Amazing3/4/2015 9:52:57 PM

Pros: This card is absolutely amazing. I got it for $320 on sale. Stays below 50c in my antec 900 case. Runs all my games without a stutter or problem, been great since the day it arrived, switched from His Iceq Radeon HD 7870 2gb. I've noticed a huge performance change. Can run crysis 3 - 50-100FPS BF4 - 60Fps Call of duty advanced warfare- 60-120 FPS Dying light - 40-60 FPS Evolve - 60 FPS Sytem specs: Intel Core i5 12gb high performance ram MSI Motherboard sapphire r9 290x tri-x oc 4gb Antec 900w psu 2 120gb ssd 1 3tb HD 8 fans, no water cooling antec 900 case.

Cons: Not really a con. I knew the card wasn't going to fit into my case, made small adjustments.. works fine.

Overall Review: Will stick with sapphire/AMD from now on. GFX = AMD Apps = Intel

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!AWESOME!8/3/2013 1:11:03 AM

Pros: Packaging was great, card worked right out of box, absolutely love this card, for the price & specs, this is unbeatable, it will/can handle any game I throw at it with no issues, in fact it runs better at higher resolutions with everything MAXED, card is very stable, and I could have asked for anything better, has on-screen ITurbo(instant overclocking), stays quiet and very cool.

Cons: Not really a con, - Do not install driver(s) from disk, as they're out of date, make sure to download the newest drivers from the manufactures website, as the card runs smoothly, better FPS. (Most gamers should already know this.)

Overall Review: Card is very big, Didn't think it was going to fit into my case, but she squeezed in there (Antec 900).

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Great for the cost7/21/2013 12:17:42 AM

Pros: Well newegg did a great job packaging things once again, arrived early, everything was working right out of the box, great processor for the price, handles anything I throw at it. never runs over 5% for any reason.

Cons: Intel HD Graphics 2500 - I thought it would have been alright until I got my GPU, but in order to play games that demand a little, you need to play on lowest settings at lowest resolution, also may need to turbo the CPU, and up the dosage for the intergrated graphics, none the less it's ok.

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