Cheap drives, not very dependable8/25/2019 12:27:56 PM

Pros: - low cost

Cons: - High failure rate! - slow compared to other options

Overall Review: Purchased a few of these for PIF (pay-it-forward) builds and out of 5 rigs 3 had to be RMA'd. On all 3 occasions the RMA process was smooth and reasonably fast (under 2 weeks) considering the price of this drive. Adata is not a bad brand by any means and they do take care of their customers; however, this specific model, I cannot recommend for anything semi-critical. I currently have a few of these as test drives and scratch disks and can no longer use them for PIFs or any other purpose.

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Great kit for my Threadripper build3/20/2019 12:37:41 PM

Pros: Plugged 2 of these kits in my Asus Zenith Alpha paired with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X. Set it to 3200MHz and the rest is a done deal.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: - Trusted quality from G.Skill - I haven't built a system (Intel and AMD) in over 7 years - that's not about to change any time soon.

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A Game Changer, really.7/23/2017 10:40:55 PM

Pros: - LOW TDP, even OC'ed to 4.1GHz - Price/Performance is a no-brainer. You can go with a $900+ counter part, or low-$400's; your pick.

Cons: - none really. Wish I had this a year ago!

Overall Review: It took 3 months or so for a decent BIOS update, but that's all due seemingly to a rushed release - by now (7/24/2017) most manufacturers have caught up and implemented AMD's AGESA which makes over all compatibility and OC-ability even easier. For the price and performance there's really nothing negative I can say; it just plain works!

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Excellent RAM, Do NOT use multiple RGB controller apps7/23/2017 10:33:07 PM

Pros: - Best looking RGB implementation - Out of the box, 3200MHz on Crosshair VI Hero - OC and RAM stable at 3466MHz (this kit).

Cons: - none

Overall Review: - As the title states, do NOT, under ANY circumstance use more than one RGB controller. If you had one installed previously, clean it out, ALL the way (registry, background apps etc; kill it all). You can end up with a corrupt SPD. Even with all the negative feedback, 99% of all issues seem to be from using multiple RGB controllers.

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EVGA 1200W and 1000W Platinums are the only PSU's I'd use4/20/2017 6:50:32 PM

Pros: Fully modular and 1200 Watts of clean power to drive my 6950-x, 7700k, and now my 1800X system! All 3 systems are SLI'ed with EVGA Titan-X' and 1080's. Fairly quiet - between 30 - 60dB - once the fan starts running but not quiet enough in an isolated recording environment (studio). Not really a "Con" as most users will have ambient noise to wash it out.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I only use EVGA's Platinum PSUs in all my systems and for all client builds - can't go wrong with the quality and warranty. One "little" feature I'd like to see is a fan-curve control option as available in the XOC app.

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Absolutely love it!2/6/2014 6:13:35 AM

Pros: Linux compatibility, OC friendly, lots of room

Cons: none yet for our application

Overall Review: I got this as a test/prototype for a custom rendering project which involves multiple GPU's (4 x 9750's) to render data models for our lab environment. This is all based on custom software and the mobo, GPU's are all housed in a custom chassis for heat control and it's been an absolutely dream running 24/7 since day one. We'll be setting up a small farm with this set up as part of a modular system. Thank you New Egg and Asus!

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