Dead pixel5/17/2012 2:42:50 PM

Pros: Looked very nice, 1080p.

Cons: Mine had a small dark spot in the corner and a dead pixel that I noticed after about a week. The stand is sort of hard to remove. Does not include a DVI cable.

Overall Review: Used shop runner so return shipping was free.

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For everyone with drive issues.5/17/2012 8:03:42 AM

Pros: Fast. To everyone having issues after ~6-10 months, update your firmware.

Cons: Had the same issues. Updating firmware fixed issues. To everyone having issues after ~6-10 months, update your firmware.

Overall Review: To everyone having issues after ~6-10 months, update your firmware.

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Great Price3/27/2012 10:29:48 PM

Pros: Only cost $33.99 for a year of Xbox Live. Won't have to call to cancel it. Online Games, Netflix, etc. Fast Shipping. Next business day.

Cons: Not a con on the product on here, but mainly using this as a way to watch Netflix on my Xbox. The app for Xbox isn't as nice as the Wii's, which is free to use. Bought it Friday. Arrived Monday. Had to wait the whole weekend to get it.

Overall Review: Before, I'd pay $9.99/month and call to cancel after a few months, then maybe six months later, I'd get it back. This is much cheaper/easier even though I don't use it every day.

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Amazing2/23/2012 9:26:29 PM

Pros: Easy to control! Wireless! Had it for over half a year and dropped it a few times and it still works perfectly. Back/Forward buttons, while I usually hate these, are placed perfectly on this device. Only needs 1 battery. And the one it came with is still going. Unifying! Works from so far away that I can't even read my screen.

Cons: The ball must be taken out and the rollers cleaned from time to time. With heavy use, this must be done once or twice a week. The scroll wheel does not support left-right scrolling but through the software, it does scroll left and right. The software isn't the greatest, but it is okay.

Overall Review: I bought a second one of these for use at work. I might buy a 3rd just to have it.

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PHOTO FRAME!1/1/2012 11:30:13 PM

Pros: Got this for my girlfriend for Christmas. Put the SD card from her phone in and it started showing pictures from it. Lots of settings for transitions, timing, clock, etc. Has a sensor and stand so you can set it up two different ways, portrait or landscape. I didn't know this when I bought it, but thought it was a cool feature.

Cons: Box was a little beat up. Made me double check that this wasn't refurbished.

Overall Review: Nice photo frame for the price.

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Nice chair1/1/2012 11:26:08 PM

Pros: Got it on sale. Easy to assemble. Comfortable. Armrests fit perfectly under my desk.

Cons: Wrench was kind of awkward to use. Doesn't recline.

Overall Review: Much better than the piano bench I was using.

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Nice, but small1/1/2012 11:17:18 PM

Pros: Look nice, arrived in time for Christmas.

Cons: The pearls in the bracelets aren't round, they're kinda like half-pearls, and they're smaller than they look in the picture.

Overall Review: They were still nice and my girlfriend loves them, but I thought they'd look more like actual pearls.

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Great product!11/22/2011 10:06:26 PM

Pros: Been using this software for a long time. It's great, doesn't slow down systems much, if at all, and detects a lot of malware. Got this for $10. Free shipping and it came next day UPS instead of Egg Saver.

Cons: They could have it where they email the license, but then you wouldn't get the Packaging and CD.

Overall Review: Great software that I recommend.

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Nice Fan controller!10/21/2011 5:22:39 PM

Pros: Matches my Rosewill Challenger case perfectly, and fits in the screwless bays. Keeps my system much more quiet.

Cons: Red and Green LEDS don't match my system with the blue fan, and I have to have the front fan in manual or the LEDs flicker a bit.

Overall Review: I can control the brightness of LED fans. It was only $19.99 and arrived in one day!

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Great board!9/20/2011 2:56:18 PM

Pros: Great board. Installed everything easily, and everything works fine! Awesome BIOS. Got it on sale. Sata 3.

Cons: GFX card does make it hard to use some SATA ports, but doesn't totally block them like it did on my old board. Unless you need all 6 ports, it won't matter. No USB 3 and only 1 PCIE slot. Of course, I knew all of this before making my purchase. Only 2 hookups for USB onboard. One is for USB3, but I've read it only supports USB2 speeds, but haven't verified this. It comes with an adapter to USB2. After front usb and card reader, there's not one to spare.

Overall Review: i5-2500k 8GB G. SKILL Ripjaws X 1600 Crucial M4 128GB SSD Sata 3 WD Caviar Black 750GB Sata 3 Rosewill Challenger Case Corsair 650W PSU GTS 250 - needs upgrading! Much faster than my old build. Got the RAM, CPU, and this board for <$330 total.

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Great PSU!9/13/2011 5:07:10 PM

Pros: Great power supply! Bought it over 2 years ago, and it's still going strong! Came with a "Powered by Corsair" thing and cable ties and a carrying bag.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Not using its full potential. Lots of cables and connectors. Had to buy a new case.

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A few issues.8/31/2011 8:10:55 PM

Pros: USB and 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo work flawlessly (only ones I've used so far). Fit in 3.5" bay with no problems. Same color as case. Good price.

Cons: It wasn't working when I first hooked it up. I switched it from Front USB 2 to 1 and my case hookups to 2 and everything works. Not sure why, but the card reader wouldn't function otherwise. One of the screw holes or the screw was messed up on mine. I almost couldn't get the screw out. Fortunately, I bought a toolset on the same order and had a tool to get the screw out. It has to be back into the case a few millimeters to actually screw in since I don't want it to get stuck in the case if I can help it. It's not really an issue for me, but could be for some people.

Overall Review: Works great now that I got it working. Haven't tried a MicroSD card yet.

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Great Deal8/31/2011 8:01:59 PM

Pros: Nice set of tools. Great price. (On sale and shellshocker when I got it)

Cons: Two pieces were out of place when I first opened it up. They seemed okay after I seated them properly, and it doesn't seem like such a big issue. I wish it had more computer related tools, but I knew what it had when I bought it, so I can't complain about it not having something I needed/wanted.

Overall Review: Shipping took a while because it was coming from another location than where I usually get things from. Might not have been because of the toolset, but because of another item. The cable ties are bigger than what I'd usually use for computer cables. Seems like more of a toolset for Cars.

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Great AV Software8/18/2011 6:03:01 PM

Pros: Does not slow down your computer. Well, at least for me, that's true. I got a great "Back to School deal" on it, so it's very affordable. Detected a few things on my laptop that other utilities I use missed. I can't say how great of detections it has, as I don't have a big problem with viruses, but it seems to do pretty good. Called their support before with a question about lifetime licensing that they offer, and they were very helpful. I managed to get someone on live chat and on the phone in under a minute after simply visiting their website.

Cons: Not free. Deep scan took it a few hours even on my big gaming rig, but I do have >300GB of files, so I kinda expected it. However, it did NOT slow down my computer while scanning.

Overall Review: Great software that I recommend to anyone and everyone I can.

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Great Card!!!7/25/2011 4:05:56 PM

Pros: Very nice card for the price. I bought it over two years ago, and I can still play every new game I've tried on the highest settings. It installed no problem, has some great software included, and even came with a free game. It's quiet, even when playing games. S-Video for easy TV connection.

Cons: It's big! I thought for a second it wouldn't fit in the motherboard I have. (MicroATX) It takes up a lot of room in the case, but it wouldn't be a problem if I had chosen the motherboard or case. It's not really the cards fault. It has 2 DVI connectors. Once again, not really the card's fault. I just have old monitors and had to buy 2 adapters. I've had some issues with it after performing other maintenance/upgrades, but reseating the card always fixed the issue. So, all of the cons are pretty much just my fault or the fault of other components.

Overall Review: I ended up having to purchase a new processor just to keep up with the card. It's lasted over two years for me. Overall, it's done very well.

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Great Card!6/10/2009 8:51:48 AM

Pros: This card was very cheap for the performance it offers. I can run all of my games on max settings now. Fallout 3, Bioshock, etc. The Cryostasis game it comes with is decent, and it's a good test for what this card can do. The card is fairly quiet when the fan isn't turned up too much. The software on the disc installed without any problems, and the card works perfectly.

Cons: Barely fit into my case! I didn't have to move anything, but just from looking at it, I didn't think I'd be able to fit it. This could be a real con for anyone with a small case. Also, it blocks a PCI-e 1x port on my computer. Fortunately, I wasn't using it.

Overall Review: Make sure you get Cryostasis. Newegg didn't say they were still offering it, but if you bought your card after May 1st, you can get it.

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