Almost perfect5/4/2019 9:12:59 PM

Pros: small bezels Good Stand sRGB ,pretty good colors Bright and Lots of Contrast (including various amounts of other OSD options) G-Sync / 144hz

Cons: Weird flashing light when open up a game or something hard application Giant black hole (visible) in the middle when something dark or black covers the screen

Overall Review: Would recommend for its beauty values but as for some slight features the are quite buggy can be ignored.

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Almost perfect3/23/2019 5:37:22 PM

Pros: Fast (Obviously) Compact LED for the logo

Cons: COIL WHINE Gets a little hot (78 C) even with 2 fans

Overall Review: This card is nearly perfect I ran it with some demanding and slightly demanding games , but during those times I've realized that this card has really bad coil whine , and it was very noticeable when playing, i was hoping it could've been another component but sadly it was the gpu itself. I don't know or plan on seeing if the manufacturer would give me a new , because its too much work but yea i would recommend it as long you get a card without loud coil whine. its sounds like its buzzing with a high frequency pitch aswell.

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Does its job fairly well!7/29/2018 6:35:43 PM

Pros: RGB LED STRIP I/O ports Almost updated drivers

Cons: The motherboard had some flimsy areas looked like it was about to break

Overall Review: Installing the cpu fan can be a bit of a struggle , due to the design flaw of the screws going into to nowhere making hard for them to stay still , and soon the screw would pop out while screwing another screw in.

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An awesome case !7/29/2018 6:32:33 PM

Pros: Good Build quality Lightweight (imo) comes with cable ties and everything else necessary to build

Cons: The pre intalled Led RED fan starts up turns off and then turns back on works but weird. And the front panel audio is buggy as the audio slowly goes from one side of the headphones to the other and have to plug it out and then in

Overall Review: The case is a oily fingerprint magnet, and so is the window panel. Overall its pretty good for the price!

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