Best one to choose2/15/2015 12:42:58 PM

Pros: Price, price, price. Seriously, it has everything you need for this type of set up.

Cons: Haven't found any - and I've built several computers using this board for my clients - they are all satisfied.

Overall Review: First, let's keep this in context - if you are building the world's fastest gaming computer, what are you doing here in the first place? That's not the target for this technology. The fact is that today's CPUs and GPUs are way beyond the needs of everyday office and consumer computing. Your clients - and mom/grandmother - spend most of their time with the CPU parked, doing nothing. That's why this is the right choice for that market - word processing, basic spreadsheets, Quicken (r) and Quickbooks (r), getting info from the web, reading emails, running genealogy programs, online videos, recipe lists, basic photo editing (not video editing), etc. Add a video card for simple gaming or HTPC. Consumer or commercial, this board fits perfectly. The low-wattage CPU will do whatever you need done quickly. There is no need for more than 8 GB of RAM - thus 2 slots. You have 1 PCI 2.0, and 2 X PCIe x 1 slots, for expansion. A 300- to 400-watt PSU does the job. 2 SATAs - 1 for the HDD, 1 for the DVD. The truth is that you could use the expansion slots for a RAID card, or additional SATA connections - even an IDE hook-up. I'm building one now with a PCIe card for a HAM operator who needs a 4-port serial add-on. There's room for maneuver - again, keeping in mind the target for this class of technology. This technology allows you to compete with the lower-end Big Box offerings - or, if your really make service what you are selling, it returns you to solid mark-ups that we've all seen drained away with too big to really need components. You should be able to build a satisfactory computer for the target market for under $300 in parts - a quality case with PSU included,1 TB HDD, the 5350 top-end processor, DVD burner, and 8 GB of RAM. I highly recommend this board - and ask you to ignore the Egg Count as the date of this posting because with just one dissatisfied buyer, it is skewed way down below where it deserves to be. This board works. -30-

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works with Windows 74/17/2014 9:59:20 AM

Pros: 1) Works as advertised. What more can you ask for this price . . . ?

Cons: 1) A little chunky around other USB devices

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Keep the money you save in your poscket!!4/11/2014 9:37:11 AM

Pros: 1) Price 2 Service 3) Faaaaast!!! 4) Image quality 5) Includes a case and keyboard - case is high-quality and custom-fitted 6) Quality construction 7) Price! Price! Price! - Keep the money you save in your pocket!!

Cons: If I find one, I'll post another review. Don't hold your breath.

Overall Review: Ordered this and got a call within a couple of hours from their corporate offices (a guy named Clement) who told me that it comes with a choice of red, silver, or gold keyboard - which is not indicated in the NE write-up. I got red - looks great! Upgraded my shipping from 3-5 day to 2 day - I can live with that! Everything arrived on time - all in excellent, undamaged condition. This is a new (so far as I know) company looking to get some buzz going about it - Clement has the right idea about how to do it. I suggest you seriously consider this tablet - I'm overjoyed!! -30-

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If only it had USB 3.0 . . .3/4/2014 8:44:33 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, reliable, solidly built

Cons: No USB 3.0

Overall Review: USB 3.0 in today's tech world is an interesting beast; the speed is awesome, but few appliances need it in order to work. Hook up your KB, mouse, printer, and USB 3.0 gives no advantage - which is why these appliances are still built using USB 2. But if you need to move data fast - for example on your flash drive, external HDD, or SD and that genre memory cards, then USB 3.0 is absolutely required. I own the third oldest computer store in the Pensacola Bay Area market. When I spec and build for my older customers who use their computer for web surfing and emails, this board offers a low cost choice that gives them everything they need. They can put in either an FM 2 or 2+ APU, and the RAM capacity is more than adequate. But if I'm specking for businesses and individuals that need to move data fast - and they are regular external HDD backup users, or picture/video freaks, then I have to get something with USB 3.0 - so this board is out. So, make your choice based on what you will do with USB 3.0. I'd suggest that be the criterion for you to use in choosing whether this board is right for your use. -30-

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All USB 3 users need this1/20/2014 12:44:49 PM

Pros: It works out of the box exactly as advertised. Powered from internal connection. Great job charging USB connected smartphones.

Cons: I never had any problems with this appliance.

Overall Review: The passthrough rate for this hub is as high as anything a USB 3.0 device attached to it should enjoy. Got 84 MB/S with my Mushkin flash drive. Sure beats reaching around in back, or finding room for an external hub. And with 7 ports, as more devices go to USB 3, it will provide expandability. I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and ordering another one for my new computer today. Get it, and enjoy it. -30-

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No 1 or 2 eggs should tell you something6/7/2013 3:48:08 PM

Pros: 1) No 1- or 2-egg ratings! 2) Solid construction 3) Reliable connections 4) Impressive appearance 5) Choice of USB 3.0 or eSATA

Cons: 1) I didn't have any negative experiences, so I won't be able to site any Cons for this product

Overall Review: I own the third-oldest computer store in the Pensacola Bay Market. I've tried, and seen, a lot of external devices. Without a doubt, this is the best one I've ever owned. If you look at other devices, you'll find that none of them are 1- or 2-egg free. That should tell you something. There are some other reviews in this thread that go into more details than I will because I don't want to just regurgitate what others have already written. My real purpose is to give this product a very well-deserved 5-egg rating in hopes it will break the product out of the current 4-egg rating, and more it up to the place it should occupy. You can buy this product with confidence. Regardless whether you run it on the eSATA or USB 3.0 connection (which use the manufacturer-supplied cables - saving you money), you will see read or write speeds in the 70 MB/sec. and up range. The USB 3.0 is move than sufficient to use this product as your temp folder drive, speeding up your overall computing; the eSATA connection can turn this product into the place to put your page file - and - your temp folder, again increasing your computing speed by allowing the C drive to move on to other tasks while the computer accesses the page file and temp folder. (See the MS knowledge base for more info on offloading the temp folder and page file to another drive. It is the recommended way to handle these tasks.) So stop looking and start buying - you won't do any better for this class of external HDD enclosure. -30-

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Great drive - smart choice!5/8/2013 3:56:53 PM

Pros: Rugged, high-quality construction Durable materials

Cons: Really, there were none.

Overall Review: I was going to skip writing this review because there are so many others that speak highly of this drive, but some of the lower ratings left the reader with an erroneous impression that I thought, to be fair to the product and not allow it to get trashed by those lacking knowledge, that I go ahead and post this. Let me start with this concept: ALL Solid State Drives (SSDs) - regardless if they are flash drives or hard drive substitutes - have a short-term (about 1 - 2 years depending on usage), limited lifetime, and die without any warning whatsoever. It's critical that you never forget that. The reason this happens is because all SSDs have a limited number of times the memory cells can charge and discharge. When it hits that number, it dies - immediately - without any warning to the user. What it means to you is that: 1) You are not going to find any SSD device that you should expect more than 1 year of life. If you get more - good for you! But 1-year is the typical time it takes for an SSD to die. 2) NEVER use an SSD for critical data storage unless A) you are running a once, or twice, a day backup on that data (if you are running a boiler room with lots of data, you will need hourly or even mirroring); or B) you are moving data from one point to another and a copy of that data exists somewhere else too so you can re-copy it if your SSD fails, before, or during, transfer. 3) NEVER use an SSD for long-term storage. Use a DVD for generational storage (over 20-years), or a conventional HDD for middle term (3 - 5 years) storage. 4) Don't buy way more capacity than you really need. If you are constantly charging/discharging one area of the drive with data, and the rest is not used, the cycles will pile up on that area, and while the rest of the drive is perfectly good, that area will crash the drive. You want to spread your data out across the SSD so there is a "balanced" utilization of the cells. 5) NEVER defrag your SSD. These devices run so quickly (speed of light!) that defraging them does nothing but eat up the limited number of charges available on the drive and shorten its life. 6) If you count on your flash drive SSD for your job (IT tech, data transfer, program installations, etc.) ALWAYS have two SSDs, synched up with each other. This is a corollary to number 7, which is, 7) Alternate usage of your two flash drive SSDs daily. Again, this is to keep from piling up charge cycles on one of them. 8) Don't leave the flash drive plugged in if you aren't using it. Your system will access it regularly and waste charge cycles. With all that as a foundation, I'd like to suggest that the most likely cause of early failure was caused by very rough treatment of the drive, or it was left in the USB port when not being used - thus shortening its life significantly. That is not to say there are not junk drives out there - I've run across them myself. If you see a drive with three or fewer eggs, avoid

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It lasts, and lasts, and lasts . . .5/8/2013 2:51:16 PM

Pros: Flawless operation. Protective rubberized covering.

Cons: There's actually nothing not to like!

Overall Review: I keep two flash drives synched so if one goes out, I'm not out of business, since I used them for bench work at my computer store. In the time I've owned this one, I've had three flash drives from one manufacturer, and two from another, come and go. As you know - or should know - solid state drives (SSD) have a limited lifetime based on the number of times the memory cells charge and discharge (which is why you don't defrag them and eat up those limited number of charge/discharge cycles! Which is also why you don't use them for data storage - OS and reinstallable programs only on SSDs!) To avoid running out the limited number of charge/discharge cycles, I alternate the flash drive I use on any particular day from the one I used the day before. This is a Best Practices rule. So as you can see for yourself, if this flash drive is outlasting the others - 5 in all! - then it must be superior in its materials and/or manufacture. Get this one, and it will last. Get two, and you'll have an immediate replacement so that your business or job tasks don't die - even if the flash drive does. And don't forget to run a backup regularly on your flash drive and keep them synched - because all flash drives will die without any warning whatsoever. So because it is a question of when - this flash drive is the way to win! -30-

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Pass it by . . .5/8/2013 2:26:21 PM

Pros: Rubberized covering

Cons: Dies early in your ownership - kiss your data goodbye! RMA is a hoop-jumping exercise.

Overall Review: It's Kingston, so you expect it to last. That is not the reality of it. I'm writing after the death of my replacement for the first one of these I RMAed to Kingston. Neither lasted more than 1 month. RMA process is a major challenge - they want you to read off a number imprinted on the tongue of the drive which is next to impossible to read - to make sure it isn't a knockoff falsely labeled as a Kingston. Hey Newegg - I sent them a copy of my Newegg SO and they said I couldn't trust you to sell me only genuine parts. I found the idea that Newegg would do anything along those lines highly insulting. But they were polite about it. So, I suggest you not get this flash drive. You can't trust it to last, and they don't trust Newegg to sell only genuine parts. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me . . . -30-

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The smart choice5/3/2013 8:16:38 AM

Pros: Price, configuration, ability to position antenna where you get the best signal.

Cons: Sold several, never had a problem.

Overall Review: I really don't know why you would buy anything else. If you get either a regular USB of PCI adapter, you are stuck with that as your antenna position. With the Edimax, you have 6-feet of cable to position the antenna where you can get the best signal, well away from any electrical interference from the power supply unit or other electromagnetic interference. It has worked first time, every time in every computer in which I've made an install. I've never had to RMA one. Installation is plug 'n play - as easy as putting the PCI card into the slot. Modern OS software has built-in drivers that work flawlessly. Button the case back up, screw in the antenna wire, position the antenna, and you are in business. Edimax is the smart buy.

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Every now and then you win4/22/2013 2:39:49 PM

Pros: Price, price, price. And I've never had a bad experience with a Rosewill product, so I've built some trust up in the name.

Cons: It works, so there are none in my case. I'm ordering a magenta cart today, so I'll find out if my luck holds.

Overall Review: I've read the other reviews and I confess that I felt I was rolling the dice on this - but as they say, every once in a while you win. This time I won - I've not experienced any of the problems described by others. There is always going to be a certain failure rate - and those who have failures are far more motivated to write a bad review than those who do not fail are motivated to write a positive review. I think I'm writing this one to show that the Rosewill cart failure rate is not 100%. But in fairness to the negative reviews, if a cart I bought from Rosewill did what it did to them, I'd be ticked off just as major league as they are, so their anger is very understandable. My advice, taken from "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey, is, "You gotta ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?"

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NEVER buy this product6/30/2012 5:19:04 PM

Pros: Bought because I've read in the past good things about Corsair; naive, but bad, decision on my part. -30-

Cons: I own the third oldest locally owned computer store in the Pensacola Bay Area market - I say this for credibility. (And in today's economy, what it says about being a survivor . . .) This is without a doubt the worst-engineered flash drive I've ever seen. I suspect it's the heat trapped by the rubber casing, but something causes this RAM to die a way premature death. I bought three units of exactly the same design concept in a long-style they no longer sell. Within a month or two of first use, all three died. I RMAed them to Corsair, and the RMA service was wonderful; no complaints whatsoever about that aspect of the company. They mailed back three units of this design. Guess what happened? You got it! Exactly the same thing. Different package, same performance. Being a masochist, and not wanting to believe these people could possibly not notice the high RMA rate for these, I RMAed again - got back three of the same units - no hassle. And . . . same short-life death.

Overall Review: I'm going to RMA again, only this time, under the circumstances, ask they send me replacements with a different design concept; a non-rubberized casing. I believe it traps too much heat and that destroys the memory. If they say ,"No," then I'll tell them to just keep them and toss them out. I have no confidence whatsoever in this design. I use mine multiple times daily, given my profession. Given enough use, you won't trust them either. The worst part is that I'm soured on the Corsair name. To continue marketing these because they haven't reached some accountants' return threshold lacks basic honesty. I know they know this product is a disaster. What other products do they sell knowing they are lemons?? Depending on how they handle this, I'll learn if it's just this product, or a defective corporate culture. -30-

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The is no better choice than this!5/1/2012 8:48:22 AM

Pros: A low-cost, high-value, award-winning, workhorse software solution for desktop publishing of vital items such as business cards, flyers, pamphlets, emails, newsletters, and similar items. It has built-in Acrobat conversion, so you'll save that major expense while being able to forward Acrobat files to printers and publishers straight from the program. You can also open and edit, then re-save Acrobat files In Page Plus, so there is another great reason all by itself to get the program! It was originally a deal with Bill Gates who sold them the Publisher rights in Europe, so early versions of the program (Versions 1 - 3) back in the 90's looked extremely similar to it. But now they are a stand-alone success story, and one of the leading, if not the leading, DTP publisher in Europe.

Cons: The only con I can think of that there may be a level of sophistication you desire that is not in the package - in which case, I suggest you go to and get the full-featured program.

Overall Review: I've bought every version of Serif Page Plus since Version 2 in 1995 (now on Version 16), so I've watched it grow into the powerhouse DTP program that it is today. My biggest complaint with the product is that the company, based in England, does not market itself aggressively enough in the US; if it did, you wouldn't need to read about the product, you'd just get it! They offer a complete line of programs; Web Plus, Photo Plus, Draw Plus, Movie Plus, Album Plus, Font Manager, and of course, Page Plus. They interact with each other so that if, for example, you are using Page Plus, and need to edit a photo, Photo Plus will be there for you to use inside Page Plus. I really don't know of any other product with so much to offer for such a low price. And tech support is right there with a real, live, English-as-their-native-language speaker helping. Get it - you won't regret it!! -30-

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So bad, even Corsair knows it stinks10/20/2011 10:19:14 AM

Pros: The illusion you are getting a first-tier Corsair product.

Cons: How do I count the ways? If you are big on losing your data, having your drive fail without notice, being unable to recover your data after it's lost, being unable to reformat your drive, and being unable to have your drive recognized by your ports, then this is the drive to get! While you're at it, get a complete psychiatric exam so you can understand why you are a masochist.

Overall Review: I own a computer store and get nearly all my wholesale products from NE. We all know this company rocks. We also know Corsair has an excellent reputation, so the idea that this model got out the door mystifies me. When you see a product get 49% of its ratings at 3 eggs or below - and more than a quarter at 1 egg - you have to have air-for-brains to get one. (It was a new model introduction when I got 3 of them for a client and didn't have the advantage of these reviews first . . . If I had, I wouldn't touch it.) Corsair Tech Support was excellent - no hassles about getting an RMA. I feared they would send me 3 more of the same model, perhaps with a firmware update or such - but instead they sent me the CMFVY3S-16GB instead - which is currently at 5 eggs. I call that EXCELLENT pro-active support! So get the model referenced above and you'll get the same durability features in a 5-egg product. Forget this one. And update your USB 3.0 firmware and drivers to ensure great resul

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Awesome seller!7/9/2010 10:57:33 AM

Pros: Solid construction with aluminum. Perforations keep it slightly warm to the touch, but not hot by any means even running 24/7. I read the other low-egg reviews and have never had any of those problems. Sell them with nearly every computer we build. Never had one come back. eSATA connection is perfect for those MoBos that have the external plug on the backplane.

Cons: I really can't think of any.

Overall Review: I have to face my customers with this appliance and I've never had one come back - that means I see a lot of them go out the door and never come back in. Forget off-site backup schemes - how do you know who they hired? Maybe some guy just got out of jail and got past their BI . . . you don't know. So keep your hard drive in your own hands with this fine product.

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Xerox scanner does the job!5/5/2010 3:01:54 AM

Pros: Updated version of the DocuMate 510 workhorse. One-button scanning on the scanner itself gives you a choice between using it or the One Touch software. ADF benefit is obvious. Compact size means it can work well even in cramped work spaces. Great price.

Cons: 1) I have to limit the ADF to about 25 sheets to avoid jams; 2) This is a software problem and not a problem with the scanner per se: If you use the accompanying PaperPort Version 11 software, and you have so many pages that you must divide it into more than 1 ADF fill, you will have to marry the resulting scan files to each other in PaperPort.

Overall Review: The con above is due to Nuance, publishers of PaperPort, and not the Xerox scanner. I use Aabby Fine Reader Professional Version 10 for OCR work, and it will let you refill the ADF, then just click on scan again to continue the project. As a plug for Aabby, it is brain-dead simple to use, supports a gazillion languages, and renders output to whatever format you want including PDF. Try the trial version and you will probably never buy its competitor, Nuance's Omni-Page again.

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The best you can buy!3/24/2010 3:03:59 PM

Pros: It works, first time, every time. We sell these because they are extremely strong, made with heavy gauge metal. The perforations around the frame mean the drive never heats up. The dual IDE/SATA connections mean it is a universal buy; one model fits all.

Cons: I'm sure someone out there can find something to carp about; you see whiners all the time in Newegg reviews. My impression of them is that they don't understand there is a certain percentage of any electronic part that will arrive DOA, although in our case, we have never gotten one yet.

Overall Review: This is just the best external HDD enclosure for the money that you can get. I have a very low tolerance for listening to customer complaints, so I buy what works. This enclosure works.

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The hunt ends here . . .6/26/2009 7:19:06 PM

Pros: 1) It works; 2) Quiet fans produce a quiet enclosure; 3) Fans make it just soooo cool; 4) Solid styling; 5) It's a Sabrent; 6) eSATA punches through with up to 3GB burst rates; 7) Well, there's USB if your board is behind the times.

Cons: Let me know if you find any that weren't self-inflicted (read the one, two, and three-star reviews to see how wannabe electron-heads blame the item for their own inexperience).

Overall Review: My manufacturing company recommends Sabrent because of its low failure rate - but also for its aesthetic pleasure and distinct styling. We used to use MassCool, but its plain-jane styling made us look like just another manufacturer, whereas the Sabrent label puts more money into the design room. And speaking of money - check out the price of this WITH eSATA interfacing - and FANS!!! Style - environmental control - eSATA interfacing means the hunt for the perfect enclosure ends here.

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3.25 GB is all you get - here's why4/9/2009 10:17:29 AM

Pros: Kingston works. Notice how it gets so many 5 egg ratings compared to the other brands. There is a reason for that - it works.

Cons: Please see Other Thoughts below.

Overall Review: I deliberately gave this 3 eggs so I could write about the review that called Kingston RAM faulty because he put in 4 GB of RAM, but only 3.25 GB came up on the Windows System general tab. If you are running a 32-bit OS, because of the math involved, it can only see a max of 3.25 GB no matter how many GBs of RAM you install. The fact that the reviewer specified 3.25 GB of RAM as visible documents the conclusion that the reviewer didn't know this. 64-bit OSs go up to some number beyond the Milky Way, and will see all 4 GBs easily. The proper place the reviewer should have gone to see if all 4 GBs installed correctly was the BIOS. So because he didn't know the basics of 32-bit OS math, he disses Kingston when it was really his ignorance of the OS that prompts his complaint. So please blow off that reviewer when considering this RAM. In our builds we use only Kingston or G. Skill. They work.

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nVidia drivers and this card11/24/2007 9:08:26 PM

Pros: I'm writing this in case you upgrade your nVidia video card drivers to Release 163. I have the 8600GTS. If you put in that version of the video drivers, the ATI Catalyst Media Center will go black on the video. The reason is the addition of the HD Pure Video support for XP in R163. With the prior nVidia drivers, the OTA HD is stunning on my Acer AL2223W LCD monitor set to 1680 x 1050.

Cons: None really. Works as advertised. I'd less than honest if I didn't add that ATI needs to patch its software to work with nVidia's Pure Video technology. Face it, nVidia won the video card wars.

Overall Review: I'm waiting for ATI to patch their Catalyst Media Center to run the nVidia Pure Video adapted to XP. Obviously, nVidia isn't going to rewrite its drivers to work with ATI's software.

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It works fine with WinFax Pro 10.3/.411/9/2007 9:00:29 PM

Pros: WinFax Pro (WFP) *highly* recommends you purchase an external modem for running its fax software. The truth, all of you who are using internal fax modems for this task are bringing bad things down on yourself by using the wrong tool - due to the way externals take the processor hand-off and work on their own. If you are crashing your computer when faxing with an internal modem, that's the first place to look to solve the problem. If you are an office, or even a max-faxer, pair up this modem with WinFax Pro 10.3.

Cons: All modems die eventually. So this is a "sad" con and not a complaint con. Owning and using two in my office 24/7 for faxing, expect three years from this one, so long as you protect against surges through poorly grounded POTS lines by using an APC 600 - 1500 vA UPS with free Personal Power Chute software for controlled power-out shutdowns.

Overall Review: I'm replacing the dead modems - but trying a different strategy - not at all connected to satisfaction with the USR product. The Trendnet serial external fax modem gets 5 egg reviews, and only costs $26. For all brands, the reason you see complaints with fax modems and software is because all development has stopped cold on computer data/fax modems. Notice the lack of Vista software. This means it either works or it doesn't - and waiting for a software or firmware update is a fool's mission. But the good side is that a 5-egg Trendnet for half the price of a USR - the Trendnet using much more dependable serial port interfacing instead of USR's USB interfacing, is well worth the experiment. Stay tuned . .

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Best possible buy in its class5/11/2007 2:16:21 PM

Pros: Color fidelity for photos is unmatched. It will print all stocks IF you bother to change the paper feeder guides inside the printer. It will begin giving great printing from the get-go IF you bother to set the interior paper guides to normal stock from the thick stock setting they are in for shipping. You aren't going to get a Rolls Royce for the price of a VW, but that VW sure takes you nearly anywhere you want to go! Same deal here.

Cons: The paper guides must be put into the normal stock position from the thick stock position they are in for shipping. The visual instructions that ship with the printer are not specific enough to make this brain-dead obvious - and so customers who think the printer is DOA or does not print correctly are actually suffering from this situation instead. Other than that, I have yet to get a true lemon, and I deploy them regularly.

Overall Review: 1) Laser color printers are the most sensible answer for anyone trying to escape the ink cartridge robbery from those printer manufacturers. 2) HP can't compete in the resolution department - they refuse to go beyond their 600 x 600 resolution - the KM goes up to 600 x 2400. 3) Those who do get a problem printer didn't bother to read the 1 yr. exchange warranty from KM. They will swap it out - all postage paid by KM. The 2-year extension gives you 3 years of worry-free ownership.

5 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you?