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Coolermaster fans are known for being whisper quiet and for using only a fraction of the energy that standard computer fans eat up. One of the most praised Coolermaster fans is the company's 120 mm LED. This fan delivers a very capable RPM of approximately 1,220, and the unit is relatively compact--its dimensions are 120 X 120 X 25 mm.

Some Coolermasters also come with neon blue LED displays for a cooler aesthetic. According to many customer reviews, Coolermaster fans are even superior to Vantech fans, which are industry leaders. Although not all Coolermasters deliver a lot of power--the 120 mm neon LED fan delivers only approximately 50 CFM--most users find that there's enough juice for most applications.

The Delicate Whir of Coolermaster Fans

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Proper care for your cooling fans can add months to years of useful life. If you're computing in a poorly ventilated space, open a few windows, and get some circulation going. Even the best fans on the market can be weighed down by an abundance of particulate matter in the air. Preventive care will help your parts last longer and save you money in the long run.