great price, good timings. Lotsa ram. Oh and Dual Channel is sweet and fast! OC's ok as well sittin at 2.2 on a a 3200+.

Cons: Maybe timings but I was on a budget.

Overall Review: Had to do a little testing with my K8N Neo2 Platinum befor it would take it a 400MHZ. had to put it into slots next to processor or it would back off to single channel 333MHZ. after that all was well.

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Fast3/20/2006 7:51:42 AM

Pros: This thing is fast. Very O/Cable on a K8N Neo2 Platinum. @2.2Ghz now. With 333mhz ram. 400mhz on the way.

Cons: Con for an AMD. Yeah right!

Overall Review: Went from a stock 2500+ barton and 2gb and a X800XL, fps in Most Wanted Avg 20-30 sometimes hit 15fps. Now playing @ 1280X1024 with all settings maxed and never gets choppy or drops past 30. So awesome. WTG AMD & NewEgg.

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Best Cooling You Can Get3/4/2006 8:17:15 PM

Pros: Excellent cooling, never saw above 51c with this thing under full load on games like CoD, Doom, and others. Not to mention it was idling around 30c. Very easy to install. Also it's quiet, maybe too quiet, had to look at the fan to make sure it was running.

Cons: Other than that it takes 2 slots I'm not really sure it matters if you don't use many pci cards.

Overall Review: Not sure how others killed their cards as I have removed this thing more than a generous amount of times and never had an issue. Only thing I can think they did was tighten the screws to tightly, which can be very easy.

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All I can say is wow12/1/2005 8:24:23 AM

Pros: These speakers are so tight sounding. I cant believe what I have been missing all this time in my games and music, although I do need a newer soundcard. My Audigy Gamer won't hook up to them unless I use a Digital Optical cable, or amini-plug to RCA cable into the Coax, and even then they sound great.

Cons: Only con is the way the mounts are designed. They only turn one way but some store bought mounts can fix that.

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Awesome Monitor8/4/2005 3:10:19 AM

Comments: Have to say that this monitor is awesome, and so is NewEgg. Came 2 days early and no dead pixels either. I play alot of games and this monitor reall reproduces colors and brightness better than my old 17" CRT. Thanks NewEgg!

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