Outstanding Gaming Laptop w/ Amazing Specs. Period1/8/2021 1:56:52 PM

Pros: I love literally everything about this computer. If you are looking for a flawless gaming laptop with close to all desirable specs in the US market this is the one for you. 300Hz FHD, 2080 Super Max-Q ( Not as fast as the 2080 SUPER, however I have heard that only on this platform can you disable MSHybrid Graphics mode which is a huge advantage.) I like the Dragon Center App overall and the CoolerBooster(Fans Full Throttle) function is nice for extreme games that get the GPU and CPU, HOT! I definitely notice a difference if I do not have that enabled, as the fascia above the keyboard gets too hot to touch. But, with CoolerBooster enabled it's not bad at all. 32GB of RAM (Have 20+ tabs open and 3D modeling programs running flawlessly). I like the keyboard, very quiet, however if you want clacky keys this is not for you. The programable LED keyboard and front strip is a cool touch. The SSD boots up pretty quickly. I picked the i7-10875H 8Core CPU because the same model with an i9 was just a tad out of my price range. It was quite an investment, but well worth it in my mind. Also the Wi-Fi card is doing good, I am getting over 600Mbps down and it handles it fine. I pay for more, but Xfinity doesn't give it to me haha. I think this card could handle over 1000Mbps no problem.

Cons: Major issue right out of the box unfortunately... My left speaker is defective... It is almost not worth returning though because I mainly use an Steel Series Arctis 5 headset anyways. They work normally when I turn it on or restart the computer but the left side will randomly quit working and then send more power to the right speaker. No, this is not a software issue unfortunately as I have researched this thoroughly. I thought it was the Nahimic Software giving me issues, but that does not seem to be the case. Other small complaints would be that 1TB is simply not enough space for a gaming PC, I only have around 7 games installed and my drive is almost full. Realize that the webcam is 1080p but it is only 2.1MP(and the mic is not good) so you will not be doing any high quality streaming with it. It is realistically for Skyping people.

Overall Review: I purchased this laptop on 11/13/2020 so I have not had that much time to go through a thorough inspection. I will say I have been destroying people on games such as Battlefield V, Destiny 2, COD MW and Warzone. The 300Hz refresh is nice, but I realistically will never see the full use of that with the 2080 Super Max-Q (2080 SUPER is a faster card, but most of them cannot disable MSHybrid Graphics). I chose the 10SGS-288 because it had the 8 core processor w/ 32GB Ram and was cheaper than the i9 model. Only disappointment being that my left speaker is defective. Need to upgrade to a 2TB SSD as well.

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