Thin Beast!10/20/2020 6:16:54 AM

Pros: - High Quality Build - Very Sleek design - Very Good Performance - Mild RGB - Easy-to-use ASUS Software

Cons: - Gets Very Hot - Loud Fans - Battery Life

Overall Review: After a month with this beauty, I can say I am satisfied with my purchase. The laptop itself has a very discreet design where at first glance you couldn’t even tell it’s a gaming laptop. The chassis is made of Magnesium Alloy so it feels like top quality material and it’s a little over 4 pounds so it’s very portable. So far every game I’ve thrown at it (with the exception of RDR2) just gets destroyed at ultra settings. It does get hot though, with the CPU reaching 93 Celsius at stock settings and the fans sounding like jet engines. With a little undervolting though I was able to get an acceptable temperature range with better performance while gaming whilst lowering the fan noise significantly. Battery life is pretty garbage though, only lasting 2 hours with all power-friendly settings on and light web-browsing but is to be expected from a gaming laptop. Although the model I bought only came with 512gb of storage and I had to opt for a 2TB External SSD. Overall, with some undervolting this is a beast of a laptop that can smash through almost any game at 1080p and pretty future-proofed in my opinion. Would’ve gave it 5 stars but my unit came with a single dead pixel at the top of the screen.

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After almost 2 years...9/13/2020 10:11:52 PM

Pros: - Amazing performance - Exceptional cooking - Very quiet fan - Simple Design

Cons: - Upside-down power sockets - Size/Weight

Overall Review: After having this card for almost 2 years, I can say I am fortunate to have received one of the functional units at the time and it has exceeded my expectations with every game I played within that time. At 2k 144hz, games like warframe I get over 200 FPS, Red Dead Redemption 2 getting a comfortable 80-90fps max settings, constant 120+ fps on Warzone max settings, etc. The card has also never been past 68 degrees Celsius since I’ve owned it, with GPU benchmarking software like Heaven running at 100+ fps max settings unable to do it. The fans itself is really quiet too, being inaudible during light use. The RBG is limited only to the logo, controllable through Zotac’s overclocking software. To me this simple design really overshadows the size and power of this card. One warning for those thinking about purchasing is that the power connectors on the gpu itself is upside down. You might have to turn your connectors at an angle to securely connect to the card, which may be an issue if your power supply chords aren’t long enough. It is also a long heavy card which means there is eventual gpu sag. I personally bought a small gpu lift to put inside my desktop to help with the sag but it’s not needed. GPU sag happens often to cards with beefy coolers and, in most cases, don’t have problems. Overall, if you don’t mind the size and the orientation of the power sockets on the card, it is an absolute beast in terms of performance, has exeptional cooling, and very quiet. It has brought me an amazing 2 years of fantastic visuals with many more to come.

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Monster Perfomance1/12/2019 3:55:11 AM

Pros: Really Fast Card Beefy cooler with low temps Low fan noise Monster performance Sleek design

Cons: Size of card Upside down power connectors

Overall Review: I ordered this card on November 3rd and got it on the 20th of that month. After hearing all the news about cards dying I waited it out first to see if I was one of the unlucky ones so that I don’t need to revise my review lol. Otherwise, this cards’ performance is monstrous! I upgraded from a GTX 1080 to experience 100+ fps gaming at 1440p and boy I am not disappointed. Games like Witcher 3 and Shadow of War average out 100+ fps at max settings. Fan noise is barely noticeable and the card has never went above 70 degrees Celsius. I never overclock my GPUs so I cant say anything there although a card like this, you don’t need to. The only thing I didn’t like was the size of the card, as for some people it might be big depending on your case, and the power connectors were upside down which kind of conflicted with my cable management. The pricing for this card though is too high for any gamer so do not buy this card unless you want the best of the best. I had leftover scholarship money so I went for it. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

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