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CES 2019: Intel moves ahead with 10nm CPUs

By January 8, 2019 No Comments
intel core i9 9900k

No one knew what to expect from Intel this year at CES, but it looks like they still have a few tricks up their sleeve. Though they didn’t unveil anything completely unexpected, they still managed to impress with a series of new CPUs that should be on shelves in 2019.

The biggest surprise was probably the confirmation of new 10 nanometer CPUs, improving on the Cannon Lake launch last year.  These Ice Lake processors were created with Intel’s new Sunny Cove microarchitecture, and will take advantage of Thunderbolt 3, hopefully pushing those 40Gbps transfer speeds into normalcy. The chips will also include Wi-Fi 6, and deep learning systems, meaning even more diverse functionality.

9th Gen Options

intel-CESAlongside the new 10nm announcements, Intel is also diversifying its 9th Gen portfolio with six additional entries in their flagship CPU line, including a new 14nm H series processor that you’ll find in laptops this year. You’ll also have significantly more options when it comes to desktop processors in 2019, including new Core i3 and Core i9 9th Gen chips available in the next few months.

Ice Lake should prove to be a game changer when it’s released, and it’s good to see more movement on the 10nm front after the Cannon Lake announcement back in 2016.

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