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Halloween Inspiration: 2017's Best Cosplay

By October 10, 2017No Comments

Cosplay is the most awesome expression of fandom that exists, giving die-hard sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming fans the ultimate outlet for their passion. Few other experiences give enthusiasts the opportunity to leave the regular lives they lead behind (if only for a brief period), assume the roles of their favorite characters from video games, movies, TV shows, and books, and be immersed in a fictional world.

Conventions like BlizzCon, Comic-Con, Anime Expo, PAX, Star Wars Celebration, and many more allow fans to step into alternate universes where creativity and imagination run wild. While most of us lack the creativity or skill to craft epic costumes like the most hardcore of fans, it doesn’t take an expert to appreciate the dedication and attention to detail that goes into their work. We scoured the internet and dug up the best cosplay of 2017 from fans and professionals, just in time to inspire some Halloween costume creativity for the rest of us.

(All photo rights and credits are those of the owners)

JunkRat, Overwatch

Credits: @ArtcoreCosplay (Patreon site), @bakkaCosplay (official site), Shellshocked Cosplay

Cosplay JunkRat

Kasumi, Dead or Alive

Credit: Danielle Vedovelli

Cosplay Kasumi

Mystique, X-Men

Credit: Nadyasonika (official site)

Cosplay Mystique

Tali’Zorah and Commander Shepherd, Mass Effect

Credit: Duo Queue Cosplay, Aly and Kat

Cosplay Mass Effect


Morrigan, Dragon Age

Credit: KayBear Cosplay

Cosplay Morrigan


D.Va (and MEKA), Overwatch

Credit: HoiHoiSan

Cosplay D.Va and MEKA

Zenyatta, Overwatch

Credit: Shellshocked Cosplay

Cosplay Zenyatta

Blackhardt, Overwatch and Warsong Commander, Hearthstone

Credit: Egg Sisters Cosplay, Black Owl Studio

Cosplay_Blackhardt and Warsong Commander


Witch Gullveig, Valkyrie Connect

Credit: Stella Chu

Cosplay Valkyrie Connect

Darth Vader, Emperor’s Royal Guards, Storm Troopers, Star Wars

Credit: masimage

Cosplay Star Wars

Hulkbuster, Ironman

Credit: jrdn2345

Cosplay Hulkbuster


Inspired by Pennywise, It

Credit: Ulbandi Cosplay, Abigail Lewis

Cosplay Pennywise

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