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Works well7/13/2021 8:05:03 AM

Pros: Works well with my PC's, no problems noted.

Cons: Requires external power unlike my VGA KVM. Is fairly large and requires desk space. Brackets for under desk mounting would have been nice. I intend to make my own.

Overall Review: If you need a 4 port HDMI KVM this is the best I've seen.

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Manufacturer Response:
IOGEAR says : The VGA KVM you are referring to was most likely buss powered and did not have the features available wit this KVM including USB peripheral ports. The GCS1794 is a higher end HDMI KVM. The GCS1794 is not wide enough for rack mounting and the reason brackets are not included. Thank you for choosing IOGEAR
Great board, many features9/24/2020 4:47:12 PM

Pros: Easy to install and setup. Lots of nice features. Colorful if you're into RGB. Built two systems using this board. One for a friend and one for myself. With an i9-10900 both systems are in the top 200 systems in Passmark 10's worldwide scores of over 96000 systems. It has a PCIE 4.0 M.2 slot for use with FUTURE Intel CPU's.

Cons: On my friends system one of the USB ports went south causing his mouse to not work. Moving the mouse to another port fixed it. The board is still under warranty but having to take it apart to RMA it and wait several weeks to get it back is not worth it.

Overall Review: Great board that performs very well.

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Not 4' long, only 40"9/15/2020 11:56:44 AM

Pros: It works fine but is not 4 ft. long, only 40 inches. But it's longer than my original so will do. When I inquired about delay in receiving vino was quick to reply. The pandemic slowed things down.

Cons: Not as long as advertised. Took a little over two months to arrive even though shipped within a couple days after I ordered.

Overall Review: OK if 40 in. will do and you don't mind waiting.

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Super Fast7/26/2020 1:23:12 PM

Pros: 16% faster than my i9-9900K. But runs a little hot. Had to add a second fan to my H60 AIO cooler to be able to OC it to 5.2Ghz.

Cons: Hot

Overall Review: Get one, if you can find one in stock. I wouldn't pay scalper prices.

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Right Angle is great7/26/2020 1:18:38 PM

Pros: Right angle works much better than the cable that came with my scanner. It keeps the cable run much neater.

Overall Review: Great if you need the right angle.

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FAST!6/15/2020 7:45:40 AM

Pros: Works very well. Is about the same speed as the T5 if used on a USB 3.0 port.

Cons: To get top speed you need a USB-C 3.2 port

Overall Review: Fast and encryption is pretty easy. Just don't forget your password or it requires a trip back to Samsung and you loose all on it.

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Awesom memory5/30/2020 5:40:45 PM

Pros: Can't go wrong with G.Skill. Looks great, works well.

Cons: G.Skill software conflicts with ASUS RGB software.

Overall Review: I highly recommend G.Skill, use it in all my builds in the past 5-10 years.

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Perfect for mini ATX system7/31/2019 9:20:35 AM

Pros: Perfect for use in mini ATX system. Easy to mount, does not get in way of memory slots and keeps the CPU cool even egen OC'd.

Cons: none

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Small but powerful.6/29/2019 2:30:16 PM

Pros: Small, looks to be good quality. Has an on/off switch, a real plus. I needed the 8 pin CPU plug for my mainboard otherwise it would give a BIOS message about possible stability problems.

Cons: Says TFX but is only about half width and the mounting screw holes don't line up with my micro ATX case.

Overall Review: An adapter bracket to comply with TFX would be nice.

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Super fast and small.6/15/2019 7:33:18 AM

Pros: Fastest external SSD I've ever used. Small and easy to take along.

Cons: None, now that the price is reasonable.

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Works well4/27/2019 5:31:57 PM

Pros: Allows cloning of NVMe SSD's.

Cons: The USB-C to USB-C cable supplied does not work.

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FAST!3/3/2019 5:35:31 AM

Pros: Fast, overclocks well. Running at 5.225 GHZ in my Gigabyte Aorus Master. I thought my 8086K was fast but this beats it by quite a bit.

Cons: A little pricy but worth it.

Overall Review: Dodecagon packaging is unique. A collectors item? Like the i7-8086K?

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Works well2/24/2019 4:47:41 AM

Pros: Fits the internal Front panel header on my MB.

Cons: Does not come with a front panel adapter as other reviewer said. I tried to use it by making a slot and drilling two holes in a floppy drive front panel blank but the plastic was too thick and a USB-C flash drive wouldn't insert far enough.

Overall Review: I bought a USB-C extension cable so I could bring the connection to the front of the PC where it's more useful.

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A greate solution for NVMe to USB 32/22/2019 11:34:58 AM

Pros: Easy to install, good performance, decent price.

Cons: A little larger than I expected.

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Delivery was ok, but a little on the slow side.10/4/2016 6:18:36 AM

Pros: Best price I could find anywhere.

Cons: Two of the Four memory sticks were defective, (would not boot with them in). The other two are working great.

Overall Review: I returned the 2 defective sticks. They were received yesterday according to USPS. I am awaiting status and replacement from the vendor. If I receive replacements in a timely manner I will revise my rating.

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Great board, but.....see cons6/7/2016 1:14:57 PM

Pros: Has everything I wanted except built in WLAN.

Cons: No WLAN. NOTE! If you plan on installing Win 7 on an M.2 NVMe SSD you will have problems. I never got it to install on my Samsung M.2 950 Pro. I tried Gigabyte's program but it would not boot from my flash drive. Windows 10 Pro installed fine.

Overall Review: See Cons above. I had to install W7 to a SATA SSD, then upgrade to Win 10 to get my free version. Then I removed the SATA SSD and installed Win 1 Pro fresh onto the M.2 NVMe SSD. Long way around but it worked.

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Very nice design, lots of features, USB3.14/1/2015 7:40:58 PM

Pros: Received my RMA replacement and all is well, the new board can see all 32gig. And unlike 1 reviewer stated you Can boot without 4 sticks of memory. Now, on to build an awesome system with a great MB.

Cons: None now that I have a board that works properly.

Overall Review: Both Asus support and Newegg customer service handled my request promptly and without any problem.

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Lots of space now3/4/2014 9:28:36 AM

Pros: Faster than the 512GB 830 Pro I replaced even though my laptop only has a SATA II interface. It seems one never has enough storage space. Having an extra 250GB is sure nice.

Cons: None

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Great board11/18/2013 1:02:01 PM

Pros: Lots of SATA and USB 3.0. Had a minor problem and posted a review here earlier. Mfgr responded and after an email to them sent me a fix. Great NewEgg manfacturer support. Board is now working perfectly.

Cons: None.

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Works great12/1/2012 10:33:45 AM

Pros: Good solid quality and feel. Easy to swap drives. Some have complained that OCZ drives don't work. I have no problem with my Vertex 3's working in this adapter.

Cons: If you want the drive lights to work you must use the supplied Molex to SATA power adapters. I would rather have it be supplied with a SATA to SATA power adapter. Minus 1 egg for this reason.

Overall Review: 4-7 day shipping via DHL to USPS sucks. Took 10 days and probably would have been faster USPS only. NJ to FL. Are you listening NewEgg?

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High power consumption9/26/2012 9:43:46 PM

Pros: Very fast, beats all my other SSD's. Would be 5 eggs if power consumption was less.

Cons: Only one out of three of these I bought would run on a USB adapter. I RMA'd one of 2 I bought because I couldn't clone the existing 128GB SSD to it, the other worked. Bought another while waiting for RMA. It wouldn't work either, until I hooked external power to the USB adapter, (Coolmax 350). Spec says 2.5W which is the max spec of USB2.0. I was using USB3.0 which should be higher.

Overall Review: I would look to another drive if you intend to use in a laptop or in an external USB case. This is the only SSD I've had that wouldn't work on USB.

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Very very bright12/18/2011 7:52:22 PM

Pros: Very very bright narrow beam, shines further than my 3800 Lumen TrustFire TR-3T6. If you need long reach Barska 1200 Lumen is the best.

Cons: Only comes with 2400 mAh batteries. 3000 mAh would have been best.

Overall Review: Liked it so well I bought another.

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Works with Win 79/26/2011 12:19:38 PM

Pros: FAST, duplex.

Cons: Scans not always straight.

Overall Review: With respect to what lmalinofsky said, the bundeled PaperPort 11.1 DOES WORK WITH WINDOWS 7. I have it working on a Win 7 Ultimate X64 system.

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Great stand8/24/2011 7:53:25 AM

Pros: Adjustable height and tension. Landscape or portrait and the base rotates. Much better stand than the original on my Samsung 213T which broke.

Cons: None

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Strike One5/24/2011 1:24:21 PM

Pros: Great, when it works. 8 ports, very easy to use via front panel or hot heys. On screen display. Works with PS2 or USB via different cables.

Cons: Could not get it to work with PC with Nvidia GTS250, all other PC's were ok. Mouse sometimes eratic, drag and drop would result in lost files. Video went crazy after 14 days. Reset and lost all video from all 6 PC's hooked to it. RMA'd it today. You need a Serial port in order to update the firmware. Must use USB keyboard and mouse.

Overall Review: Hope the replacement works better.

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Manufacturer Response:
First, thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for your experience. The product should not behave as you described. We strive to ensure our customers are serviced with a properly working unit to exceed your satisfaction. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel to contact our customer support at 1-866-946-4327 or email us: Once again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.