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This thing is junk5/17/2019 7:47:56 AM

Pros: Light, sound is ok

Cons: Interface sucks and isn't easy to switch to certain inputs like bluetooth. It often mis-detects HD input so you get into a cycle of turning things on and off to get them to display in 1080 instead of 480. About one out of 5 times you turn this device on with your entertainment center you will get video but no sound. Again you have to shut everything down and attempt to turn on again to get your sound. Device was so bad I had to replace it after 18 months because I was the only one in the house who could get it to work when it started acting up. It's now in my wood shop now playing FM radio only.

Overall Review: Don't buy, Don't buy

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Nice Mount3/23/2013 7:46:59 AM

Pros: This mount is one of the best I've ever used. Hangs well and looks good. I have 2 mounted in wood studs and they could probably hold 2 tvs.

Cons: None really, make sure you pre-drill holes and don't try to use the provided level; use something, anything else.

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Worked as Expected3/23/2013 7:43:52 AM

Pros: Plug it in and you are on your way.

Cons: There are a lot of cords; you will need a nice clean area to work.

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Great Picture, lousy sound11/9/2012 10:40:43 AM

Pros: Fantastic picture, very bright, crisp HD images, multiple HDMI + VGA

Cons: sound quality is poor, no DVI, no mounting options, OSD is a little tricky to navigate

Overall Review: This monitor has the best picture of any I've owned and I have a Samsung 27" at work. The picture is very bright and clean. The default input type is AV, this has to be changed to PC or you will get overscan issues; also turn off all overscan in your video card settings. If you are looking for anything more than the windows sounds then do yourself a favor and get yourself some external speakers. Also, if you want to put your monitor on an arm or wall mount go find something else because there are no mounting options for this monitor. Otherwise it is a very good value for the price!!

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11/9/2012 10:32:49 AM

Pros: Small Form Factor

Cons: lousy sound, poor cable design, not very loud

Overall Review: blew both speakers within a month, replaced with Logitech Z305 sound bar for the same price and couldn't be happier with it.

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Nice Little USB Hub11/9/2012 10:22:09 AM

Pros: Cheap, Fast

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Great little USB hub. I got sick of having to reach around the back of my computer to plug stuff in when I ran out of ports in the front. I just velcroed it to the side of my case to instantly give me 4 more front USB 3.0 ports.

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Does what I need3/2/2012 10:59:11 AM

Pros: Easy setup, plenty of buttons

Cons: This remote is configured through a webpage on Logitech's website. This page isn't exactly easy to find.

Overall Review: I bought this remote to work with CrystalBuntu/XBMC on ATV v1. Loaded with the plex player profile every button works in XBMC, finally a decent remote to use with my ATV.

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Works fine for smaller systems1/20/2012 9:27:19 AM

Pros: Price, low volume, plenty of connectors

Cons: none, if you run out of connectors you should be using a larger PSU.

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Good SSD11/11/2011 8:07:15 AM

Pros: Fast, Small, Quiet, Reasonable price

Cons: Expensive (though not necessarily compared to other SSDs)

Overall Review: I'm using this drive for SSD caching on an Intel Z68 chipset. It has made a significant speed improvement on my system.

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Best bang for the buck11/11/2011 8:04:19 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, Fast (not a SSD or Velociraptor but still fast), reliable

Cons: None

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Good OC Board9/23/2011 10:34:31 AM

Pros: SSD Caching gives a huge performance boost for gamers or graphics designers. Great for overclocking.

Cons: No case fan headers, UEFI BIOS is a little confusing at first. Options under Boot and Overclocking sections can be a bit confusing

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Good Card9/23/2011 10:28:43 AM

Pros: Overclocked from factory, reasonable price, great performance, very cool

Cons: huge honking card - must have a full tower for this card. I have the old style Antec full tower and it fits well but this card would not fit in a lot of newer cases.

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Fantastic RAM9/23/2011 10:23:18 AM

Pros: Cool, Fast, Low Timings

Cons: None so far

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Great CPU9/23/2011 10:14:10 AM

Pros: OC this cpu at 4.6GHz no problem with Zalman fan. I am running Asus P8Z68 board with GSkil Ripjaws X 2133 RAM.

Cons: Even if you aren't going to overclock you MUST replace the heat sink and fan on this processor. The factory heat sink will overheat every time.

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Great Keyboard!6/11/2011 1:55:04 PM

Pros: Small footprint (full sized keys though), comfortable, aesthetically appealing, tiny USB receiver, good key "click" but still quiet, extremely good battery life and charging abilities, never laggy in games

Cons: None

Overall Review: I use this keyboard in my office which is dark almost all the time. The only real light is some low level ambient lights behind me, the monitor, and the television. I've been using this keyboard for about 3 weeks and it has a full charge still. The keys have a closed design which makes it very easy to clean. I just turn it off and wipe the entire top with a damp cloth looks like bran new again. No need to clean around all the nooks and crannies, just wipe the top like it was a table. My old keyboard was always covered in dust and junk which took half an hour or more to clean.

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Junk6/11/2011 1:44:50 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Bulky, don't stay put properly, buttons pop off, VERY difficult to adjust

Overall Review: These are junk, don't waste your money. It couldn't hold a 19" Dell LCD in place without tightening the allen keys so tight you couldn't adjust the monitor. I couldn't really get them into the position I wanted either; the pictures make them look like they move all over the place but the range is surprisingly short.

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Not a big fan6/11/2011 1:37:16 PM

Pros: Accurate, Good Battery, Fast Wire Connect, Precise Wheel

Cons: HUGE, thumb button placement, feet/sliding, DPI presets, big disk on your desk, wires all over the place

Overall Review: The mouse appears to work fine but has some major drawbacks that are forcing me to get rid of it. My last mouse was a Logitech G7 and I loved it but the thumb button broke. Overall the mouse works fine, it is accurate and does not disconnect at all. If you have huge hands and a gaming mouse pad you might feel differently about this mouse. My problems are the mouse is way too big (wide) for my grip/hands. I'm 6' 185lbs with a fingertip type mouse grip. I can't get my hands on the mouse and be able to click the thumb buttons correctly. They are placed top bottom which is agitating. My desk is a hard wood surface and the mouse feet feel sticky. When playing WoW I keep missing spell buttons. I've tried all 3 sets of feet it comes with, they appear all be the same, just different colors. The receiver is 3.5" diameter X 1" thick disk that sits on the desk and creates a ton of wires on the desk. Could at least put some USB ports on it.

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Good motherboard!4/17/2010 10:26:25 PM

Pros: Great for overclockers. Tons of settings in the BIOS for everything you want. Running cool and quiet. Temperature sensors appear to be accurate which is sometimes a problem. Nice small footprint on windows utilities.

Cons: Some BIOS settings for overclocking are a bit confusing and not grouped like you might expect. Voltage settings are not clear.

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Quiet!4/17/2010 10:23:04 PM

Pros: Extremely quiet! Tons of connectors. Long cords.

Cons: Long cords and tons of connectors sometimes get in the way if you don't have a good place to stuff the extras.

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works for everything i've tried4/17/2010 10:21:35 PM

Pros: This drive worked on everything! Readyboost in Win7 and Ubuntu! Booted my Apple TV from it with ATV USB Creator, installed Ubuntu to Apple TV, PC, and PS3 booting from this drive. Fast as a USB stick can be.

Cons: Fat rubber outside makes putting 2 of these in 2 rear USB slots next to each other on some motherboards difficult. They spread out a little and catch on each other when trying to pull just one.

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Good drive for the value4/17/2010 10:17:16 PM

Pros: It's not a velociraptor but Good price and performance and quiet

Cons: none yet

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Super Cooling!!4/16/2010 3:19:05 PM

Pros: Fantastic Cooling! Running Q6600 2.4GHz at 3.1

Cons: Don't install the fan backwards or you WILL overheat. Make sure it is blowing toward the back of the case

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