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#BuiltByNewegg Roundup: Budget Builds

By May 29, 2015No Comments


Last week, we asked for your #BuiltByNewegg Budget Builds, and all we can say is our fans know how to get the most out of their dollar! We saw intro builds, gaming rigs, upcycled components and a few admittedly not-so-budget builds.

Congrats to Paul B., whose budget build impressed us with its low price tag of $250 and dedication to instilling a love of gaming in the youth, and ultimately won (by a narrow margin) this round.


Paul B. via Facebook

Check out a few more of our favorites, and be sure to send in your pics for this week’s showcase with the theme Tech’ed Up Man (or Woman) Cave. We’re talking game rooms, home theaters… whatever you’ve done with your hang-out space to up the tech and cool factors.

And remember: only entries posted to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BuiltByNewegg are eligible to win the gift card! Check the official rules here.


Brady M. took advantage of Black November to save on this build, which reminded our content manager of his build at home at an impressive price.


The benchmarks from Anthony W. showed you can still run high performance on a sub $600 budget.


Proof that beauty can come on a budget from Steve W.


Colin A.’s is another build we can see ourselves putting together.


The specs from Jeff M. show he knows how to take advantage of a sale.


Andres V. shows that refurb can be re-fab.

Thank you everyone for all your great submissions!  Stay tuned for more great builds next week.  We at Newegg would like to see what you’ve built too!



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