will it work with the PS3??12/31/2006 4:54:39 PM

Pros: none

Cons: none

Overall Review: I am trying to decide weather to get a 20gb PS3 and swap it the 20gb HDD for this 250gb one, if it will work or my second option is to shell out the extra $XXX for the 60gb PS3

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It's ok i guess.........12/29/2006 8:41:49 AM

Pros: It's a great compromise between quality and price. Not as noisy as other people have said it is. It runs cool and quiet. It can run most next gen games. Nice upgrade from my old X700. Has shader model 3.0. Came with a free game. Has a rebate for all the crafty people.

Cons: It can next gen games on low quality (like 800x600). I can only play rainbow six: Vegas and splinter cell: double agent on low quality with out the game being laggy. Not quite what I expected but its ok.

Overall Review: It will hold me off until ATI unleashes its new DirectX 10 card (which will PWN nvidia's 8800).

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Speedy Delivery!!!!!!10/20/2005 2:04:27 PM

Comments: I got this motherboard in under 48 hours on three day shipping!!!Along with and intel pentium 4 processor this is the best motherboard and processor combination i've ever seen. The ATI chipset express 200 is exelent and it can play most new games on low and medium quality!!!! Also a great board for a hardcore gamers budjet.

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