Buying Guide: how to pimp your dorm room

By July 25, 2012Buying Guides

Attention college students! Now that it’s the beginning of a new school year, it’s time to take a good look at your dorm room. Does it reflect your personality the way that you want it to? Does it look messy and cramped? Does it act as a place where you can be comfortable enough studying for a midterm or partying with your friends? If not, your dorm room could use a makeover so don’t forget to include dorm room supplies to your back to school shopping list!

A makeover doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars or a lot of time – after all, most college students are short of both. Pimp out your dorm room with these 5 simple steps (or enter Newegg’s Pimp Your Dorm Room Sweepstakes for your chance to win one of four ultimate room makeovers!):

  1. Decorate your walls – Add a splash of Bed Riserscolor and personality without compromising any of your space! You are probably required to keep your walls in perfect shape, but don’t let that scare you away from decorating your walls! Get wall decals which are easy to apply, remove and leave no damage to the walls! In addition to wall decals, you can hang photos or create your own designs – just use double-sided tape or putty.
    Examples: Dandelion wall decal, Cityscape wall decal, Bon Appetit Dry Erase wall decal
  2. Build up – Use vertical space to maximize your space! If you’re in a dorm room, chances are that you either have a roommate or limited space. Instead of buying horizontal furniture, focus on building up. Look for stackable furniture, bed risers (to raise your bed for more storage space), and tall bookshelves.
    Examples: Stackable Modular Open Cube, Bed Risers, 3 Shelf Storage Bookshelf
  3. Organize, organize, organize – Did you ever get mad because your mom “cleaned up” your room and you couldn’t find anything? Don’t make that mistake again; make sure your room is always clean, neat and organized so your roommate won’t feel the urge to clean up your room, causing you to lose track of everything. An organized, cleaner environment also creates an illusion of open space and is less distracting, which is more conducive to studying.
    Examples: Black Bedside Caddy, Mesh Pencil Cup Organizer, 26-Pocket Over the Door Organizer
  4. Create the atmosphere – One of largest but most overlooked factors of creating ambience is in the lighting. Everything looks unattractive and unforgiving under harsh fluorescent lights. Choose lamps with a dimmer if possible, to control the amount of light output. Experiment with different colors and styles of lights to figure out what fits your personality best!
    Examples: Japanese Style Floor Lamp, Verilux Graphite Light, Medusa Floor Lampultrabook
  5. Stay updated – Last but certainly not least, make sure you are staying up-to-date with the latest technology. Did your college win last night’s championship basketball game against its biggest rival? Watch the game on your HDTV or look up the score on your Ultrabook laptop! Were you actually at the game? Take photos with your friends to commemorate the experience! You don’t want to be the only clueless one on campus.
    Examples:  LG 42” 1080p LCD HDTV, Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS Digital Camera, Sony VAIO Ultrabook

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