Rebate & Device FAIL.....11/12/2014 12:19:49 PM

Pros: Price and HDMI...

Cons: Pretty much everything else.... firstly, I ordered when there was a Newegg $30 rebate. Now, I will start off saying this first complaint is partially my fault... but their response is unacceptable. I received the rebate card and was able to use it due to the fact I was traveling abroad and frankly did not see anything I wanted to purchase. I get home a couple weeks ago. Finally, back on track and went to purchase something using my $30 gift card and it expired 10/14. Fair enough... I call newegg rebate line and the person was not rude, but not interested in helping me at all. Ultimately, once your rebate expires you lose it. Mind you I just bought this 6/25/14 so that was a fairly small window to shop anyways. I asked the rep to simply issue me a new card and he acted like it was his money he was giving me. Simply said no and if there was anything else.... then just hung up. NOT a way to make a customer want to purchase something with a rebate EVER again.... Now on to the device. The device worked fine for navigating the internet, running apps, and even ran a couple of games fairly well. The issues that my device had was the screen was not bright at all... even all the way up. The case/frame was sturdy and did not feel cheap, so that was good. Also, it has a mini HDMI which worked easy enough. The final con that ultimately made me donate this device was the battery. The battery would just dump. I would be at 80%... put the tablet down 1 - 2 hours later and it was dead as a door knob. I was going to put this in the kitchen or something and keep it plugged in, but the dim screen was non view-able with the kitchen lights on... who cooks in the dark???

Overall Review: Ultimately, I would give this to a 12 year old or younger who is willing to use this in a dark area while it is plugged in. No real use outside of that.

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Not sure2/17/2014 6:30:16 PM

Pros: Looks nice. 4 HDMI.

Cons: Not enough RCA options

Overall Review: To be honest, I do not know where to start. First off, when you first turn the unit on, it could start playing sound in 1 sec... could take 3 sec... could take a full minute before the sound starts playing for the cable box tv. I have tried all the different ways to set this unit up and nothing really seems to remedy the issue... I bought the guarantee that was offered when I purchased this unit because of the negative reviews on the refurbed units, but the new units got fair reviews. I am going to try a few more things... otherwise this thing needs to go back. Unfortunately, I was away for work the last 6 weeks and just didn't have time to set up quickly.. hoping I can resolve or return if needed.

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I wish....9/9/2013 10:41:32 AM

Pros: Looks cool..... I am left handed and as long as youre ok with not using the stick, this works for either hand...

Cons: If you own any RAZOR products, these guys do NOT get along. The software for the G13 completely kills the RAZOR products... I have a Razor mouse and mechanical keyboard. I went through a few forums and you can use different software or something and it MIGHT work, but that isnt why I bought this... If I wanted to play tech hide n seek I would have bought something for my Linux box.... this is annoying so I cannot really speak to anything else. This is common with other Logitech/Razor owners from what I could get from the forums. Also, I tried to return this and the Newegg system wont let me... so not sure what the next step is....

Overall Review: If I can get some type of working software I am hoping this works. I have a tight area on my desk and this would help a wonky left handed gamer like myself.

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