A non-Apple tablet can provide plenty of features at a low cost

By March 29, 2012Featured Articles

There’s understandably a lot of buzz surrounding the recent announcement of the new iPad. The latest iPad adds some upgrades to a tool that is already beginning to revolutionize how people interact with technology. However, the extent of this media storm obscures the fact that the iPad is not the only kind of tablet available to consumers.

In fact, many other manufacturers have released excellent devices that sometimes meet or even exceed the technical specifications of any Apple product. What’s more, consumers won’t have to wait for these devices to be released and often pay much lower prices for their Windows or Android-based machines. Consider some of the following benefits to purchasing a tablet that doesn’t have a fruit inscribed on it.

Different sizes
iPads are the same size, weight and thickness, which may be a good thing for those people who prefer standardized devices. But if you like variety, tablets from other manufacturers come in many different sizes. If you’re consistently in need of more screen space, try a Samsung 11.6” Slate. If you might want to fit your tablet in the palm of your hand check out the Lenovo IdeaPad, which features a 7″ viewing space.

Apple products are notoriously high-performing, but only up until a certain point. Most tablets made by other companies sport graphical capabilities that can be customized depending on what the device will be used for. Many, for example, sport NVIDIA entertainment capabilities that make running detailed programs or richly defined videos no trouble at all.

The Apple iPad only has a single data port that allows for charging and syncing with a PC. However, some users prefer access to multiple USB ports so that they can attach a hard drive or other peripheral device. The Toshiba Thrive, for instance, features a mini-USB port that’s perfect for connecting a camera or other accessories.

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