beast of a card & great mining cards also12/24/2013 6:00:44 PM

Pros: Card looks incredible stock although I already bought EK Nickel/Plexi Blocks & Backplates. I'm getting 850khs per card mining scrypt .and gaming wise they tear up all new games out .

Cons: Unfortunately Sapphire is not one of the brands with the 7331=LEET Chip so it's not the 290x chip nor is it flash-able to a 290x but I bought these cards knowing that .

Overall Review: These cards are amazing plus the new crossfire where there is no need for a bridge is also amazing . Highly recommend these cards ( if interested in flashing then you want the powercolors.

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Love them9/18/2013 4:03:54 PM

Pros: Super fast cars! Where else but newegg can you buy a classic muscle car for under 200 bucks completely refurbished and ready to go. Got one for the road and one to run the 1/4 Mile with. Great deal newegg you won a customer for Life. MybadOmen

Cons: Joking Right? There is no con unless you cant handle the power of a Hemi.

Overall Review: Got Sublime Green and Purple would have liked a gold plated one.

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FTW Really?12/10/2012 8:53:40 AM

Pros: EVGA Support was great to deal with and finally got me situated. The board looked really good and did actually work to some point.

Cons: Bios was total junk. All versions. Also Vcore voltage does not work at all. Usb ports work when they feel like it. I guess an ok board if you are going to run your CPU Stock speeds forever. Also newegg support has gone so far down hill i decided to just take the extra time and deal with EVGA directly.Best choice i could have ever made.

Overall Review: I bought the EVGA Z68 FTW and a bunch of other things all the same order. Somehow newegg doubled all my orders and put me through total hell as the closest UPS is 40 minutes away. 3 trips i had to make as double packages still kept arriving. Also got stuck with a second Tri Pod i never ordered and wasnt even the same part number but i wasn't about to spend another 20 in gas and drive 40 min again.In the end they offered me a huge 15 dollar gift card to new egg as if they felt they resolved the issue.Not to mention double all expensive items obviously overdrew my bank account so i had to pay another 35 dollar fee and thats after dealing with the bank to get the fee lower because each item was another overdraw.15 dollars was an insult for the hell they put me through and guess what.They never even honored that either to top everything else off. Now for EVGA and the board. I contacted them and they sent me a new motherboard the Z77 FTW as a replacement when they heard what i went through and also shipped me the motherboard first with a shipping label to ship mine back. Also they listened to my problems and knew what i was talking about and got me back up and running as fast as they could. My final thoughts are all parts can be DOA but what shows a good company is how they deal with it when it happens.newegg was good a few years ago but now is just a joke as far as support goes. EVGA i would give 5 stars for support. (Not eggs as they deserve better) My advice to you guys is if you have trouble when you receive a product from newegg wait it out and go through the manufacturer where the people know what a computer part is and work with you on your problem rather then insulting you with some 15 dollar card that never even shows. Lets see i lost about 100 dollars plus 3 days of running around out of town do to them making a mistake and shipping double everything . Message to newegg. Please wake up you guys were a great company a few years back and i have spent thousands through you guys.Now i wonder what issue i have to deal with every time i place an order with you guys.And if you Mess up fix the issue.The money i wasted running all the duplicates that came on different dates around i could have just bought the products locally. Really sorry i feel this was but disgusted and Insulted by your Customer service and your so called resolve of an issue. Oh yeah buy the Z77 FTW not the Z68 FTW . I was told that the board i just bought from newegg was an old model that had a hardware issue. So be careful their also.

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Best Monitor i ever owned!11/29/2012 9:05:06 PM

Pros: This Monitor is absolutely Amazing. No motion blur at all. Super bright and colorful. Careful if you have delicate eyes as this is bright and very vivid colors.

Cons: Only con is i couldn't afford more and when i bought it it cost 300 dollars.So no cons really just my luck is all.

Overall Review: I walked into the store to buy 3 Acer or Samsung Monitors to run Eyefinity with my 2 7970 video cards. Was thinking 23 or 24 inch or whatever was cheapest. As soon as i seen the monitors lined up i noticed this one stick right out. I then seen it said HP and walked away. No matter how hard i tried to buy another one i got pulled back to this HP. You can never believe how amazing it is unless you see it lined up with many other brands like i did. So instead of the 3 screen i got just this 1 and have no regrets at all. Highly recommend it. Ignore the HP symbol and you'll love it .

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Loved the board till it was installed.11/15/2012 11:29:23 PM

Pros: Looks Great. Old school Bios

Cons: Was a simple transition from my AsRock Fatal1ty Pro p67 to the EVGA FTW Z68. I thought i was upgrading but the bios don't work unfortunately.I tried old bios's and the newest and of course the one it came with and cant touch the voltage at all. Its just doesn't work.Just removed the Fatal1ty board today that was running 24/7 5ghz Prime stable. I went from that to Stock cpu clocks and ram speeds do to the bios not working at all. Not even a little. I am very experienced with overclocking and own a Rampage Extreme IV x79 and Rampage Formula IV x79 which both have advanced bios which i like. I wanted to try EVGA but i guess it was a big mistake. I don't understand this is supposed to be a FTW board! Also tried EVGA Forums many having the issue.

Overall Review: If you cant change voltages it most definitely isn't FTW . I am still trying everything i can to get this board to work as its all hooked up with my water cooling all installed which was there anyway as i only switched boards. Oh yeah also the great E Leet software if you change the voltage there it will crash when you hit apply. Hey EVGA rep is this board junk or is there a older bios that will work? Please answer soon as i plan to Send the board back for another brand tomorrow but i really like to give EVGA the benefit of the doubt because your GPU's do rock.

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Incredible Ram!6/7/2012 7:50:18 AM

Pros: Have Owned Dominators in all My Builds. Not only will this ram run the 2133 it says it will it will also run up to 2400mhz. If you have a nice x79 build spend the cash and buy this ram!

Cons: Wish i had enough for 2 kits.

Overall Review: Personally had it running in a Asus Rampage Formula x79 with an i7 3930k @ 4.6 Ghz on 12 threads with the ram at 2300mhz 1T 1.6volts Incredible Ram. Does get hot when overclocking and actually finally can use ram water blocks for more then just looks.

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Bad quality control6/7/2012 6:58:16 AM

Pros: Great boards when they work! Have a Rampage Formula IV X79 that i love and works great.

Cons: Asus needs to stop lying to their customers and start taking some responsibility for their bad quality control on these boards. Just look around at how many dead boards people are getting and Asus is blaming the customer every time.And i am not talking about first time builders i am talking experienced builders like me.That are Sponsored and been doing this for years. Your defective board Ate my CPU period. Enough Lies Asus .More you lie more you give yourself a bad Rep! Look around the community at what you guys are doing to yourselves. Yes i did get another board because i likie them but also yes i am paranoid of the new board frying my second CPU during a windows install. My CPU was rock solid 3960x with no issues. It lasted less then 1 hour in your board and you think i was going to drop another CPU in that board?I examined my 3960 after removing it clearly looks fried around the pin pads.At least could have helped with the cost a little Asus!!

Overall Review: Finally owned and was excited about owning a 3960x and was loving it in my Asus Rampage Formula but had to switch to the Extreme for the water blocks i will be using on a sponsored build. The Extreme killed my CPU regardless or what Lies Asus tries to pull.I am now stuck broke with a new 3930k which I'm not that happy of paying 1500. to own a $500. CPU But Asus support being Useless i had no choice but to do it.But yes i will still using the Asus Rampage Extreme because like i said when you get a good one they are the top boards on the Market so i will give Asus that much but the bad support and lying to the customers really needs to stop. 13+ years repairing PC's and yeah they are right it is very uncommon for a board to take out a CPU and i am not the only one this happened to and then theirs the bent pin issue that also is floating around. Wake up Asus and start showing your customers respect rather then tossing the lack of quality control on us.Not 1 effort was made to help me out

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues you had with the motherboard. It is highly unlikely that the CPU was damaged from using this motherboard. Please try replacing the CPU since it also did not work on your Forumla board. If you believe the problem was the motherboard you may return it to us for RMA at 1-812-282-2787 or me directly at reference #C1037-1255. The Rampage IV Extreme and Rampage IV Formula both qualify for Asus Premium Service--our fast cross-shipping service that minimize downtime on your part. Regards, Benson Asus Customer Loyalty
Nice memory2/17/2010 5:49:02 PM

Pros: This memory is great it runs 100% stable at 1081mhz with 2.0 volts. i highly recommend it. my system: Asus M3n-ht Deluxe/mempipe PhenomII X4 940 @ 3.66 cooled with corsair H50 4gig OZC ddr2 800 @ 1081 2 GTX 260's in Sli @ 681/1466 2500 MHZ Corsair tx750 power supply

Cons: none

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Corsair liquid cooling1/26/2010 6:35:49 PM

Pros: This cooler is amazing for what it is.i have a phenom 2.3 x4 overclocked to 2.7 running 28 degrees idle and highest i ever seen it under load was 35 the way it was running around 42 deg. with stock cooler.I had a few external coolers and this one by far blows them cant beat this at shipping,under 100 bucks how could you go wrong.

Cons: could be difficult to install if you never removed a motherboard before.

Overall Review: Amd agena Phenom x4 2.3 (overclocked 2.7) 4 gigs ocz ddr2 800 Foxconn a74mx (slightly modified) Gigabyte Gforce GTX260 OC Antec 900 case 600 watt sli ready ps Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

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