Excellent1/15/2018 11:15:18 AM

Pros: -Six cores, runs fast, what else do you need?

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Got this as the foundation to replace my Core i5 750 build (yes, a first gen i5). Paired with a 1080 GPU and 32 GB of 3600 MHz RAM I'm crushing everything. So far Call of Duty WWII and Wolfenstein II running maxed out with temps at ~43C with a 240mm EVGA AIO. At some point I will replace the thermal pad on the AIO with Artic Silver thermal paste to see if it reduces temps. Honestly I think my 1080p/60 HZ display is the bottleneck at this point; guess I need to buy a new TV! I was planning to overclock but at this point there really isn't any point. If your primary goal is gaming, look no further, just wish I'd waited till the price dropped as I bought it at $299. Not sure why everyone is freaking out about buying a new mobo. My i5 750 used a different socket type anyway and the ASRock Gaming K6 Z370 cost less than the mobo I bought for the 750 eight years ago. I've never been able to buy a new processor without needing a mobo replacement.

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Excellecnt performance, exceptional size1/15/2018 10:53:49 AM

Pros: -Great performance, every bit as capable as the MSI Gaming X

Cons: -RGB Duke logo and MSI Mystic Light software is terrible

Overall Review: There's a reason this card is constantly out of stock, it's got awesome performance at an awesome price. If you research, this was not originally designed to be a US market card. It seems like to meet the price point of some of the intended markets they took the MSI Gaming X hardware, put a cheaper (plastic instead of metal) cooler on it, took away some of the fancy lighting, and increased the base clock. The increase in base clock gives a smaller range to operate in but we're concerned about the clock speed under load not at idle right? As with others here, I've seen the clock speed jump to 2012 MHz without changing any settings. I've been playing Wolfenstein II with graphics on Uber at 1080 and 60 Hz, the temp has yet to pass 43C. I did change the fan curve as the fans stay completely off until the temp hits a certain point and silence isn't important to me. Only negative is the Duke logo lighting uses low quality LEDs that are bluish and the colors are off of my other components. However, this doesn't even matter with how bad the Mystic Light software is. First, it doesn't offer a color wheel, just about 8 choices. For me all the options were red. Also, it doesn't save your color settings. I thought if I set Mystic Light to open on Windows boot it would change the color as soon as the program opened (similar to what you have to do with Afterburner to set your fan curves), but it doesn't work that way. You have to go into Mystic Light every time you turn the computer on and change the color. I've since deleted Mystic Light and I'll just live with the bluish-white logo. The only other point to note is this card is HUGE. I read the other reviews and thought "no big deal", I've had big dual slot graphics cards before and they all fit easily in my massive Cooler Master HAF 932. This thing dwarfed my XFX HD7950, the XFX was 3 inches shorter and about 0.5 inches narrower. This is literally the biggest video card I've ever seen. I ended up having to move some fans around as the side panel wouldn't close since the power cables were hitting the fan on it. All in all though, if you've got the space this card is well worth the $510 price tag. It's about 10% less than the Gaming X and about 20% less than an EVGA FTW2 (which I think is where you'd have to go to get a better card).

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Good Product12/9/2017 3:14:52 AM

Pros: -XMP worked like a charm

Cons: -None

Overall Review: What is there to say? It's RAM, it's fast, and all four worked with no issues (I bought two packs). I made sure to check that my motherboard's (ASRock Gaming K6) QVL and this RAM was listed at the advertised speed. I got all 32 gigs running at the advertised 3600 MHz and 16-16-16-36 timing with 2 mouse clicks.

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Excellent Motherboard for the 8th Gen Intels12/9/2017 3:06:58 AM

Pros: -Seems to be the best balance of features at the price point -RGB lighting and OC settings can be completely controlled in the BIOS (no need for another program to run in the background on start up).

Cons: -GPU covers most of the SATA headers

Overall Review: I bought this motherboard to use with my i5-8600K as it seemed to be the best balance of features for the price. Onboard wireless really seems to be the only thing missing and I have a PCI wireless card so onboard wireless wasn't worth paying extra for. It arrived in a very pretty box and the only issues I had when taking it out were that one of the nuts for screwing down the M.2 drives was rolling around on the board (not a big deal, it's meant to come out to support different sized M.2 drives) and I only got 2 (should have been three) of the M.2 screws. The board is sturdy and well made (the armored PCI x16 slots are a nice touch). Installation hit a snag as the little prongs on the rear panel around the HDMI port wanted to go inside the HDMI socket so I had to bend them back with some needle nose pliers. As others have noted, I ended up with one of the screws from my previous ATX motherboard not being used with the K6. There was a hole in the motherboard that lined up with an unused hole in may case. Maybe a hole that is supposed to line up with a different form factor motherboard? Once I got it up and running it took me a little while to figure out how to get it to boot Windows 10 from the USB and it is not very clear when you have enabled your RAM's XMP profile. The directions were terrible for both of these, but that seems standard. MANUFACURERS: HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE DECENT INSTRUCTIONS?! The board did recognize my RAM and loaded the XMP profile to get it running at 3600 MHz without any additional tweaking (make sure to check the ASRock QVL). It also immediately recognized my Samsung EVO 960 M.2 and loaded windows to it just fine. I like that the OC and RGB functions can all be set in the BIOS and don't require a program that has to be started on boot up and left running in the background. Haven't done any OC'ing yet but every adjustment that can be made for the CPU and RAM is there. One of the CPU fan headers is also designed to work with a pump for liquid cooling and you can tell it in the BIOS if it is a fan or pump. Make sure you get your SATA ports all set before installing the GPU as they will be covered and note which SATA ports are disabled when using M.2. The only thing I haven't quite figured out is in the BIOS it shows my CPU idling at ~40C but upon starting up windows both EVGA Flow Control and CAM show it at ~28C. I have an EVGA CLC 240 and I can hear the pump running so I feel like the BIOS number is off. All the negatives I had with this board are minor and I would definetly recommend it unless onboard Wifi is a must for you. This review for ASRock review rebate program.

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Work Well Enough11/25/2017 8:21:05 PM

Pros: -Comfortable -3.5mm cable included

Cons: -Music control buttons are awkward

Overall Review: Got these free with my Moto G5 Plus, I used them for about 5 seconds with Bluetooth because, frankly, music just sucks over Bluetooth (I use USB in my car). But, it comes with a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable that can be used instead. They don't have any real noise cancellation but they're decent at blocking out sound. They're comfortable and have good enough sound quality for the price. These should be better than my earbuds for long days spent on planes and in airports. If you do use it with Bluetooth the buttons on the side are awkward and not particularly responsive. Like I said, I haven't and don't intend to use them with Bluetooth so I can't speak to battery life. All in all, if I'd spent $40 on them I think I'd be satisfied (I'm definitely not the type of person to spend $200 on a set of Bose headphones).

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Great Phone for the Casual User11/25/2017 7:49:53 PM

Pros: -Quality feel -Has almost all the necessary features -Latest version of Android at a low price point -Free Motorola headphones are actually pretty good

Cons: -No NFC -32GB model also has lower 2GB of RAM

Overall Review: I got the 32GB/2GB model to replace my 4 year old (I think that's about 1000 in phone years) LG G2. I use my phone for calls, texts, email, google maps, occasional youtube, snapchat, and my running app so the "flagship" phones at $600 - $700 seemed like overkill. When I bought the G2 the "budget" phones were all cheap garbage and you had to get a higher end phone to get something decent; that's no longer the case. After some research the Moto G5 Plus kept coming up as the best of the budget phones on the market and I caught it on sale at $170. The phone has a metal back cover giving it a good look and quality feel. It has a nice 1080 display and handles all the typical apps with ease. My only concern is that that the lower 32GB of memory model also has only 2GB of RAM (the 64GB model has 4GB of RAM), but that's the same as my G2 and it didn't seem to be to much of an issue. It doesn't use the new USB-C but that's an acceptable tradeoff at this price point. I'd say the only real oversight is the lack of NFC which I thought was standard back when I bought my last phone. Be aware the phone is pretty big for its display size, it's about a half inch longer than my G2 even though they have the same 5.2" display due to large bezels on the top and bottom of the screen. I was looking at trying to buy used/refurb's of older model phones (like the Samsung Galaxy S7) to save some money but with the G5 Plus I got a brand new phone running the latest Android 7.0. I would recommend anyone using their phone the way I do go for this model and skip the high dollar ones, although I probably would have gone for the 64GB model to get the extra RAM if I'd realized it when I bought it (my fault for not paying attention). Getting a new nano-SIM from AT&T was easy; was in and out of the store in 20 minutes with no charge. The free Motorola over-ear headphones were pretty nice too! I think it's the first "free gift" from Newegg other than a game that didn't go straight in the trash. tl;dr - I got this phone with a 3 year protection plan and the free headphones for $195 and it's a killer deal for the casual smartphone user.

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Good Value for the Price11/22/2017 8:24:46 AM

Pros: -Solid specs for the price point -Very nice 1080p display -Windows 10 is pretty good -Newegg replacement was quick and easy

Cons: -First one returned due to constant BSOD -Housing seems a little fragile (already has a small crack) -I hate the touchscreen but some may like it; every time I try to brush a dog hair off I end up clicking something I don't want.

Overall Review: All in all this laptop was a good value given the price of the refurbished model ($529). The first one I got kept giving a BSOD with varying error codes. I RMA'd with newegg (very easy process) and the second has been going strong for about 6 months. I display movies on my TV in 1080p (and I think it can do 4K, but I didn't have a high data flow HDMI when I tried and the video was choppy), run Matlab code, and do all the other normal laptop stuff. My only real issue is that the this model doesn't seem like it will stand up to as much abuse as my old Probook (and I give it plenty of abuse), but the price difference for a similar Probook now is insane. The Probook had a much more durable housing and I've also noticed this one getting pretty warm during extended use. It hasn't shut itself down or anything, but I am a little concerned about longevity (my Probook lasted 6 years). Also, I loved Windows 7 and was holding on to it for dear life, but the more I use 10 the more I like it.

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