Excellent7/10/2021 1:59:04 AM

Pros: Works like it should

Cons: None

Overall Review: I cant say enough good stuff about Gskill's Trident line of products when it comes to use on x570 amd platform. Every time I buy this stuff it just works I bought this listing here twice so im running 64gb ram...picks up XMP profile first time with zero issues works right out the box like it should. Im going to sell this set soon, just ordered 4x32gb kit and im not even worried its not listed as Approved ram on mobo website but I know when i stick it in it will work cause thats what gskill does.

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Great Drive!7/10/2021 1:53:22 AM

Pros: Fast Reliable Great endurance

Cons: Price...But it is enterprise so thats not a surprise.

Overall Review: I mainly bought it because it has extremely high endurance compared to consumer drives. These Nytro Drives arnt super available online for sale depending on the Prefix model number your looking for because it tells you what the drive is good for like this one is "XS" which is Scaled Endurance. This is a SAS drive so im using 12gb/s LSI lenovo pcie raid card to use this SSD, it meets its advertised speeds like seagate claims. Works perfect and ive had zero issues. Endurance is 1 full drive write per day or 3500TBW.... which is ALOT compared to consumer drives most consumer drives are around 500-700tbw before failure. What I will say is its not as fast at compute workloads like my Seagate nvme Q5...nor is it as fast writing or reading. What that works out to is the nytro is about roughly 20% slower even more when your dealing with very fast nvme's like corsair mp600 for example but your getting extreme reliability here you have to keep that in mind. Overall at end of the day I would say if...if you have the money to invest in enterprise drive for specific use case that has ALOT of writes per day like i do doing roughly 4.5tb per day then this drive could make sense to own. Its all about speed vs reliability you cant have both and if your close to having both your going to spend alot of money to have that.

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Eggcellent5/22/2021 9:00:07 PM

Pros: Fast Reliable Quiet Cool

Cons: none

Overall Review: I highly recommend these for pro-sumber application, lets be real your really going enterprise when going with sas solution so this is more intended for entry level server enterprise or high end consumers. I write 37000gb every 130hrs to my enterprise sas SSD (Seagate Nytro 1.92TB SAS Drive) non-stop 24/7 then offloading some of it onto these SATA enterprise drives so I dont have huge speed requirement so sata works good for me. Anyways im impressed with how cool they run, quiet they are. All four I ordered ive had zero issues. I would definitely buy more and look at no other brand.

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Excellent endurance5/22/2021 8:52:20 PM

Pros: Fast Reliable Decent price per GB....more on that in review. Highest write endurance

Cons: None

Overall Review: If your motherboard has heatsinks with thermal pads take off all the stickers off the drive. This is probably the best of the best when it comes to speed and endurance in the consumer market 550TBW max write life endurance there is few m.2 drives that can handle this type of workload, when properly installed and if it has airflow over the heatsink this drive runs full 100% load for days on end at 55c. I write alot to my drives and its very very hard on them. The expected life span of this one is probably 3-4 months which is better then most ive killed. And I know im asking for enterprise endurance in the consumer space, but its expensive to go into the SAS enterprise SSD space but I found a solution the other day. Anyways im going to sell this im done with nvme m.2 its just to costly to me. If your in market for extremely high write endurance like me look at going m.2 to u.2 SAS adapter pair that with Seagate Nytro "LE" part number SAS drive and depending on model your looking at 3500-21000tbw.....Yes the drives are 500- 1200$ for 2tb but you get your moneys worth and then some. These enterprise Seagate Nytro drives take a beating and keep coming for more....yes thats 3500000-21000000GB of writes before failure. And I throw down 37000gb of writes in just 130hrs....hence the need for a fast ssd enterprise solution. Hope this helps any high endurance junkie like me looking for cost effective solution. Dont take this as negative review if you dont have requirements like I do this drive will last you years for a consumer application your getting excellent value you will more then likely never kill this drive.

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great!9/7/2020 9:29:57 AM

Pros: Its a disc

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought windows 10 retail when it first came out, and its a pain to update so I bought this cause its has very recent build on it so its not days of updates to get it to current. Highly recommend.

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Perfect4/17/2020 8:07:25 PM

Pros: Good weight and fittment Pretty comforatable

Cons: Nothing so far.

Overall Review: I have to say for money...these are eggcellent. I bought them for warzone covid-19 gaming so I have a mic to play with. They were on sale during stimulus time. Soon as i plugged them in with usb dongle windows 10 saw it installed by itself... everything literally worked right of box no messing with any settings I couldnt believe it no mic level adjustments nothing. Perfect. Good job Corsair.

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Awesome case1/19/2020 12:24:45 AM

Pros: Well built Cool Tampered glass "alot of room for mini itx"

Cons: There is definitely few things, look at overall review.

Overall Review: Lets just say if your going with high end build and custom loop be prepared to tinker. This is tight case for liquid build and not for novice builder, ive built alot of systems in my time and it took me about 9hrs to build this system with custom loop. Its alot of taking apart putting together taking apart...dremel...problem solving etc. I tried my hardest fitting three 120mm rads slim into this case...and its possible but you will have to mod the bones of this chassis to make that work meaning take center frame out and refitting everything. I decided against that and only going two 120mm rads. You might as well forget about res also no room. Im running swifttech mini pump its one of smallest and super quiet pump mounted on top of bottom fan. I had to mod front panel to put fan outside of case to fit front rad. Bottom rad is pushpull. Then after hours of building...which i knew I needed atleast three 120mm rads for 9900k and 2080ti i was running real toasty so for next 2-3 days couple hours at time I experimented with adjusting fan curves...no joy for temps I mean we were talking cpu going almost right to 74c and climbing to above 80c while heat soaking. Alot of messing around later, I got bottom put in push pull...used A/C ducting tape from home depot to seal any holes on front chassis with panel off to prevent air from recirculating through rads, used the tape to seal rads against case and fans against rads to prevent any loss of pressure. Ordered the mesh gpu side panel from England cause none were available in usa. Also cut large slots into front panel to let fans breathe easier (troubleshoot the lack of airflow by running it without front panel) I finally got temps down to 40c idle with loads in 70-72c range but thats at 4.8ghz all core 5ghz boost on 9900k (before temps were 3.6ghz no boost). The 2080ti well it floats around 70c also which hurts the boost clocks a little but its so powerful that you dont really notice those few fps lost. If you want challenging custom loop project and you've built alot of systems this will give you run for your money. This would have been easy build with fan gpu and cpu. Its well built case and has alot of room for mini itx. I highly recommend it for novice fan builder or experienced custom loop builder.

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Eggcellent1/19/2020 12:03:40 AM

Pros: Small Quality built Good extras like onboard audio, wifi and two m.2 slots Amazing bios for mini itx board

Cons: Only thing I can think of is I saw no way to control fan or overclocks in windows like with older ROG boards, I kind of miss that and was pretty disappointed.

Overall Review: I run 9900k and 2080ti in custom water loop, 32gb corsair rgb pro and intel 1tb ssd m.2 all inside phantek swift mini itx case. Its amazing how powerful this system is and how quiet it is with noctura fans, gets audible when under load when fans speed up but idle i ran barely hear it sitting 2 ft away at my desk. Bios is rock solid doing 4.8ghz all core with 5ghz boost worked perfect. The auto quiet fan setup was pretty neat but I ended up setting my own pwm curves in bios. Overall im happy with it besides the fact of no windows ROG software to control fan curves atleast from what i saw. Board stays fairly cool in such small case also.

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Eggcellent Cpu1/18/2020 11:54:10 PM

Pros: Its fast, actually fastest consumer cpu you can get besides the bin KS model. You can run this on 120mm rad in push pull just dont expect major overclock. I run mine at 4.8ghz all core with boost to 5ghz. 78C under load heat soaked.

Cons: Runs little warm but thats to be expected.

Overall Review: Just throwing this out here cause I see people saying you need 240 and 360mm rad. You really dont I run 2080ti and this 9900k on pushpull two 120mm rads in custom loop. Does she get warm definitely... Loop heat soaked puts cpu around 78C @ 4.8ghz under load. This thing is fast already at 3.6ghz. I have mine setup to 4.8ghz all core with boost to 5ghz. 2080ti is stock clocks with ek block.

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Wow8/29/2019 4:31:25 PM

Pros: Spacious Great layout Perfect for custom loops Nice to have psu separation No CD drive bays Fits 360 front and top plus 120 rear Vertical GPU capable Its very quiet case specially if your running all PWM nocturas, On custom fan curve.

Cons: You have to buy vertical gpu mount separate Sliding Cable hiders

Overall Review: Im going to say this, For the money you cant beat this case...honestly this case beats alot of high priced cases in features. Its well made, Its also super quiet - I have all Fans on custom water loop using PWM noctura fan using custom fan curve. This case is quiet I cant hear this system from 5ft away, I couldnt believe the quality and thought that went into this case from foam on the panels to the.... Im done typing - If your reading this you should just buy it because for money you cant touch this case. It was well worth every penny I spent.

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Great Drive!10/5/2016 11:54:33 PM

Pros: Fast, Easy install and does what it should and reasonable price.

Cons: None so far, Hope its reliable.

Overall Review: This was replacement for failing WD Blue 1tb that was installed in my laptop. Ive build alot of computers and game on them but this system isnt gaming laptop this is my personal work and web browsing system. So to be honest I could careless about MB/s it pulls and stats. This drive works its much quicker then WD blue 5400rpm drive and battery life as increased by about 40-45min. Good enough drive for purpose it serves. If you looking for gaming one I would look more at OCZ, Intel...

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Excellent drives8/9/2015 12:36:31 PM

Pros: Quiet Reliable 24/7/365 Operation Runs Cool compared to Consumer drives

Cons: None

Overall Review: These drives are absolutely excellent ive never owned enterprise grade drives but they are definitely worth the couple extra buckx. I ordered 4 Drives for two raid 1's and 1 spare drive for total of 5. Clean zero formatted each one 3 times and ran disk check and WD Smart Full test. I had zero issues. Solid drives. All had 0 hours when received. Highly recommend these if your looking for solid drive with 5yr warranty. Currently my oldest drive i have is hitachi deskstar 1tb with 25500 hours on it - Hope these make it that far haha.

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Terrible8/8/2015 12:30:52 PM

Pros: Good when it works.

Cons: Keeps going into power conserve when it shouldn't, Emailed tech support they really were not much help. I used 4 Enterprise class WD 2tb's in raid 5.

Overall Review: After 2 months of use the drive cycled connection to computer any big file transfers above 3gb it would disconnect. Needless to say I lost 1.5TB of information cause I cant transfer it off the raid. Complete garbage cra.p product. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these standlone raid boxes. Your better off getting two 2 bay sata docks and running each set in raid 1 via windows software raid. Its not possible losing data this way cause both drives can work separate if enclosure fails or a drive fails. And your not dependent on enclosure rebuilding the array or in my case enclosure failing. Keep it connected to APC battery backup for surge suppression and power conditioning. These are my personal opinions for better data security but always have master backup drive thats not connected to a computer and in static bag. Lucky I had a backup of the raid that was about 2 months old still lost total of about 500-600gb.

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Great dock!6/19/2015 8:01:29 AM

Pros: Quick to setup Supports two drives Esata + USB Hot swappable Drives fit perfectly Runs fairly cool Fairly Heavy so it wont move and rubber pads are good on bottom keep it from moving on desk

Cons: Only usb 2.0 SMART data will only be available from HDD Port 1

Overall Review: I personally believe most of issues on this dock are from people not knowing what they are doing. New drives need initialized before format, otherwise they wont show up. Also Dock will only show 1st port HDD for smart data this isnt a issue just the design. Improper ejecting of drives over usb 2.0 will most likely cause drives to break. The hot swap is only for esata. And Esata requires port multipler motherboard in order to work right so most people dont know what that means specially people using this on esata laptop. Keep in mind people complaining about drives dropping/disapearing is mainly because alot of newer drives have power conserving features that will spin down drive when not in use. That coupled with windows hard drive power management will cause these things. Safe bet for 24/7 usage is Western Digital Red or black drive due to them not having power conserving features built in and turning off power conserving features in windows. I can almost promise you 30% of issues on this are due to user error. Great dock my drives run cooler on this one for whatever reason then my cheap e/bay 1 bay dock. I bought this just to maintain my drives for my raid array and to clone a drive if need be. My Setup: This Dock 5x Western Digital Black (2TB) (Enterprise Class) WD2000F9YZ (Use this dock to test my drives and maintain my raid 5 array)

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Top notch12/20/2014 8:46:44 PM

Pros: Fan speed/Loudness Adjustable USB Hub USB Powered Good airflow/Quiet

Cons: None So far in 2yrs of ownership

Overall Review: Purchased elsewhere, At the time newegg didnt carry it. I have had this cooling pad for about 2yrs and I did 9 month deployment with it being stored in backpack and subjected to light sand in air. (middle east) Basically its taken beating. No rattling or anything. Best pad ive used and highly recommend it. Works like it did when I bought it.

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Works perfect.5/3/2013 8:28:53 AM

Pros: Works great so far! Very fast drive quicker then Vertex 3 ive done client builds with. Boot time from On button to win7 is 14-15sec. Very impressive my Vertex 3 drives never did it that quick.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Another reason im going to support Crucial from now on is they are actually a Idaho company (Micron). Works great so far but should it fail ill report back with that info. I see alot of people complaining about failures or formatting. You SHOULD expect to have to format every drive you buy new, Windows 7 these days has the option to do this in install process so thats not hard. Also get Diskeeper to maintain SSD's like they should be. Dont defragment SSD's like you would Spin drive, Also check google on what settings should be enabled in windows when running SSD's - I dont run sleep or hibernate on my computers its not good for ssd's.

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Works perfect.5/3/2013 8:23:09 AM

Pros: Works like it should with no errors at XMP settings.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Reliable and perfect like always, I buy nothing but gskill for my client builds. In about 2 years I have had no set fail yet. Pretty great. They have awesome support forum on their website also just you have problems with timings on some boards that are not "officially" support gskill.

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Awesome like always.5/3/2013 8:20:22 AM

Pros: The best period.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Like mentioned ive used this compound for so many builds its crazy, Ive bought probably about 10 tubes of this in my life, used it for gpu's, cpu's - Air cooling, Liquid. You name it. Its not all star newegg seller for nothing. Top notch stuff. And it last for several builds.

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Amazing So Far...5/3/2013 6:02:44 AM

Pros: Awesome layout Superb Bios like always from asus Best ITX overclocking board you can buy, Bit pricy though. Documentation/Manual always excellent Like always... Thanks for all sata cables and accessories thats huge plus.

Cons: To this part im huge asus fan, But...And this is first time ive had this happen. It really sucked when I fired it up first time and got chassis intrusion error. Since ive built alot of systems this aint big deal but to a newb this would have been headache, Asus forgot to put chassis intrusion jumper on header on board...Thank goodness I have bag of scrap from previous builds, Looked in manual what jumpers to short on board. Needless to say it was pain since I had to take 660ti out again and everything. -1 egg for quality control. FIY if this happens to you, you have to clear cmos after setting intrusion jumper.

Overall Review: Like always great product from asus just little more attention to detail would have been nice. Thats how you get RMA's from newbs.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Worth it!12/29/2012 12:03:37 AM

Pros: Folding feet with two heights (top and bottom of cooler) Good airflow USB hub built into side Great for being on a bed

Cons: The fans are noisey even at low rmp. Max speed they are about as loud as my laptop gaming.

Overall Review: Great little pad and from all the pads ive ever used this is one of best designed cooling pads I have ever seen. Very very good. Alot of thought was put into this one. Also with the two level height feet on bottom it makes perfect solution for gaming on bed or soft surface. It gives it plenty of breathing room. M14x R2 i7 3630QM 16GB ram Nvidia 560 2gb 128GB Samsung SSD 750GB Western digital

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Perfect!8/30/2012 7:59:00 AM

Pros: Works like advertised! Gskill is always even this cheap stuff. I run the real nice stuff in my gaming rig.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Used this on Macbook Pro 2010, Put it in and worked without a hiccup just like it should. Shipping was fast from newegg like always and gskill makes great memory like always.

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Great!8/25/2012 10:40:05 PM

Pros: Works like advertised.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Works perfect on macbook pro (2011) and Dell N7110

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Top notch3/24/2012 6:58:52 AM

Pros: Awesome stuff! Intel auto profile worked perfect in bios with my Asrock board.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Gskill rocks, Ive bought them for 1 client build and 2 of my personal builds. I look to them these days every time for ram. Normally have tightest timings also. Keep it up gskill!

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Little Update3/24/2012 6:56:57 AM

Pros: Update to last review.

Cons: -

Overall Review: Just so everyone knows since its so confusing when this board throttles. Yes it will throttle with I5 2500k @4.5ghz but only when prime95 or stress software is used. Im using Corsair H60 - Load ~60c and its at 4.5ghz +.9v under turbo with no throttling in games like bf3. So overclocking is possible, just you gotta check stability of your overclocks basically in games and such.

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Awesome SFF case!3/22/2012 11:22:07 PM

Pros: Great layout of space 600W psu that can rock any video card out there. 2 SSD bays and one full size HD bay. The slim line DVD bay is cool...But like others mentioned no data/power adapters for one of those are included...So im rocking a USB ext slimline instead.

Cons: Evga gtx580 classified ultra does not fit without little modification. More on that in other thoughts.

Overall Review: I know this was not a approved card for this case but I knew I could make it work. You will need a dremel to modify the top frame bar a little on gpu side of case and also from looks of it oval out the psu mounting a little and move it to right (when looking at the front of case) about 1-2mm which will help clear the back side of the video card. Also the entire 140mm fan setup in top of case has to come out, I replaced it with pretty high rpm 120mm fan and mounted it into the mesh a little offset and its being speed controlled via bios on cpu temp during load. Either way I got Asrock ITX board, 8GB Gskill sniper ram, 2ssd's in raid 0, 1tb hd, Intel i5 2500k @4ghz and evga gtx 580 classified ultra and this little system just rocks ur socks off. Super fast in a small package. Little mods and this case will fit any card out there.

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