SO MANY hardware issues!7/2/2021 11:47:02 AM

Pros: It's light The keyboard feels good The display is bright Fast processing, runs lots of things when it's working Lots of USB ports, which is good 'cause you need them to replace all the broken internals

Cons: Bought April 2020. By July 2021: - Speakers EXTREMELY quiet at top volume (from get-go) - Had to replace charger TWICE (starting at 4 months in) - Touchpad started giving constant inputs, had to disable it to be functional (at 6mo) - Stopped holding a charge for longer than an hour (12mo) - Spontaneously shuts down when unplugged, even at full charge (13mo) - Webcam stopped functioning (14mo)

Overall Review: Stay away. After a year this thing is essentially a desktop computer, needing to be plugged in at all times and with a wad of peripherals. Just bringing it to work means I have to pack charger, mouse, speakers and webcam. It's a good core, but all the extras are junk.

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Input full of static, connection drops6/2/2020 12:57:45 PM

Pros: Good color. Good sound quality.

Cons: Tricky to link together. The mic input is staticky, so they're good for listening but terrible for calls or voice chat.

Overall Review: Not worth the price, given that I can't make calls with them.

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Doesn't work6/2/2020 10:45:26 AM

Cons: Displays HIGH or LOW. No actual temperature. Instructions vague, but there's only one button.

Overall Review: Nonfunctional.

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Delightful.5/27/2020 5:35:24 PM

Pros: Easiest vac I've ever used.

Cons: Took awhile to get here!

Overall Review: Really great product.

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Slim and sturdy and functional, but the speakers are so soft5/11/2020 5:30:37 PM

Overall Review: Love it, mostly. But the speakers are very difficult to hear anything out of! I've tried reinstalling all the drivers and running other troubleshooting to no avail. Good color, sturdy beast.

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It's nice, but needs restarting constantly3/12/2020 9:04:57 AM

Pros: - Excellent look! - Functional and quick response - Good key feel

Cons: - Every time I start up the computer, I have to unplug and re-plug the keyboard USB to get it to respond. :C

Overall Review: If your USB hub is near your desk, it works great!

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