A fantastic upgrade for my new system.1/7/2017 9:06:00 AM

Pros: This case was an upgrade from my previous build the Cooler Master HAF 912. I enjoyed my last CM case so much I decided to go with them again and I was not let down. The case arrived without issue and everything worked fine out of the box. I had no issues working inside of the case and the build quality is very impressive at the price point. All of the side panels are connected with a thumb screw and the window panel is sturdy and clear. Inside, the power supply has a cover that slides into the motherboard tray and connects on the back of the case with another thumb screw. The case fans are quiet and I don't hear them on the higher setting either. The front led bar that sits under the front panel and can be adjusted to direct the light forward or down. The black and red style is beautiful on this case and makes it look like a more expensive case.

Cons: This is personal preference, but after I finished my build I didn't really care for all the extra space in the case. Since the case has a solid front tinted window panel, there is no space for CD drives. I knew this when I bought the case but you don't realize how much space those bays take up till they are gone. So I now have a big open area with nothing in it. It might just take me some time to get used to it so I'm not taking an egg off. The only other real issue I see with this case is there is only space for one Solid State Drive and Two Hard drives. That isn't a whole lot if I end up needing more space but its enough at the moment.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this case to budget to mid tier builds. It looks great and works the way you need it to!

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