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ASUS Desktop PC Essentio CM5571-BR003 Pentium E5400 (2.70GHz) 6GB DDR3 750GB HDD Intel GMA X4500 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
ASUS Desktop PC Essentio CM5571-BR003 Pentium E5400 (2.70GHz) 6GB DDR3 750GB HDD Intel GMA X4500 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Pros: 1TB hd, 6g ddr3, Asus. Was in perfect condition with all accesories (yes we bought refurbished). The keyboard and mouse were brand new (and still are because they both stayed in their plastic and went into the closet).

Cons: Older CPU Socket type restricts upgrades.

Overall Review: We had a total computer melt down that coincided with SC2 release so we we looking for a new computer that was decent but didn't cost a ton of money and this has fit the bill perfectly. We put a Radeon 5770 video card in and it's done super well. We had to get a new power supply because the card he chose needed two connectors but you can get the same card that only needs one. This system isn't meant to be a gaming rig or anything but it had performed well as one with the simple addition of a budget friendly video card. 5 eggs because it may not be amazing, but it actually exceeded our expectations from it. You'll be hard pressed to find another computer with this big of a hard drive and 6g ddr3 (if you don't already know on this, ddr3 in general is going to kick the b*tt [yes, it really blocks that word] of all ddr2 memory) for this price.

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Maybe for someone else

Microsoft SideWinder X8 Black 12 Buttons Tilt Wheel 2.4GHz Wireless 4000 dpi Gaming Mouse
Microsoft SideWinder X8 Black 12 Buttons Tilt Wheel 2.4GHz Wireless 4000 dpi Gaming Mouse

Pros: Changeable feet, High dpi, many buttons. I like that the mouse includes a rechargeable battery. Some people might prefer no outside battery, but really, this is better. All rechargeable batteries have a life span and slowly but surely the amount of life it holds goes down. With ones like this you simply need to get a new battery and toss the old out. Regular mice you'd probably have to replace the whole thing.

Cons: Now, I'll preface this by saying I'm a small female with pretty small hands. I thought I would really like the high part of the mouse being at the base of my thumb, and just sitting my hand on the mouse I was right. However once I actually started playing with it (and this is hard to describe), the high back basically created an awkward lever system for me. The extra effort it took for me to click the mouse because of this destroyed all precision for me. And no, it's not the high dpi that was throwing me off because I'm used to a 4000dpi mouse.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace my Razer Mamba because my boyfriend broke the plug-in for his keyboard/mouse combo and I wanted to try this one anyway so he was going to take my Mamba. Running just a single instance with this one, however, destroyed that idea. I was halfway through and I my hand was cramping and I just couldn't take it anymore and put my Mamba back on. I promptly boxed it up and started the RMA process because even he didn't want it. Definitely avoid this if you have small hands. I gave it two eggs because there are definitely some good aspects to this mouse, it just really did not work for me.

Love this thing.

RAZER Mamba Black 7 Buttons USB Laser Gaming Mouse - Dual Mode Wired/Wireless Functionality
RAZER Mamba Black 7 Buttons USB Laser Gaming Mouse - Dual Mode Wired/Wireless Functionality

Pros: Wireless, but charge-n-play if you forget to charge it overnight. Easily adjusted sensitivity. Battery life was greatly improved with the firmware update, so make sure you do that if you get this mouse. You'll still want to charge it overnight if you use it 8+ hours a day, but before you wouldn't even make it though that; now after that long you'll have about 1/3 of the battery left. Braided cord for extra durability. Super smooth and silent movement thanks to the teflon feet (which can be replaced via the Razer website if you wear them down. Easily visible battery life indicator. Blue light on the scroll wheel looks nice; wish the battery indicator lights matched. ;) When you plug in the charge cable it looks like it's just a regular corded mouse. I'm a small female with small hands but I love the feel of this mouse. Very comfortable.

Cons: Price is a bit of a pain, but you probably aren't even looking at this if you can't afford to spend it. I personally think it's worth it after trying the other wireless gaming mice out there. I read some of the comments complaining about the scroll wheel being squeaky and now I can sometimes hear mine squeaking but only when going up and never loud enough to bother me; then again I always have the TV and games making noise. I suppose if it were silent in my house it could be bothersome.

Overall Review: Not sure exactly when we bought this but I know it was several months ago. When we bought it (not via newegg) the girl checking us out said it looked like the HoIy Grail (don't mind the odd text there) of mice because of the "fancy" packaging. Some people have said they had issues updating the firmware but I had none with windows 7 64-bit. The instructions are very exact and if you don't follow them perfectly you might need to start again, but just do what it says and you should be fine. Maybe I've been lucky with having no issues with my mouse after several months of heavy use (and being dropped on hardwood floors a few times thanks to my two year old), but I still don't hesitate to recommend it to people I know.

Love it

Microsoft  SideWinder X6  Black Keyboard Win USB English
Microsoft SideWinder X6 Black Keyboard Win USB English

Pros: Quiet, laptop style keys, backlighting, macro keys, (re)moveable keypad. The keys are smoother than most are, some people might not like this but I love the way it feels. the macro key makes it super easy to create new macro sets without ever leaving the game. The keypad connection itself is facilitated by a couple really strong magnets so once it's connected, you don't have to worry about it disconnecting easily. I can even connect it to the left side where it hangs off the side of the desk and still type on it even though there's nothing below it, it's that strong. I like the easy knobs for backlight levels and volume; I haven't experienced the lag in volume changes everyone else has commented on. The overall aesthetics of this keyboard are really cool.

Cons: It would have been nice to have blue backlighting to match my mouse and computer, but not a big deal to me; it's a very nice shade of red. Some people don't like the fully attached wristpad and the lack of legs to ramp up the keyboard but I really don't mind and I'm guessing it's the keypad feature that made them decide to leave the legs off.

Overall Review: I was looking for a backlit keyboard with laptop style keys so it's quiet when my daughter is napping on the couch. I found a few others that matched what I wanted, but this one had other features that interested me and in the end won out. I don't regret this purchase even in the slightest. Love it! I leave the keypad off completely while gaming so I have more room to move my mouse.