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Not Terrible2/18/2012 10:08:34 PM

Pros: The music is clear up close, the sound is rich and full. These speakers are good if the only time you'll listen to them is if you are directly sitting in front of your computer. You can adjust the volume range quite a bit without audio distortion.

Cons: I owned these for a few hours and returned them immediately. As you move around the room, you'll notice the sound changes significantly. During the demo at the store, the base sounds rich and full without being overbearing. You get them home, and take a step back to listen to it and the base completely disappears. Great mid-range and high tones. Take a step over and the base weakly comes back while some other portion of the song goes away. I realize quality of what you are listening to is important, but I tried a variety of mp3's, cd's, segments of movies, etc. All with the same results. Mostly I listen while in front of the computer, but it's not uncommon for me to listen to music while doing a project in the house. These speakers were significantly inadequate for that task to me. I don't have that much room on my desk. I liked that little volume pod at the store. When I got it out of the box, it was just in the way.

Overall Review: This was my first try at bose speakers. I was highly disappointed. Not only because how much they cost, but because of the overall quality of sound I expected wasn't there. They sound great up close, and again, I think they would make good close range speakers. However, I have a $30 pair of speakers I purchased about 8 years ago that the bose speakers were going to replace. Those $30 speakers fill the room. These Bose do not fill the room at all. Close range, sure, the Bose wins hands down. But in the end, keeping the Bose at my home office felt like a really expensive down grade. I did consider keeping them anyway and using them at work, since I don't need to "fill the room" there. But it's absurd to pay so much to take them to work and likely have them stolen. So.. that's why I took them back.

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Decent Everyday camera5/29/2011 9:30:58 AM

Pros: Clear Pictures - not a lot of blur or mirroring. Wide angle lens - little to no barrel distortion Captures nice detail - took a picture of a grass field, you can generally make out the blades of grass. Many cameras fail here. Fast camera - Very responsive, you press the button and your picture is taken. Handles light and dark very well - takes decent night time photos. In areas of light and shadow. Generally handles well. Colours - I'm sure an expert would disagree here, but generally I found the colours of the pictures to be really life like. Zoom during video Good image stabilisation - I have shaking hands, so this is a must for me. I-Auto tells you what scene selection it's using for the shot before you shoot - So, if you don't like what it's done, you can correct it and micromanage. Almost full blueray movie definition - videos are excellent, sometimes even better than the photos if the light sources are unfavourable. image stabilisation seems to work with video.

Cons: Only a 5x zoom. A downgrade from my last camera. I wanted a higher zoom, didn't like any of the cameras with a higher zoom. Sony battery that needlessly costs $50 if you want an additional battery Sony over priced proprietary cables/batteries and other equipment. Images are way over processed - All cameras reveal there challenges if you zoom in on them. Zooming in on this camera, some things like walls or very distant objects that don't have a lot of detail look painted. But, unless you are going to print extra large copies of your pictures, like almost poster size, it's generally not noticeable. Pictures where most of the objects are distant/hard to resolve detail wise this may be noticeable. The largest print I've done is 8x10 and nobody in my family could tell. Blueray burner need for best video results - Pretty modern computer too to watch video. Video is choppy in Atholon 2 processor as well as a pentium D. Got good performance with newer processors.

Overall Review: I do recommend this camera, but... it's not an over exaggeration about how over processed the images are. Like I've mentioned, for the most part you can't really tell it if you keep your prints around 8x10 or lower (I haven't tried higher prints yet). It seems to struggle when there is a lack of detail in what you are shooting, and I have noticed that camouflage can pose challenges. Sony's in general produce over processed images. But, if you just want a good camera to take every day photos, maybe some vacation/sports shots. And you don't want to worry about after processing the images. You just want to hit the button, then go to the store and print the results. It's a great camera for you. But, if the over processing and the occasionally almost painted look really bugs you. Or if you like after processing your images. You will hate this camera.

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Decent Case5/24/2011 11:03:59 AM

Pros: More roomy on the inside that it may appear. The screwless components actually do hold on better than i've seen in other cases. Good ventilation options. Generally a well constructed case. No power supply! I have a million of these things laying around I don't need another. Thank you! Besides, most power supplies that come with cases aren't worth keeping. Quite stock fan. Nice look. Not overly huge, but large enough to fit the average build. Small enough to not make a micro atx board look microscopic. Good use of thumb screws. Panels or really anything intending to be removed or moved is easy to work with. Panels slide out smooth, case screws are slick, breakable plates come out easily. Some sharp edges near the front, but generally a pretty safe case. Port plate in the back is snug on most of the port plates I have. This is good if you've ever had a loose one fall out or held in by tape. Front USB ports are spread apart which resolves problems with over sized usb drives.

Cons: The framing is well constructed, but the side panels and the back is a little flimsy. The back fan is so large, when installing a motherboard and the port plate in the back, it's just best to remove the fan and reinstall it after the mother board is put in. The screw holes for the motherboards are striped, and since it's molded as part of the case, it's unlikely that those can be replaced. Careful tightening and multiple screws are the only thing that keeps your board in place. The case does look nice, but as I sit here and look at it, the wire mess front makes me wonder if I'll have serious dust issues. There is probably a better way to do this, but it really is easier to remove the face plates for the drive bays if you completely remove the front panel. Otherwise it's quite difficult. The tabs holding the plates in swing the opposite direction and not in your favor. Cables for the front panels are short. Which makes taking off the panel a challenge.

Overall Review: I'm not a huge fan of the screwless fasteners. But, this case does seem to do it well. But because of this, it is quite painful to install expansion cards. You have to juggle trying to keep the card steady, navigate a thumb screw all while controlling the back plate. I didn't really put this as a con because I generally don't swap in and out cards once I've got my machine configured the way I want. Drives, processors, and ram - probably. But not cards. I didn't realize the stock fan comes with some sort of light... what a waste of power. That will be replaced shortly. I don't really like eSata, but it doesn't have one, so.. that can be a negative to some.

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Poor packaging5/24/2011 10:23:09 AM

Pros: Considering 5 discs cost you >$10 at a local store here, I cannot complain about the $7 price tag as long as most of the discs burn fine. So far, so good.

Cons: I am concerned about the bottom disc. The packaging was poor and so the bottom disc has a lot of scratches in it. So, it's probably more like 4 discs and 1 coaster, but we will see.

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Good. Fast.5/24/2011 10:18:31 AM

Pros: I haven't tried burning everything yet, but it does burn nicely. I haven't had any issues reading burned disc in other systems so far. Or reading any other discs I have. Access time/seek time is great compared to other players. Even those much more expensive. There is an obvious performance increase after replacing my DVD drive. Attractive front panel looks nice on any system.

Cons: Ok, quite nit picky. However, the tray isn't really responsive. I guess I got used to my old drive. Empty drive, press a button and my old one shoots out and is all ready. This one sort of waits a few moments.. takes a coffee break.. then pops out. It's probably not as dramatic as I'm making it out to be, and to be fair, it my just be a blue ray thing. As my other blue ray player is a little on the sluggish side as well.

Overall Review: The software that comes with it. Talk about bloatware. All the packages are needlessly massive. I think I installed the bare minimum in about 500MB. The system has a good size hard drive so, it's not like 1/2 GB is really a problem, but.. seriously... someone is giving Microsoft a run for there money in the bloatware competitions. It's also disappointing to see the price drop by $15 pretty much the day after ordering the drive. Not that I'm complaining ;).

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Not DOA5/24/2011 9:58:04 AM

Pros: Quite, mostly. If you really torture the drive you can hear it. But general usage you don't notice it that much. My systems quite, so any noise that comes from the machine is obvious. Respectable performance. It's not a hot rod or a solid state drive, but it doesn't seem to bog down my system too much.

Cons: Nothing so far.

Overall Review: After reading the other reviews (not just at newegg), I was starting to get concerned that I might have trouble with this drive. I guess we will see, but so far I haven't had any issues.

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Amd fan Likes 6 cores5/24/2011 9:48:59 AM

Pros: Although side by side you can tell the difference between a mid grade i7 and this processor, it does match nicely and it saves some money. It runs cool on the stock fan. Even at high demand over long periods of time, my system peaks at about 38C.

Cons: nothing really.

Overall Review: At first I was tossing up 4 or 6 cores. Too many cores and single threaded processes can suffer slightly. 6 cores seems just right for my general usage.

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Decent Intro AM3+ board5/24/2011 9:37:16 AM

Pros: Good mixture of emerging and legacy technology (USB 2/3, SATA 2/3, standard video, digital, hdmi) Good power controls for over clocking or just micromanaging the system if you want to. For a micro atx board that looks cramped in the pictures. Everything fits nicely. I had no trouble trying out a couple of high end video cards I have. Plenty of room to work and it didn't feel like everything was crammed in. Respectable integrated components. The ATI video card isn't all that special if you want to play some high end - needlessly torcher your system - game, but It'll still work for most modern games and is an over kill for most every day things.

Cons: CPU socket is a little off from the sort of implied standard, so the cpu cover on the door for exhausting external to the system doesn't line up on the couple of cases I have. I presume this would effect most cases. Eh, it's an integrated component, so you kind of expect this, but I really hate video cards that rob system memory. The flip side of this is you can somewhat control how much it robs. 128~512MB. It is a micro atx board, so obviously if you need to add a lot of components to your system, video, networking, tv, whatever else. Your options are limited. There does seem to be a little issue with the board when you leave bios setup. Either the system just takes too long to reboot and I become impatient, or it freezes during part of the reboot process. Admittedly I'm still tweaking the system, so this could be some configuration issue on my end. But it's only when exiting bios setup. Either way, it does take quite a while to load the bios and do it's thing before reading the

Overall Review: I had no issues with running linux so far. Most of the chip sets have had linux drivers for them for a while.

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