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Fantastic for Home Theater12/6/2014 8:58:34 AM

Pros: Fantastic sound for home theater. I was using a Yamaha RX-V 377 ( which is highly rated and sounds really good) before and after getting the Pioneer VSX-1024-K the sonics are way better than the 377 for Home Theater. I am using the same Klipsch Quintet 5.0( which are highly rated by Sound and Vision Magazine) surround speakers for both receivers..

Cons: I probably would not buy this if you like listening to music a lot. Not to say it's bad for music but if you like music you need to step up to the Pioneer VSX- 1124-K for it's Sabre DAC's which would make music sound really good.

Overall Review: Pioneer VSX- 1024-K Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Klipsch KW -100 subwoofer

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Okay Card10/14/2013 10:35:13 AM

Pros: Good image quality on video, Played most multiplayer maps on bf 3 at 1080p on medium except grand bazzar map which ran below 30 fps for some reason.

Cons: crashed internet explorer in windows 8 repeatedly , changed drivers out same crashes . Changed video cards and no more crashes.

Overall Review: Gets 1439 in fire strike normal benchmark Take my advice don't buy a video card unless it at least is twice as fast as new integrated graphics ( my hd 4600 scored 870 in fire strike) intel !-5 4670k msi z87-g41 8 gig gskill ddr-1600 120 gig Samsung ssd

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Great Speakers11/25/2012 8:38:39 AM

Pros: I have these speakers Hooked up to a Harman Kardon AVR-1700( a very good receiver by the way) and these sound very good for music and Home theater. I am no Audiophile trust me but when you hear something and it sounds really really good it usually means you have a really good product. Excellent sound according to my ears and I have heard a lot of other very nice home theater systems before so I know good sound when I hear it...subwoofer is also very good and I mean very good.

Cons: The stand assembly on the 5 speakers attach ONLY ONE WAY and the Manual does not say that and even the picture does not Illustrate the stands only going on one way. If something doesnt fit right DO NOT FORCE IT. I ended up scratching the bottom of one of my speakers but hey no problem as the scratch is on the bottom and not showing...

Overall Review: These speakers are an absolute steal for the 200 dollars shipped I payed for them. Speakers have a piano finish so they they show fingerprints easy not really a Con though...

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Excellemt image quality via hdmi12/9/2011 10:06:56 AM

Pros: Best 2d and 3d image quality I have ever seen yet. Picture is amazingly sharp. I gave 5 eggs rating because I bought this for 35 dollars during the black friday sales. A gpu Fan is a must if you plan on doing any kind of gaming with these cards and this card has one.

Cons: you can play new games with this card but you wont be playing them on high settings. Doesnt really matter to me since I spent 35 on it.

Overall Review: Finally a video card under a hundred dollars that is actually worth thr money I paid for it.

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Nice basic 1155 motherboard for the money12/1/2011 8:27:05 AM

Pros: Bios screen looks very modern , no 1995 bios screens on this board. absolutely no problems with installing windows on this board, board is very stable so far( didnt try to overclock nor do I want to ). Everything works like its supposed to. Optical out at this price is rare.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Intel celeron G 530 Asrock h61m-ge motherboard 1 stick 4 gigs Gskill ripjaws pc 12800 ddr3 ram seagate 300 gig sata hard drive.

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cant buy a better cpu for the money12/1/2011 8:17:12 AM

Pros: Quality, no pins on the processor, Intel HD graphics is nice( great IQ in both 2d and 3d) especially since both my motherboard and monitor have hdmi plug-ins.PLayed the Swtor demo last weekend with the intel HD graphics chip and it was playable 1440x900 all lowest, textures medium and it looked great even for low graphic settings.

Cons: There are no cons with getting a quality product at this price.

Overall Review: Intel G530 Asrock h61m-ge motherboard 1 stick 4 gigs Gskill ripjaws pc 12800 ddr 3 ram seagate 300 gig sata hard drive

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great card for the money7/20/2011 9:21:35 AM

Pros: fantastic quality Runs world of warcraft DX 11 on high Runs age of conan on med ( havent tried high yet) Runs Rift on low settings as to be expected from a card that really isnt for gaming. 3-D IQ is the best ive ever seen yet 2-D IQ is the best ive ever seen yet.

Cons: None except video cards in general sell for near retail price on the internet.

Overall Review: I bought this card because I needed a cheap replacement video card because my Radeon was giving me too many problems. I had a ATI radeon 4770 512mb before this. This card has better IQ in 3-D and 2-D there is no comparsion this card is miles ahead. Some of my games would give me trouble lIke age of conan would studder like crazy on the 4770 and ran just awful. This card runs AoC without any studder or slowdowns at all. Also my Radeon would give artifacts every so often but this card has none. Did I say this card is superior quality? oh yeah it is.

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