doa8/26/2010 7:32:58 PM

Pros: other than price... none so far. i haven't been able to keep my system online and stable.

Cons: everythying except price...

Overall Review: this is a brand new system. when i started experiencing random blue screens, software that just wouldn't run with completely unexpected error messages, i started blaming everything but the memory. then i finally decided to test with one dim in the system, things got better, but still unpredictable. in the end, i ran memtest+ and every test errored out. i will be RMA'ing the memory with hopes that the new memory i receive does not have these problems, but with the cost of having to ship back the RMA, i could have gotten memory from a more reputable brand.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are very sorry that you are having difficulties. Please visit our support forums at the link below for assistance with troubleshooting and settings. Running with 4gb of memory puts a larger strain on your memory controller, and can be more difficult. If we cannot assist you in getting your kit to run rated speeds, we are confident that a replacement kit through Newegg will work out well for you. Thank you
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