Amazing Chassis, Amazing Keyboard, Relatively Quiet2/8/2021 8:53:27 PM

Pros: Amazing Chassis, built like a tank, very sleek and looks awesome. Mechanical keyboard is unmatched for a laptop, the sound, the feel is incredible. Backlighting on keyboard is awesome as well, very bright and no bleed.

Cons: Matte black still easily makes fingerprints, kind of like last year's silver better. Rear Aorus icon on back of screen is somewhat dark compared to previous models. No way to increase brightness on it. Aorus control center still doesn't allow more than one customizable keyboard for games to be saved and accessed immediately. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but don't think so. No i9 offered for the 17G

Overall Review: Incredible gaming choice, so many positives, very few negatives.

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Pros: Read Speeds: 2337MB/s Write Speeds: 1590MB/s Bought two of them and they worked perfectly out of the box and was recognized by my UEFI on initial boot. I bought the new MSI Z170A Gaming Titanium motherboard. I put one in each of the M.2 slots and they are kick'in! I also installed a fresh Windows 10 from a USB key and everything worked great and was recognized.

Cons: None, so far...

Overall Review: I bought two of these and didn't buy an optical drive either so my setup doesn't have any extra power/data cable connections. I wanted to do this for a super clean test bench build and it is awesome looking not using any SATA cables and minimizing power cabling!!! i7-6700k MSI Z170A Gaming Titanium Mobo (2) MSI GTX 980 Ti 32Gb Ballistix DDR4-2666 DeepCool Captain 360 Cooling System Seasonic 1200W Platinum PSU Lian Li PC-T80X Test Bench

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
MSI Quality!9/21/2015 1:51:30 PM

Pros: I bought this version of the GTX 980 Ti because of the cooler. I know some other reviewers have called this cooler cheap, but I have a different take on it. I bought two cards because of the color of the cooler. I also bought an MSI Z170A Titanium motherboard to go with it matching in color and brand. Well, they match perfectly. I am using a test bench so I wanted everything to look exactly the same. The cooler, while it is plastic, looks awesome. The pictures of the front on look on the card doesn't do the card justice. It is a very shiny plastic which has a texture built into it which gives it a premium look. I also like the cooler design where it blows most of the heat outside of a case. The identification on it that reads 980 Ti on the side edge of them is very nice too. Overall, very happy with the fit and finish on the 'cheap' cooler. MSI quality is amazing, never had an issue going with their brand.

Cons: Ok, I had quite a few pros for the cooler, now comes the cons. I wish there was a backplate on the card. I know that backplates can hurt the heat dissipation on a graphics card, but with that aside...the looks of having a back plate is awesome. I think this unit should have a backplate in the same color as the card. Another negative on the card is that it does indeed run hotter than other more advanced coolers. The card, when overclocked about 200mhz or even at stock speeds with the power ratio increased to 110%, the upper card which is warmer can get up to about 92C! OUCH! The fan spins up on it and it can get fairly loud, especially on a test bench like I have. If you keep everything stock, the cooler is barely noticeable as far as sound goes. I removed one egg for no backplate and from a card that runs hotter and fan that is more noticeable than other more advanced coolers.

Overall Review: Newegg continues to do a wonderful job as always.

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VERY WELL SURPRISED9/20/2015 2:50:04 PM

Pros: I have always bought Corsair all-in-one cooling systems in the past. I always liked them, but I got to realizing that their software customizations was getting too large and it always wouldn't work. I also wanted a 360 solution and I came across deepcool's Captain 360. The quality of the build is great! It fit perfectly into my Z170 socket motherboard and the layout of the water tubing into the CPU block is perfect. I have found that with some all-in-one coolers, the tubing didn't always lay correctly down. This cooler can be positioned 360 degrees around the socket without issue. Great Job! I didn't use the fans that came with the unit because I wanted the new LED Aerocool fans and they work perfectly. The fans that came with the unit look high quality from what I can tell. Again, quality all around. On top of the CPU cooler there is an LED that breathes red in and out slowly. I really like this because it is subtle.

Cons: There are only two cons I can come up with. Firstly, all the packaging says that it is an 'amazing' visual flow system where you can see it. Well, the exposed clear tubing with red coolant is visible, but you can't tell if it's flowing. There are no bubbles (which is good) but no flow meter as well, so I don't get how you can visually verify flow. You just can't! The other con is simple. I wish there was an ability to change or turn off the LED on the CPU cooler. Again, it is subtle and has a nice breathing effect, but some may want a different color or to turn it off entirely. I wouldn't want a software solution here like Corsair, just a 4-way pin switch on the side that could maybe go from green, red, blue and off.

Overall Review: DeepCool really has a winner here. I seen a couple of comments about longevity issues, but only time will tell for me if there will be a problem. SO FAR SO GOOD!

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Excellent Performance & Quality8/8/2014 11:14:18 PM

Pros: Performance - Performance - Performance. This puppy's CPU is just a touch faster than a desktop i7-3770 which is amazing. The 880M is also the fastest GPU currently available for a laptop and it runs flawlessly. The Nvidia Optimus which allows users to pick which GPU will run is also a wonderful idea that works flawlessly. For instance, if I am plugged into a wall I can pick the Nvidia GTX 880M to play my games, but if I am on battery power and want to conserve power then I can pick the embedded Intel HD4600 to push the game. This is really useful. When I go on battery and my son wants to play minecraft, I can have him pick the HD4600 to run the game and it doesn't kill my battery immediately. The design of the chassis (besides one part I'll mention under Cons) is also awesome. It is a very small chassis for the the power that it has inside compared to other manufacturers. It is very slim and can easily be toted around without a huge backpack without looking silly. The chassis seems very solid except for a slight squeaking noise every once and a while due to some of the plastics. The lighted keyboard is very nice and high quality, although I do like Lenovo red lighted keyboards better. The matte display is perfect for me, I prefer matte. This is normally a personal choice. The yellow cover is fine by me, it gives the laptop a slightly different look then others and lets people know it means business without being too flashy like some that have LEDs and vents everywhere. The touchpad is very accurate and well made, although I always use a mouse. The cooling system is very efficient and the layout of the internals is easily upgraded. I bought another 8GB SO DIMM for the laptop to make 16GBs and it was super easy to get to and install. The HDD and the mSATA drives are also easily accessible, so it is really an upgraders laptop. Overall an awesome purchase and should last well into the future. Gigabyte has included some decent software that runs some of the functioning of the laptop and they don't have any bloatware at all, NONE...thank you Gigabyte!

Cons: Ok, this laptop is not perfect as there are a few flaws, I will list them below: * The chassis, while solidly built, doesn't seem to want to sit snugly on a flat surface. It doesn't wobble or anything, but it can rotate quite easily because of a lack of a few rubber feet in good locations on the bottom. The battery and its built-in vents picks up the chassis off of some of the rubber feet. This is more of an annoyance than anything else. * The lighted keyboard is nice, but I don't love that light can be seen from underneath the keys. I like the Lenovo style of lighting better where the light is shown through the sides of the keys, not from underneath. High quality light and feel on the keyboard, but lighting could be just a bit better. * A lot of the surfaces (besides the yellow) are fingerprint magnets. Just a FYI * The laptop has an optical drive and while that is fine, I would have preferred to not have one of those and have more USB connections and such. Optical drives are just not needed like they used to be, although this isn't truly a negative. * Now on to the second biggest negative with this laptop. All the connections and such are on the side of the laptop. I would very much prefer all connections such as USB, audio, Ethernet and HDMI connections to come from the back of the device. This is not a deal-breaker, but I really don't like everything to be connected from the sides. The way the battery is designed, it forced Gigabyte to have all the connections on the side. * OK, DEAL BREAKER --- Maybe??? This is a personal preference thing, but for my use, it is almost a deal breaker if the laptop wasn't so great at everything else. The internal speakers are one step away from being terrible! I love to have a full sounding laptop because I don't use a headset all of the time. These speakers are advertised as being great if you look at Gigabyte's materials, well they aren't. Yes, there are several speakers (5) and a sub, but they are sub-par. My HTC One (M8) SMARTPHONE has twice the volume and better clarity to boot. This is definitely the weakest link for this laptop IMHO. Plan on using attached speakers or a Bluetooth speaker if you want any real volume and sound. Again, close to being a deal-breaker for me as my previous MSI gaming laptop had much better speakers. Gigabyte - Fix this ONE little thing and you'll have a home-run!

Overall Review: I think Gigabyte has an excellent product on their hands here. When you combine the sheer performance with the price, you can't go wrong. There are many laptops out there that you'd pay $100s more for but don't have the performance of this unit. The chassis is a pleasant departure from those HUGE chassis that are considered gaming laptops. The chassis and everything about this laptop oozes quality. Speakers - Speakers - Speakers, this is the only almost terrible thing with this unit. I am currently surviving without great internal speakers, but for the quality of everything else, this is definitely a disappointment. That is the only reason the unit didn't get 5 eggs.

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Works with Bluetooth 4.0!8/1/2014 12:35:54 PM

Pros: Super design if you already like the Mad Catz RAT series mouse. Solid feel and very nicely designed. Does work on almost any surface well. I don't have to take a mouse pad with me anymore when I am out. WORKS WITH BLUETOOTH 4.0 unlike what some others are saying. When I got mine originally, I thought it wasn't going to work either. The paperwork that comes with the device is wrong as how to pair the device. That is the problem. Here is how you do it in short: #1. Connect dongle to computer and use wireless connectivity initially. #2. Install the drivers from Mad Catz website. #3. When everything is working, remove the dongle and watch the Bluetooth light flash once a second. NOW THE IMPORTANT PART THAT IS MISSING FROM INSTRUCTIONS. #4. Hold the paddle button (button to the left of mouse click button) and precision button together for 5 seconds and wait for the Bluetooth light to start fading in and out. NOW IT'S READY TO PAIR! #5. Go into your Bluetooth setting on your laptop or other device and make it visible. The MOUS 9 will immediately show up and you can pair the device. After I followed this procedure, THE MOUSE WORKS PERFECTLY!!!

Cons: Ok, the mouse is designed well and feels like great quality, but it is not built as solidly as the RAT7 or Mad Catz other dedicated wired gaming mice. Another thing and is almost a deal breaker is that there is no dedicated DPI button where you can change the DPI settings of the mouse. For dedicated gamers this WILL be a deal-breaker. I am a gamer, but not 'out of my mind' dedicated gamer. This definitely doesn't perform as well as my RAT7. You have to use the provided software or Windows to adjust the speed of your pointer which is really inconvenient. Not a deal-breaker for me, but could be for others.

Overall Review: I have been using this mouse for a few days and am very familiar with Mad Catz gaming mice. I am using it for my gaming laptop through Bluetooth 4.0 so I can cut down on USB port use and it is perfect for my use!

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Tracpad Folly1/7/2014 7:41:37 PM

Pros: Newegg shipping and return policies. Lenovo build quality and form factor.

Cons: The absolute worst mouse pad ever on a laptop in my experience. I read all kinds of reviews that mentioned that it was terrible, I mostly dismissed them. Boy, was I wrong to do that. It is truly awful as it jumps around when trying to click on the integrated buttons. Not having a touch screen makes it exponentially worse. Avoid this product if you plan on using as a mobile platform. I never realized how frustrating it could be clicking or trying to click on internet page buttons and missing them all the time. Lenovo MUST fix this.

Overall Review: The battery life is short, but is to be expected for such a graphic/gaming oriented laptop. The graphic performance of the laptop was uninspiring. It did fine, but not as good as I hoped. You can play top-tier games, but be prepared to lower the quality.

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BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE8/18/2012 6:35:32 AM

Pros: The cards work flawlessly on the OC setting of 1100MHz. The cards are beautiful and wonderfully constructed. Powercolor has done a fine job, except...!!!...DESIGN FLAW!!! ***See Below***

Cons: THE CARDS ARE NOT DUAL SLOT CARDS, THEY ARE LIKE DUAL SLOT PLUS AN 1/8!!! YOU CANNOT INSTALL THESE CARDS NEXT TO EACH OTHER LIKE OTHER 7970s. This means you can only run two cards on a motherboard, not 3 and not 4. I feel so mislead, because the pictures look like it is a dual slot card, and all the reviews I've read never mention that they are slightly bigger than two slots! WHY DID POWERCOLOR JUST NOT USE THE ENTIRE 3 SLOTS THEN!!! WHY, WHY, WHY POWERCOLOR!!! I am so beside myself on this one. I purchased four of these for a quad crossfire system. I had four 7970s previously and went to dual GTX690s...and didn't necessarily like them, so I went back to four 7970s but with OC cards! Why Powercolor, why reviewers, why pictures??? There was absolutely no indication that they are bigger than a 'normal' two slot card.

Overall Review: I would like Powercolor to respond to my problem. I can of course send these back to newegg and go with a different card, but I really like the design of these!!! Help Powercolor!!! I can't give it low eggs for the card itself, just low confidence in Powercolor not being clear on it!

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Manufacturer Response:
The size and dimensions are listed in our product specifications page on our website. The 7970 Vortex II, AX7970 3GBD5-2DHPP, is listed as slightly larger than the reference 7970, AX7970 3GBD5-2DH. The dimensions are the following for both cards: 7970 Vortex II: 285X135X45mm, 7970 Reference: 285x111.2x38mm, If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly at Thank you, Jonathan.
Follow Up2/12/2012 7:10:46 PM

Pros: Finally got a hold of Mushkin and they advanced replaced me a unit that works flawlessly!!! Thanks Mushkin!!!

Cons: Still hate that I went through the ordeal, but all is well that ends well.

Overall Review: Mushkin, please fix your online RMA process. It was kinda scary for a non-refundable item not being able to get the RMA easily. Thx.

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7970s, No Problem2/11/2012 12:35:39 AM

Pros: The supplemental PSU performs as advertised! It fits snugly in the 5.25 bay, has plenty of length on it's power supply cord and the PCIe cables that go to cards.

Cons: None, except that the color on the front doesn't keep the color you want by default. There are 7 color choices, but everytime you turn the computer off, it steps one color through the gamut. It is a slight annoyance that you have to make it the color you want each time.

Overall Review: I have a 3690X overclocked to 4.8GHz and (4) Sapphire 7970s overclocked so my 1250W Seasonic PSU was getting pretty close to its limit, so I bought this unit to help out. I have it controlling the extra PCIe power for one of my cards and it works like a charm!!!

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Superb1/9/2012 4:38:29 PM

Pros: Wonderfully build. Top quality components and materials. Awesome colors, black and orange. Soft, soft covers for any components or laptop. Super roomy

Cons: None, pricey...but you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: Newegg awesome shipping and service as always.

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MSI, Amazing Company12/4/2011 3:45:49 AM

Pros: MSI does a wonderful job putting this laptop gamer together. The hardware choices are excellent and the bloatware is minimal. I originally planned on doing a re-install of a fresh OS when I got it, but there wasn't a lot of unusable nonsense installed on it. The laptop easily slices through games like L4D2 with frames over 100FPS mostly. It does a decent job on harder games like Metro 2033 and STALKER, F3AR, Black OPS. Definately a well rounded laptop with top notch build quality.

Cons: The touch sensitive buttons along the top of the keyboard need getting some used to...they are kinda hard to figure out at first. After a brief learning curve on them, they operate fine now. The GPU automatically downclocks heavily when not plugged into a wall. It goes from 575MHz down to 74MHz which basically kills any game-play. I know it does it for battery savings, but I would like to be the one to control it. Even MSI afterburner can't clock up the GPU when it is on battery.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a well built computer to play games on the go at decent frame-rates, this is you baby, and for ~$1800, it's a steal. I do wish some of these gaming laptops didn't clock down the GPU and had dual battery support!

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Unrivaled Performance9/1/2011 7:51:54 AM

Pros: The Revodrive 3 X2 in a x8 mechanical but x4 electrical gets 1.12GB/s Write and 1.29GB/s Read. Certainly awesome! IT SUPPORTS TRIM AS WELL! That was the final reasoning I went with the product.

Cons: It does use a PCIe slot, but motherboards, for the most part, are well designed nowadays...that you can have a full compliment of hardware and it fits nicely. I'm running my RevoDrive 3 X2 with dual GTX590s and an ASUS Xonar Xense and everything fits perfectly and there is even an open slot between the GPUs.

Overall Review: The OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 works flawlessly on the ASRock Fatal1ty PRO Gen 3 Z68 motherboard. I have used the old RevoDrive and had issues, but in this motherboard, you are guarenteed for it to work flawlessly.

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Good performance, but...8/16/2011 7:48:28 PM

Pros: Good performance, very nice looking. Quiet for the performance.

Cons: The worst and I mean the worst designed mounting mechanism! The back plate sits off of the motherboard so you have to use a lot of force in order to get the screw through the motherboard into it. Then the screw uses an Allen wrench and the wrench given is impossible to get enough force on it to tighten. This is the first time I had any heatsink flip off the motherboard onto the floor! Terrible, trust me!

Overall Review: Stay clear as you can find similar performance with a better mounting mechanisms.

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Comfort 100%4/26/2009 5:10:34 PM

Pros: You can literally wear these headphones for multiple hours gaming and your ears never get uncomfortable. I had Sennhauser before these and my ears were red only after about a 1/2 hour of gaming. These are truly comfortable!

Cons: I wish the mic was capable of rotating up instead of being removed. It just becomes something that could easily be lost.

Overall Review: The pouch that the headset comes with it great!

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Great Layout, but BIOS...4/10/2009 10:39:36 AM

Pros: The best laid out board that money can buy. I have (2) GTX295s and I can run them close together or far apart and still have room for an X-Fi Fatal1ty and something else!!! WOW, unmatched for sure!

Cons: I have owned the A*US R*mpage II Extreme X58 motherboard and sold it to buy this board due to the layout. I am not happy with the BIOS as compared to the Rampage II though. I had trouble getting to 200 Bclk on it the classified, while it was easy on the R*mpage. This was due to the fact that when I locked in 1600MHz for memory on the Rampage it stayed there, the EVGA Classified BIOS allows the memory speeds to move depending on Bclk. I didn't know this right away and wasted a lot of time. Which points me to another failing of the BIOS. With the R*mpage I didn't need a CALCULATOR EVER to figure out what the settings I changed would do with the clocks. For the EVGA Classified, be prepared to use your calculator. The A*US R*mpage II's BIOS features are unmatched.

Overall Review: I will keep the EVGA Classified doue to the board layout, because it will only take time to get 'used to' the EVGA' s BIOS. Although, I wish that EVGA would steal some of the time saving features off of the A*US R*mpage II board!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, We are releasing new BIOS's today that will add the target CPU and target memory clock, this will allow you to see the memory and CPU clock without using a calculator. Thanks, Jacob
Best Device Nobody Knows About!!!8/19/2008 6:35:34 PM

Pros: Beautiful sleak look. Full QWERTY keyboard, with a touch screen. Rubber covers have finally been designed perfectly! Good going HP!!! GPS, WiFi works wonderfully. Awesome life on battery

Cons: Somewhat smallish screen...could have done away with one row of 'special keys.' ...but full QWERTY keyboard makes up for it.

Overall Review: Download the HTC Today screen and it makes a wonderful combination. The iPhone has some features on it, but the HP makes up for it with increased/better business applications, and overall use. Best phone I've ever owned!!!

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Conroe X6800, AMD Everything Killer7/27/2006 4:25:55 PM

Pros: I have an ES version of this chip and it is absolutely awesome. Low power, low heat, beats anything out there! Heck the E6600 beats the FX-62 in EVERY benchmark.

Cons: Price, price, price...maybe availability.

Overall Review: Everytime I get a new high end chip I install windows and programs and think to myself, <I think this is faster, it seems faster...> This chip is amazing, I found myself saying, <...there is no doubt, this is unbelievably faster> It does Super_Pi 1M in 17sec stock!

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