How to Converve battery life on a smartphone

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Smartphones are great devices, but battery power can quickly drain and leave users without their phone until they can find a power source. This can be annoying, especially for consumers who are only able to charge their mobile devices at home. Whether you’re at work waiting for an important call or in class checking for a professor’s email, there’s never a good time for your phone to die. Read on for some tips that can keep your phone alive for a few more hours.

Connect to Wi-Fi

If you’re in a bad coverage area, your phone will continually look for service. While this feature can be useful, it quickly drains your battery. There’s no way to shut this option off without either powering down your device or providing it with a signal.

Smartphones read Wi-Fi connections as cellular networks, so simply connecting to the internet can save your battery. Many businesses offer free wireless service, so take advantage of any area that has an unprotected server to conserve power.

Restrict GPS access
Some popular apps request access to your phone’s location. This is something of a security concern, as companies can track your every move, but it also drains your battery by keeping your GPS feature active.

You can restrict access to your location for every app by accessing its settings. Consider turning the feature off for frivolous programs like games and only activate it when you need to use a directional guide or check the local weather.

Turn off auto updates
Apps check their servers for updates, but when programs go online, they drain your battery by forcing your phone to work.

Similar to the GPS feature, you can adjust settings for individual apps. Turn off automatic updates and check for them while your smartphone is charging so you don’t waste power while downloading.

Turn the brightness down
As with all devices, smartphones have better display quality when they’re bright. Unfortunately, internal lighting systems quickly chew through power and can leave you without a phone.

You can turn your brightness down manually. Additionally, many smartphones have a feature that automatically adjusts the settings based on your current environment. This also reduces ocular strain when staring at your device for prolonged periods.

These are some of the more common strategies that people use to save their phones’ batteries. What tips work well for you?

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  • This is so extremely helpful. I have a new Galaxy S III and midway through the day my battery is completely drained. Am I supposed to walk around with a battery pack in my back pocket?? Its absolutely ridiculous in my mind that the battery life in these phone isn’t much better then it is now. The note on the conserving battery life by restricting GPS access among other things is very helpful. Thanks!

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