HDR enabled and getting my frames ps4/28/2021 2:20:25 PM

Pros: Excellent price, display is whats advertised. HDR does work. Im able to set my display to get the frames I paid for. Picture is crisp and clear.

Overall Review: Seems like no matter what youre looking for online 20% of the reviews are negative. Almost made me very hesitant to take advantage of the deal I got with this monitor. I have a Dell 1440p monitor thats made for gaming with Gsync and 155hz capable and I also have a LG C9 which can do 4K 120hz, but I have this monitor attached to my gaming laptop for when its not out and about. This is actually better than the Dell I bought close to 2 years ago. Picture isnt weird at all. I do have this in a well shaded room, so Im not fighting against the sun or any reflections. Also no need to test, even at night I shut the door so no h

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Manufacturer Response:
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