Okay sound, didn't last long10/12/2018 11:22:17 AM

Pros: Cheap, sounded okay

Cons: Broke after not particularly long

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Love it and Hate it11/1/2017 5:19:18 PM

Pros: The case looks beautiful, I have to admit. The glowing effect illuminates the case nicely and glass panels are gorgeous. The unit's 4 fans (see below) are a nice inclusion though you might want an extra one or two. Great value for what I paid.

Cons: The hard drive cage is way too close to where the power supply is supposed to fit and this next sentence might kill it for you. If you have a modular or semi-modular, ATX form-factor PSU, you will have to PHYSICALLY DESTROY the cage in order to fit it. The cage cannot simply be unscrewed and removed, you have to break it. Yeah. It's an absolute embarrassment that such a great looking case could make such a basic mistake. The included fans are also pretty mediocre. They look cool and all but the airflow is eh. The cable management is also a hair tight, but it is what it is. And finally... Yeah, that glass panel on the front looks nice and all, but it's actually a temperature liability. I tried running my system at load with the front glass on and off, and the difference went from ~83 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees. It's insane what a difference it makes having the panel obstruct the fans. It's a shame they didn't just cut through the panel, but oh well. You'll do better having it off.

Overall Review: It kills me to give this great looking case a 3 but I'm really on the fence on recommending it. Having to rip out a drive cage is absolutely awful and the front panel is wasted opportunity. Nevertheless, if you've read all this and feel like it's okay and you won't have PSU troubles, go for it.

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Below Average11/1/2017 5:10:36 PM

Pros: Solid Size 1080p

Cons: Color reproduction isn't great Frame is ugly, especially if you own ones where the edges don't extend in front of the panel Only DVI and VGA inputs accepted

Overall Review: It's cheap, but even then you can probably do better.

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Great cooling, great price11/1/2017 5:08:24 PM

Pros: Sits at a great angle for good airflow. Fan is nice and quiet. Not very expensive, great bang for you buck.

Cons: Difficult to install; do what I did and lookup a video as the instruction are a hair confusing

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